10 Places in Mumbai that Serve Quirky Ice cream

Excuse yourself from all your diet plans and exercise routines, and discover some unique varieties of irresistible ice cream in Mumbai. Here is a list of parlors that serve quirky ice creams in the city. Get ready for strange shapes, weird combinations and unusual tastes that will leave your taste buds tingling.

1. Bina’s Homemade Ice Cream

Have you ever thought that self-churned, handmade ice cream could look this delicious? Nepean Sea Road-resident Bina Doshi blends some scrumptious flavors with homemade cream and pure milk to deliver delight. Exotic flavors on offer include pan, green tea and lemongrass. She also makes a variety of frozen fruit-flavored popsicles with absolutely no preservatives and coloring. This housewife’s passion of experimenting with unusual flavors has blossomed into a booming business. Bina whips up only fresh, made-to-order ice cream. So, the next time you’re planning a fun party for kids, you know just what to order! Home Delivery: Between Mahalaxmi and Nariman Point.

2. Guilt Trip

Cupcake and ice cream – can you resist this mouth-watering combination of two delectable desserts? Guilt Trip introduced this variety of sinful delights in their recent summer collection. The ice cream cupcakes look delightful and have names like ‘Original Sin’. The parlor is also known for signature combinations like Red Velvet ice cream with a base cream of your choice. Has this left you guilt-tripping already? Go ahead and visit this dessert haven. Location: Bandra West

3. Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey was a name used in America and some parts of Europe in the mid 19thcentury to describe ice creams sold by street vendors. But this Mumbai-based chain of parlors has a unique way of creating ice creams on a frozen stone slab.Known for its Double Chocolate Therapy Concoction, Hokey Pokey has several other unusual ice creams to offer. Visit this parlor to enjoy quirky ice creams and a straight-from-the-counter experience Location: Bandra, Kandivali, Malad, Oshiwara

4. Where’s My Cone?

The name itself has a unique ring to it, doesn”t it? The image showcases the brand”s delicious ice cream sandwiches, stuffed with mouth-watering ice cream. Besides, its filter-coffee ice cream takes you back to a rainy morning in Chennai. Another special item invented just for Indian sweet-lovers is the boondi-ladoo ice cream. Visit “Where”s My Cone?” to discover these unique treats! Location: Andheri, Juhu

5. Bachelorr’s

This legendary ice cream parlor has been around for 80 years and still features amongst the city”s favorite joints. It offers a variety of sundaes and ice creams with fresh cream. Don’t miss out on its incredible strawberry cream and mango creamwhen they’re in season, served with scoops of delicious ice cream. Apart from these appetizing combinations, Bachelorr”s offers an incredible flavor that will baffle your taste buds: green chilly ice cream! We bet you”ve never eaten anything like it! Even if you shy away from chilly in your food, we’re pretty sure you’ll love this one hot dessert. If you”ve never tried Bachelorr”s before, head there this weekend!Location: Girgaon

6. K. Rustom Ice Cream

This list would be left incomplete without the mention of the unforgettable K. Rustom Ice Cream. If you were to go back in time, you’d see how this place was flocked by both kids and adults on weekends. And we’re glad to say, nothing has changed! K. Rustomserves classic flavors like regular chocolate and then charms you with fruitilicious ice cream sandwiches. These are wrapped in thin wafer biscuits that come in different flavors themselves. Take time out to revisit ice cream history when you head to K. Rustom. Location: Churchgate

7. Ice Kraft

Icekraft is a hidden gem in Oshiwara. It uses cold plates to churn pure ice creams sans ice particles. And when it serves up Pulse candy-flavored ice cream, you know there”s no way you can refuse to indulge! For chocolate lovers, Ice Kraft offers Absolute Chocolate, an opulent concoction containing Oreo cookies, chocolate cookies, Nutella, dark chocolate chips, hot chocolate fudge and whipped cream! Even the most die-hard chocoholics may OD on this one! Location: Oshiwara

8. Nice Kream

A syringe in your ice cream – quirky enough? You may see cylinders outside Nice Kream parlors with men wearing blue gloves. Don’t get alarmed, head on inside to find out what they’re up to! Nice Kream offers some whacky nitrogen ice creams. It offers delectable ice cream concoctions topped with syringes filled with sauces of your choice. Everybody’s dream injection, isn’t it?All these experiments are a fine choice for your sweet tooth. Visit Nice Kream soon to grab some unusual combinations of ice cream! Location: Carter Road, Bandra, Juhu

9. Papacream

The menu of Papacream is as diverse as it could get. Its cereal milk ice cream with a savory topping of crunchy Chocos or cornflakes is a must-have. It gives you an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast!You may also tease your taste buds with their jalapeno ice cream with nachos! To cool off and go simple, grab a tub of espresso ice cream and enjoy the pureness of the textured cream. If you have a humongous appetite then the Jumbo Doughwich should be your next indulgence. Visit this place to explore the range of unusual ice cream flavors! Location: Churchgate

10. Minus 301 Degrees F

This ice cream parlor uses a frozen pan to freeze liquids into solid ice cream! They patented this entire process of spreading ice cream like batter over a pan and called it ‘Creamlette’. Mouth-watering? The Fresh Strawberry Creamlette is an excellent choice; it lets you experience fresh fruit pulp in every bite! Visit to explore further. Location: Bandra, Kandivali

Are you inspired by these rare creations? These ice cream geniuses continue to devise wondrous techniques, combinations and flavors. Visit whenever your taste buds need a mini ice cream vacation! They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But we say you can! If these flavorful ice creams have inspired you to learn the art of ice cream-making, Sign up for a class today!