10 Most Affordable Countries to Visit from India this Winter

Being bitten by the travel bug is a great feeling, but it can be expensive too. Globetrotting is something many people dream of. Unfortunately, they may be discouraged from making it a reality because travel is always perceived to be expensive. How are you going to see the world without burning a hole in your pocket? Is it really possible to travel on a budget? Here is a curated list that answers this very question; not only will you be traveling on a budget, but you’ll be doing it in style. Read on to know the international destinations you can visit from India on a budget.


Nepal is India’s neighbor and that is why it is possible to reach this country without an expensive air ticket. This mountainous region is a haven for you if you like the hippie life, with Kathmandu being dotted with cafes and restaurants that offer a contemporary, artsy vibe. You can head to Pokhara to indulge in adventure sports like bungee jumping, and the Pashupatinath Temple for piety.
Nepal is also home to Mount Everest where you can either climb all the way up, which takes months of training, or trek up till the base camp like most tourists. Who knows? You may be the next Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay! Book best hotels in Kathmandu.


Oman is a Middle-Eastern country that boasts of spectacular beaches with azure waters. It is home to charming oases that are great to experience the Bedouin way of life. When here, do visit Wadi Shab and Wadi Bani Khalid. The national capital, Muscat, has some amazing architecture, best exemplified in the Sultan Qaboos Mosque and Royal Opera House. You must visit the country’s gorgeous fjords at Khasab.
A trip here is considered incomplete without visiting Salalah city in Southern Oman, which is famed for its banana plantations, serene Arabian Sea beaches, and abundant aquatic life. It also boasts of the Frankincense Land Museum that displays the city’s illustrious maritime past and the historical spice trade; Lawrence of Arabia rewind, anyone? Get best deals for Salalah hotels.


Myanmar was off the radar for most tourists across the world, including India. However, recently, the government has opened its doors for visitors and we sure are glad they did so! Home to simple people and an authentic Buddhist way of life, this country has a Pagoda-inspired charm of its own.
A current favorite with backpackers, Myanmar sees a lot of visitors at Inle Lake that offers spectacular terrains for cycling. The Shwedagon Palace in Yangon is also a must-visit. For a slice of history, visit Mandalay, the last royal capital of Myanmar. You should also travel to the nearby Bagan, which is home to several Buddhist temples. Get budget accommodation in Yangon.


Namibia has plenty to offer to travelers. On your top priority should be the Namib Desert, which is replete with red sand dunes. Ensure you visit the Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei as well. If you are an adventure junkie, do go sandboarding in Swakopmund.
To cool off, explore the glorious Fish River Canyon and relax in the hot springs of Ai-Ais. For those with a need for an eerie kind of rush, there is the ghost town of Kolmanskop – just remember, we warned you! Book best hotels in Swakopmund today to start your adventure.


Bhutan is the best place to go to if your heart is heavy. To add to the joy of visiting this country is the fact that it doesn’t even cost that much! It is easy to drive to Bhutan from some of the North-Eastern states in India, which will help you save on the cost of air tickets. Thimpu is one of the most peaceful capitals in the world, owing to how it has no traffic lights!
Do visit its National Folk Heritage Museum and stroll through Norzin Lam. Drive cautiously to the Dochula Pass for a fun photo session. Along with a stamped passport and amazing memories, you will also come back with a higher happiness quotient, guaranteed! Book yourself in the best hotels in Thimpu.


Indonesia has been a popular tourist destination for years and its charm hasn’t yet faded. Even for those who visit more than once, there is always something to do here! Jakarta is one of the hubs for affordable and wholesale shopping in South East Asia, so shop till you drop and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.
For a unique experience, explore the cities here on a trishaw or becak. For awe-inspiring scenes and reverence, visit the Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. Whether you hike up a volcanic mountain like Mount Bromo in Java or rejuvenate on a beach in Bali, this is one trip you will not forget for a long time, and honestly, it is better that way; maybe you will go back for more? Compare and book your stay at best hotels in Bali.


Cambodia offers so much to the intrepid traveler and for almost nothing. The exchange rate, too, is in India’s favor. The country’s people are simple and welcoming, always eager to help and there is rarely any kind of cheating here.
No visit to the country would be complete without a break-of-dawn tour of the majestic Hindu temples at Angkor Wat. It is said that there are few things that compare to its magnificence. In the capital, Phnom Penh, visit the Royal Palace. To let loose and party, head to the revelers’ city of Siem Reap and do stop by for some time at the bustling night market. Book your hotels at Phnom Penh for a relaxing vacation.


Although Vietnam has a heavy past, it looks ahead to the future with zest. The north of Vietnam is highly influenced by French culture, which is why its capital, Hanoi, is filled with quaint alleyways and an artsy French quarter. Sign up for a city tour to explore Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, local pagodas, and the old quarter’s 36 streets. The southern part of the country shows heavy American-influence with Ho Chi Minh City being a formidable nightlife paradise.
When here, do make a visit to its rooftop bars and live music cafes. For treks, head to Sapa, and for a luxurious cruise, look no further than the UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed Ha Long Bay. The beauty of Vietnam is that even lavish experiences can be enjoyed at a modest price – the cherry on the icing of an experience-heavy and fun-filled cake! Book your stay at a Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Seychelles epitomizes the true-blue island life! The sun, sand, blue waters, swaying trees, and you on a hammock lounging around with a book: could it sound any more tranquil? The answer is, yes it can, because it relieves you of stress by being easy on the pocket, too! Swim and snorkel at the Anse Volbertor the Beau Vallon at Mahe.
In the past, the country was the hub for spice trade and this is showcased perfectly at the Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden, where a simple visit will help you learn tricks of the spice trade. Before you leave, don”t forget to explore the charms of this island country”s quaint capital, Victoria. Get the best of seychelles, book luxury yet affordable hotels at Mahe here.


Jordan is an Arab nation in the Middle East that has a strong Islamic and Biblical history, which is supplemented by the architectural marvels that stand as a testament to the same. The ancient rock-cut city of Petra, better visited at night, must be on every visitor’s itinerary. Jordan has vast desert land that is dotted with wadis that can be visited by opting for short airplane rides that allow you to view the spectacular terrain.
Additionally, even Bedouin tours and canyon-related activities can be arranged here. Explore the architecture of Amman that is a mix of Roman and Byzantine styles. Lastly, don’t forget to float in the Dead Sea, the saltiest water body in the world – and carry a book for the quintessential ‘I-am-reading-a-book-while floating-on-water’ photo op! Explore the rich and diverse History of Jordon, compare and experience the best hotels at Petra only on Cleartrip.