10 Things to do this Valentine’s Day in Mumbai

Whether you are laidback or energetic,  Cleartrip offers something for every type of couple to do.

1. Learn to Shake a Leg

Dancing can be one of the most sensual and intimate of activities. This is especially true with dance forms like Salsa and Rumba that are typically meant for couples. If the love of your life loves to dance, find a dance activity in your area, so that the two of you can learn some smooth moves. It doesn’t even matter if you are an amateur or a pro, as Cleartrip Activities organizes numerous dance classes and workshops. With some of the best instructors, you and your partner can set the dance floor on fire!

2. Get Matching Tattoos

Nothing says ‘forever’ like a permanent body tattoo, so why not get inked together, this Valentine’s Day? This simple gesture will literally stay with you for life. So, if you are lucky enough to have found your soulmates in each other, nothing should stop the two of you from getting identical, matching, or thematic tattoos that make sense when they come together. Yin and yang, half a heart or part of an infinity sign that completes when placed adjacent to its partner are popular designs. Use the Cleartrip app to sign up for a couples” tattoo session and get the best ‘his’ and ‘her’ tattoos!

3. Get a Deep-Relaxation Massage

While there are couples who like to work up a sweat with outdoor activities, there are plenty of others who prefer to simply be pampered silly. If you want something luxurious and relaxing, nothing could be better than a deep-relaxation massage. Any stress and fatigue that might be lingering will quickly dissipate as you descend into a relaxed bliss. Through Cleartrip Activities, you will find the best possible services, whether you are looking for an Ayurvedic, lumbar, Swedish, or other type of massage.

4. Sail into the Sunset on a Private Yacht

One of Mumbai’s greatest treasures is its ocean and beautiful coastline. While beaches and sea-view dinners certainly set the mood, it doesn’t get any more romantic than breakfast, lunch or dinner on a private yacht. With the gentle sea-breeze, spray of waves, and endless blue horizon, you have the perfect atmosphere for romance. With Cleartrip Activities you can enjoy the perfect Valentine’s Day experience, with brunch, lunch, dinner, or an entire day aboard a private yacht, sailing along Mumbai’s magnificent sea-shore.

5. Escape to a Romantic Weekend Getaway

There’s no bigger romantic gesture to sweep your valentine off his or her feet than to head for an enchanting weekend getaway. For any couple living in the big city, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to head out and escape the crowds and chaos. Mumbai is surrounded by a variety of natural landscapes that can help set just the right mood. Cleartrip offers a wide range of romantic getaways, including day-long excursions to beach destinations like Alibaug, overnight camping stays at Kunegaon, trips to hill stations like Lonavala, and lots more.

6. Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary

Outdoorsy couples who love exploring nature can feel a bit trapped and out of place in the concrete jungle. Fortunately, Mumbai happens to be home to one the world’s largest nature parks and also offers other wildlife parks and sanctuaries in its vicinity. As nature-enthusiasts, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day would be by reconnecting with Mother Earth, through a trip to a wildlife sanctuary or natural reserve. Enjoy romantic walks through the lush trails and marvel at the ancient Kanheri Caves. You could even sign up for an outing to Sanjay Gandhi National Park via Cleartrip’s mobile app. Cleartrip also hosts jungle safaris here, allowing you to appreciate the local wildlife in their natural surroundings. Alternatively, opt for a more leisurely bird-watching trip at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

7. Solve a Mystery

Mystery games are always great fun, especially for couples who enjoy the mental stimulation of puzzles and riddles. With Valentine Special escape games organized by Cleartrip, you have the perfect blend of excitement and mental stimulation for couples. Cleartrip hosts a good mix of mystery games, with some requiring a good bit of sleuthing, while others compelling you to perpetrate the perfect crime! For couples who love a little healthy competition and friendly rivalry, you could take opposing sides, allowing you to pit your wits against each other. It’s exciting, intense, and something completely out of the ordinary.

8. Indulge in Retail Therapy

Shopping is one indulgence that we all love, so what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by indulging in some retail therapy! Cleartrip allows you to explore and rediscover the city through unique tours that will lead you through some of Mumbai’s iconic shopping areas that still haven’t lost their sheen. From ethnic jewelry and traditional sandals, to exotic spices and home furnishings, there’s scarcely a thing that you won’t find. So, sign up for this one-of-a-kind shopping experience with Cleartrip.  

9. Enjoy a Bird’s-Eye View with a Helicopter Ride

If you are one of those couples who likes to go all out, a helicopter joyride over the city would certainly make a statement. This is probably one of the most flamboyant ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when you’re in love, the sky is quite literally the limit. The thrill of soaring high above the city, with Mumbai’s dazzling skyline below, is certainly a magical experience that you should share with the one you love. So, this Valentine’s Day, don’t hold back. Book a Valentine’s Day helicopter ride over the skies of Mumbai with Cleartrip.

10. Revitalize Your Senses with Spa Treatments

Is there anything that rivals the luxury and romance of a spa treatment? Share in the pampering with spa treatments for couples that include hydrating facials, rose-petal baths, body wraps, skin masks, and lots more. If you spend most of the year working hard, this is a great way to revel in some “us” time. A spa treatment could also be a great way to end your day, especially if you’ve spent most of the day outdoors. This Valentine’s Day, explore the many spa treatments offered by Cleartrip and find one that will satisfy your cravings.

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