10 Things to do in Delhi

Delhi – Capital of India with is a cultural hotpot, rivalling only Mumbai in its population. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular places to visit in India. You can find just about any activity here. From unique and intriguing mystery games to dirt biking, laser wars and what not! The list below highlights our top picks of ‘Not to Miss’ activities in Delhi.

Plan An Escape

The terrorists have placed a bomb and spread the scare. As a member of the bomb squad, you must race against the clock to defuse the bombs and save lives. Solve intriguing puzzles and riddles to unravel the mystery. Play the detective, find the clues and engage in this thrilling roleplay game at Mystery Rooms. Book your tickets here.

Bowl and Strike!

A one of its kind entertainment concept in India, bluO is a concoction of bowling, world cuisine, live music and fun coming together. An ideal destination to bond, de-stress and rejuvenate. It is energetic, stylish and reflects the lifestyle and ideology of today’s youth. Sip on some cold beer and enjoy bowling! Book Now!

Laser Tag Wars

Bring your own strategy, tactics and teamwork for the war – and leave the rest to us. It is most fun when in a group of 4 to 12. Enjoy some refreshments & soft drinks with your comrades after you are done. Book this experience today and battle it out!

Thrils, Spills and Relaxation

Did you know?
Some shots from the blockbuster movie ‘PK’ were shot Adventure Island.
The perfect mix of thrill and relaxation. Experience the awesome rides at Adventure Island Amusement Park for the adrenaline junkie in you. Book your adventure today.

Unleash The Racer In You

If you are the kind who loves zipping down roads in your car with not a care in the world, F9 Go-Karting is the place for you! Drive fast cars and race with friends, go Go Karting. The best way to experience an adrenaline rush and engage in some exhilarating fun! Book this activity now.

Riders, Attention!

If you are clueless on how to spend your weekends, get a sneak peak into the thrill and rush of dirt biking! Experience the 800 CC two seater bike and enjoy the powerful ride through 1 km gritty dirt track. Book your tickets today for the rush.

The Beauty Within Delhi

Discover Delhi through Cleartrip Local. Feel the pulse of the capital with this historical sightseeing tour by Hoho buses. Starting in the heart of the city; Connaught Palace, this tour will take you to all the places that hold a solid historical significance. Discover an interesting way to visit the various attractions. Book now!

Defying Gravity With Swagger

Soar high above! There’s none of the hassle of normal aviation, none of the big costs involved. It’s the closest you’re going to get to being a sort of powered bird – It’s just an amazing sport. Ownership is easy and learning to fly is quick, safe, inexpensive and truly exhilarating. Book the activity today.

To Taj In A Limo

“What”s more luxurious than riding in a Limo!
Ride to the cultural wonder that is Agra in a luxurious two seater modified Limo that will let you ride in style. Make the weekend romantic at the Taj Mahal, the ultimate requiem of love. Book Now!

Break the Monotony!

Listen to the call of Nature! Camp on the scenic and delightful slopes of the mountain. Get your heart pumping with awesome activities like trekking and rock climbing. Ready for an adventure? Book your tickets today.