Best Places to Visit in April in World

T.S Eliot, in his Waste Land, wrote that April is the cruelest month in the context of the world he was living in. However, the world has changed today; and the month of April bears the fragrance of flowers, rejuvenating the decay that took place in winter, thereby blooming fresh buds in the spring. If you are in a mood to step out of your country and go for a foreign trip in this month, here is a guide on some of the best places to visit in April in World. However, the decision largely depends on your personal taste and preferences.


To begin with, one may take a flight towards Central Europe and visit Austria. April is the best time to visit this place because of its most alluring adventure sport that is, skiing. One might simply take a flight and reach the Innsbruck airport. This is the closest airport to the best ski area in Mayrhofen, which is just about 75 kilometres away. You may also land at Salzburg Airport or Munich International Airport and reach the place by road in 1-2 hours.

In the month of April, you can also enjoy a popular sport of snowbombing there. It is an annual ski resort festival held around April each year. Hence, one may take a flight, go to Austria, book a hotel and have fun by engaging in snowbombing. It will take place from 8 April to 13 April in 2019. Tickets are up for sale on their official site. It is the world”s biggest snow festival of the month, making it a tempting place to visit for adventure seekers. Other attractions to enjoy in Mayrhofen include Zillertal Arena, Penken, Mayrhofen Parish Church, Schlegeis Alpenstrasse and others.


While looking for the best places to visit in April in world, music lovers would naturally search for a music festival. In accordance with that, Coachella holds one of the most important music festivals of the year, which is the Coachella Valley Music Festival. The festival starts from the first weekend of April and runs throughout the month during weekends.

Coachella Valley Music Festival is an annual music and arts festival being organised in the United States of America since 1993. The music fest features live performances of different music genres, including alternative rock, hip hop, electronic music, and others. In addition to these, large sculptural art is also exhibited in the festival. There are several stages and tents which are erected throughout the grounds during the event, each of them playing live music continuously.

Several international artists perform at the festival and set the stage on fire, as they say. From DJ Snake to Khalid, many performers are invited for the grand event. One may simply board a flight, land in Indio, book a room, and enjoy the music festival in Coachella. While you can attend the festival during weekends, you can do other activities during weekdays, such as visiting the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Cabot”s Pueblo Museum, Joshua Tree National Park, and others. The Salton Sea is a worth-visiting lake made due to tectonic movement. Its high pollution and high salt levels have killed all marine life, but watching a sunset over it is a beautiful scene to witness.

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If you are planning to visit one of the best places to visit in April in theworld to gain peace of mind, you can head to Chicago. People here believe a lot in meditating for a stress free life. The month of April is the best time to visit the place due to its warm temperatures, a variety of festivals, which take place during this time and also because of the manageable crowd that flocks here in April.

April is a wonderful month to visit the place because the sun shines with all its glee during this time. It is complemented with a drizzle of snow every now and then, adding to the charm of the place. There is a vibrant bloom all over Chicago in the month, making the city a virtual paradise to capture and cherish. The city is a wonderful place to take walks while enjoying the weather and views around. One may also visit the festivities, which take place during the month, such as, Chicago Beer Fest, Chicago Spring Wine Tasting Festival and others.

You may take a flight and land at the O”Hare International Airport or the Chicago Midway International Airport, and hire a taxi to reach a hotel in the city as per your preferences and budget. The place forms a peaceful visit for most and a trip to it during April would be worthwhile. While you are in Chicago, don’t forget to visit the places like Millennium Park, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, John Hancock Center, Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Adler Planetarium, Buckingham Fountain, Chicago Water Tower, and others. Take a helicopter flight in the night to enjoy a unique view of the city from the top.


If you are the religious kind and looking for the best places to visit in April in world, you may visit the holy city of Jerusalem. Although Israel is a place where various events take place throughout the year, yet in April, Jerusalem becomes an important pilgrimage site for devotees. The reason being that as Easter approaches, many pilgrims go to the place and a crowd of thousands of people come to attend the special services and processions, which take place throughout the Holy Week.

One should, however, be aware of the fact that the place is crowded in a major way and instant accommodation in the place can be a virtually impossible task. So, plan your visit in advance and make your bookings.

Hence, the month of April has something in store for everyone, depending upon their tastes, beliefs, and interests. When it comes to finding the best places to visit in April in world, the aforementioned places hold different kinds of events in April that are worth attending. So, plan accordingly and have a tour at a place that you wish.

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Best Places to Visit in April in World