10 Things to do in Mumbai

The Local Things to do list handpicked for you.
A bunch of fun, exciting and interesting things, that you can experience while you’re in the city. Whether it’s a day outing, a relaxing day at the spa or an adrenaline rush to get your blood pumping, we’ve got it all for you.

Imagine An Adventure At Imagica

Welcome to Imagica, India’s only International Standard Theme Park near Mumbai!
A place where fun begins and never ends. A place where you’d experience zero gravity, fight Mogambo, feel the thrill of exciting rides and even save a pirate.
Enjoy your day with tons of twists, turns and splashes on fun and exciting rides that’ll leave you craving for more! Book your tickets today.

Go Be A Kid Today!

Exit the exhausting routine and enter a whole new world of fun and games at Essel World. Doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, we’ve got amazing things for you.
Are you ready to explore one of India’s Largest Amusement Park? Book your tickets today.

Sky’s The Playground

Take your driving skills to the next level, with Mumbai”s very first Rooftop Karting Arena. The high-octane activity is going to give you an adrenaline rush! The speed-freaks and safety-geeks can kart without the worry of the karts skidding-off or the tires losing grip with the surface.
Head out & book your adventure on Cleartrip Local.

Hit that reset button

Short trips or quick gateways have two purposes; one, to get away from the humdrum of city life, monotony and two, to unwind.
At Whispering Woods, you can plan both!
Built in the lap of nature, it offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the lush greenery, intriguing mountains and waterfalls in Lonavala.
Book your day outing now.

Thrill Seekers, Gather Around

Put your courage to test as you take on the thrilling rides at Imagica. Indulge in fun, action, entertainment, dining and shopping all in one spot. The perfect place for your vibrant crew!
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The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Experience 4 hours of awesome gaming and refresh yourself with a Margarita Pizza and Coke in less than a grand. If that doesn’t get you excited enough, there’s also an amazing opportunity to try your hand at some virtual reality.Book Now!

The Island Of Fun

Enjoy the intoxicating fun rides, exhilarating water rides and much more at Asia’s largest water theme park; Water Kingdom. The rides and the experience have only gone from good to great, all at a reasonable rate over the years!
Don’t miss the artificial beach built inside the park. A must-try for people from all age groups! Book your activity now.

Wrestling The Fiery Waters

White water rafting in India has emerged one of the most popular sports. An adventurer at heart will love passing through the unbridled water and parlous rapids. If you haven’t got a chance to experience this awesome water sport then pack your bags and be ready to quench the thirst of a junkie in you. Book your tickets today.

Golfing Gusto

Golf is not only a game but also a means of an individual’s development. It is a soothing and relaxing game, which helps in boosting concentration of an individual. Master the skills, techniques, methods, rules and regulation of playing golf taught by a personal instructor.
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From Up Above

Get a bird’s eye view! Fly 1,000 feet above the ground at a speed of 140 knots. Admire and marvel at the aerial view of culture rich city like Mumbai. Ride 15 minutes in a Helicopter to get a larger & a better perspective of the city. Book your joyride today.

Sail the Seas

Set sail on a yacht. Capture picturesque Mumbai from a new angle. Cruise around for a couple of hours, try your hand at directing the yacht under the guidance of an expert. Relax and unwind in the solitude of the ocean. Book Now!