10 Things to do this Valentine’s Day in Bengaluru

Whether you prefer the outdoors or indoors, you will find many activities that Cleartrip has to offer in Bengaluru.

1. Soar through the Clouds

If you’ve been struck by Cupid and feel like love gives you wings, here is your chance to really soar above the city with your special someone. Enjoy the thrill of flying a light aircraft and get treated to breathtaking views of Bengaluru’s beautiful landscape, skyline, rivers, hills, and a limitless horizon. This is one Valentine’s Day experience that the two of you will cherish forever. This activity is made even more exciting, Cleartrip even gives you the chance to co-pilot the aircraft, under the guidance and supervision of experienced pilots.

2. Embark on a High-Altitude Adventure

Bengaluru is a haven for adventure sports enthusiasts, so if you are one of those couples who lives for the thrill, Cleartrip has just the right activity for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. There is scarcely an experience more exhilarating than flying with unobstructed views of the earth and the endless blue skies; what better way to enjoy this than by parasailing! This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day activity for adrenaline-junkie couples, as you soar through the sky with a parachute. Parasailing activities offered by Cleartrip are conducted under the close watch of skilled IAF officers who will ensure that you follow the necessary safety procedures.

3. Escape on a Romantic Camping Excursion

If you have ever fantasized about living in the midst of nature with the love of your life, you simply have to set out on a camping excursion this Valentine’s Day. If the idea of exploring beautiful waterfalls, lush green valleys, rolling hills, and mesmerizing peaks sounds romantic to you, you will not be disappointed. Cleartrip Activities offers camping trips into the heart of the wilderness, allowing you to explore and enjoy all of Mother Nature’s blessings. Use Cleartrip’s mobile app to sign up for a camping activity, choosing from a number of exquisite locations, including Jog Falls, Coorg, Srimangala, Bheemeshwari, and many more. While camping in the great outdoors, away from the distractions of technology, you will rediscover yourself, your love, and the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

4. Enjoy Some Bird-Watching

If you are a couple who enjoys nature and delights in spotting rare birds, you should consider spending this Valentine’s Day at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. Spread over 40 acres, this is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the state. In addition to the beauty of the landscape, you will be treated to the sight of some colorful and exotic birds like the painted stork, black-headed ibis, stork-billed kingfisher, and many more. Cleartrip offers bird-watching activities at the park, so prepare to get dazzled with our feathered friends this Valentine’s Day.

5. Cycle through Bengaluru’s Wooded Trails

Cycling together can be extremely fulfilling and thrilling, whether you are zipping through the countryside or coasting along slowly. Cycling can be a romantic and shared activity, whether you are into adventure and competition or prefer a more leisurely experience. Set your own pace and enjoy the scenic landscape with lush farmlands and plantations, sparse traffic, dense vegetation, lakes and hills, as you pedal through Bengaluru. There are various cycling trails and routes suited to cyclists with different levels of expertise and expectations. Cleartrip offers a whole range of cycling activities both along strenuous routes with steep inclines as well as more leisurely trails.

6. Get Competitive with Gaming Activities

Gaming can be a whole lot of fun and it’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Games like laser tag and paintball are perfect for couples who prefer something more physical, while board games like Monopoly and Snakes & Ladders are perfect for those looking for something more laidback. If you would like some healthy competition to spice up your romance, you can battle it out against each other, or you can even team up to take on other opponents. This can be a novel bonding experience and its always great fun! From games like paintball, badminton, and water polo, to PS3 gaming, Scrabble, and Battleship, Cleartrip offers opportunities to participate in games of every kind. Sign up today, using the Cleartrip mobile app and make this your most enjoyable Valentine’s Day ever!

7. Get Groovy with Jazz Dancing

The perfect music to set the mood, jazz has an untamed sensual energy that translates perfectly into the various dance forms that have sprung up around it. Jazz dancing styles are extremely popular because of their expressive gestures, deft movements, intricate steps, and exceptional choreography that lends it great entertainment value. If you and your love really want to set the dance floor alight, you should sign up for a jazz dance class this Valentine’s Day. Download Cleartrip’s mobile app and sign up for their funky jazz dance class if you want to master those fancy moves. 

8. Rejuvenate with a Massage

Whether you had a long day at work, were out exploring, or were slouched in front of the television, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good massage at the end of the day. If the idea of scented candles, soft linens, heated tables, relaxing music, healing essential oils, and steamed towels sounds enticing to you, make it a point to explore Cleartrip’s range of massage activities, including back, shoulder, aromatherapy, Swedish, deep-tissue, and Ayurvedic massages. A relaxing massage is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts, so why not share in the experience and treat yourselves to a couples massage this year?

9. Head off to a Romantic Getaway

For city-dwelling couples, nothing is more romantic than an escape to the idyllic environs of the countryside, whether it’s at a hillside resort, a lake cabin, or a campsite. From moonlit walks to cuddling around a campfire, with the stars shining brightly up above, you cannot help but feel like the universe colluded to bring the two of you together! Cleartrip offers plenty of such romantic getaways for couples
looking to escape from the mundane. Enjoy excursions to the countryside, nature tours, and stays at locations like Shivanasamudra Falls and Bandipur, among others.

10. Cruise through the City on a Motorcycle

Indians are passionate about their two-wheelers, and why wouldn’t they be? If you are one of those couples who loves the thrill of riding a bike, with the wind in your hair then cruising through the countryside will be the perfect way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Riding a bike is just so much more intimate than driving a car, and there is an undeniable feeling of becoming one with your machine. This year, share the thrill and joy of biking with the one you love. With Bengaluru’s beautiful roads that lead through beautiful rural landscape, you couldn’t pick a better place for this Valentine’s Day activity. Cleartrip offers several bike services and rentals
aboard Harley Davidsons, Royal Enfields, and more.

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