Best attractions in North Goa & South Goa

Goa, although the smallest state of India, entice a large number of tourists every year and offers loads with regards to adventure, sightseeing, food, nightlife, fun activities and accommodation. However, Goa is separated into two parts – South and North Goa. The South and North Goa is not politically and geographically categorized two diverse regions of one state, but in terms of tourism it is always differentiated. While North Goa has vibrant beaches full of activity, South Goa has peaceful beaches with lesser crowd. Below is the list of best attractions in North Goa and South Goa that every tourist ought to enjoy during their visit.

The Best Attractions of North Goa

Candolim Beach

Lacking in water activities, The Candolim Beach is famous amongst the family vacationers and romantic couples. The pristine sand alongside the beach makes a good bed for lying down and enjoying sunbathing and watching the sunset that is a primary activity here. Besides the stuck ship of 17th century at the seashore is a key tourist attraction of this beach. The beach is also bordered by some unique and age-old forts that date back to the 17th century. There are barrack, church, lighthouse and jail of the 17th century near to this beach, which you can explore as well. Book into one of the hotels in Goa near Candolim beach & enjoy time with friends.


Mapusa is the small village in North Goa, which is popular for its mesmerizing Friday market where you can spot and buy some of the local handicrafts, baby shark meat, dried fish, lottery tickets, fresh produce, spices, mats and others. The village also has some of the best pubs for fun-filled nightlife and there is also an age-old Hanuman Temple that dates back to the 19th century. Besides, there is also a 16th century church and other sights to explore.

Sinquerim Beach

This beach is famous for scuba diving in North Goa. Apart from this, other water sport activities that can be enjoyed here are water skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, and swimming. The beach is surrounded by many mesmerising beach resorts and luxury hotels where you can stay and enjoy your luxury vacation in North Goa. The beach remains the top tourist attraction for all visitors and the beach is protected by lifeguards available there.

Calangute Beach

Besides swimming, there are many other water-based activities that tourists can enjoy here at this beach. From parasailing to boating, water skiing to sun bathing, there are many activities for the adventure seeking tourists at this beach. This is the destination in North Goa that is known for tanning and hence you will see many tourists lying down and enjoying sun bathing. The beach is also surrounded by many local restaurants & hotels that serve the best in class Goan cuisines and sea food.

Anjuna Beach

Tourists who want to enjoy trance parties during their visit in Goa must check out this beach. This is the beach where most parties are held during the peak season. Besides, on every Wednesday there is a flea market organized near the beach which attracts the tourists. It has a variety of things to buy like craft items, beachwear, spices, artificial jewellery and others. There is a church located near this beach called St. Michael Church.

The Best Attractions of South Goa

Colva Beach

Colva is basically a small beach town in South Goa which is popular for its pristine white beach called Colva Beach. On every, full moon night this beach becomes the ultimate trance party destination where tourists and locals alike enjoy parties. The beach has many budget shacks and hotels. Dolphin spotting and swimming are the prime activities to be enjoyed here. Also, during the peak season the beach is crowded with pilgrims visiting the Colva Church.


On this beach, you can enjoy family picnics and relaxing sunbathes. The beach is beautifully bordered by the palm trees and coconut trees that provide the visitors with the pristine setting for a family picnic. Dolphin spotting and sunbath are the major attraction at this beach and there are few restaurants where local cuisines are served along with mouthwatering sea food.

Vasco Da Gama

It is a beach town in South Goa, which is acclaimed for its underwater currents. There are museums and churches across the town, and this town has the 400 years old church, which is located right at the entrance of the town. It has the largest Naval Aviation Museum, which is open for public everyday and the town is crowded by tourists during the Shigmo Carnival that is organised every year.


South Goa is mainly popular for its casinos and this is the town that houses many gambling destinations. From beaches to casinos and churches, there are many activities to enjoy along with gambling at this famous casino city of South Goa.

Now that you know what all you can do and enjoy in North Goa and South Goa, you can plan your itinerary accordingly.