10 Fun Things To Do for Mothers in Bengaluru

Running after the kids all day and hitting the bed, completely worn out, at night – reads like an autobiography of a mom, doesn”t it? It”s hard to find quality time to spend with your equally busy mom-friends; and on the rare occasions that you do, you really don”t know where to go or what to do.
Here”s a list of fun activities for mothers in Bengaluru to do together. Do yourself a favor and schedule them into your mommy calendars.

7. Indulge in spa treatments

You could do with some pampering at the end of a busy week. Schedule an appointment with other mommies to indulge in some friendly gossip over massages and beauty treatments. You are sure to leave the spa rejuvenated – both body and soul.
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2. Go shopping

Bengaluru’s malls offer a plethora of options to indulge in retail therapy with your friends. Alternatively, hit the high street at Sampige Road or hunt for discounts at Brigade Road and Marathahalli. Pick up some pretty dresses to flaunt at the next PTA or shop for the whole family on your next mommies” day out.

5. Go on Play Dates

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Leaving your kid unsupervised seems like inviting trouble, isn’t it? Arrange a play date for your little one without compromising on your social life. It is also a great way to make some new friends. Invite your children”s friends and their mommies, serve up some scrumptious snacks and discover shared interests while your children play safely. If you”d rather step outdoors, have the play date at a venue like Funky Monkeys, MG Road. 30+ classes options that you can take up to engage with others and have fun, book now.

3. Join a book club

Have you ever read a wonderful book and wished you could discuss it with someone? Well, a book club allows you to do just that. It enables you to meet like-minded individuals, discuss good reads and discover other likable books. Also, you’ll end up making some great, book-loving friends here. Atta Gallata at Koromangala could be a great starting point to enroll in a book club and attend literary events.

6. Bond over trekking

Bengaluru is amongst few cities in the country with great trekking options nearby. Leaving your children to the care of father/grandparents/babysitters, gather your mommy friends and plan a day trip to Kalighatta and Ramadevara Betta or go overnight to Anthargange and Kodachadri. An adventure together will certainly bring you closer. Experience trekking while you enjoy the beauty of nature in Bangalore.

1. Learn belly dancing

Belly dancing is not just an exotic dance form. It can also help you tone your abs, stimulate your body’s eight chakras and also be a whole lot of fun. Indulging in a session with your girlfriends three times a week is all that you need to keep fit and have fun. Add a quick coffee to engage in conversation after class.

10. Pump up the music and go on a drive

When was the last time you got behind the wheels and took off with friends? Bengaluru’s Kanva Reservoir at Thattekere and Turahalli Forest are best explored over a long drive. Rent an SUV through Cleartrip so all your buddies can travel together. Revel in great company, favorite music, and the wind in your hair. With all you mommy friends, explore the beauty of Bengaluru and places around it.

4. Take a cycling tour

Zip around the city on a bicycle and take in all the natural beauty with your girlfriends. Relive your childhood by riding across Kanakapura Road, Old Madras Road, and Indiranagar. Take a bicycle ride in the night to Lavelle road. Go tandem or organize a bike race – the point is to leave behind your overprotective motherly self and enjoy a day out with your gal pals.
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8. Take a Self-Defense Class

Sign-up for Krav Maga – an Israeli self-defense style designed for situational combat, It requires the mind and body to work in conjunction. Some things you are likely to learn in a class will include knife-wielding and Kubotan stick techniques. This activity is ideal for young mothers as it encourages fitness, keeps the mind alert, and helps learn basic self-defense moves. Who knows; perhaps you could train your child to effectively defend himself against the playground bully!

9. Have a karaoke session

Unleash the pop star in you and sing to your heart”s content as your friends cheer on. Karaoke sessions are a great way of unwinding, honing your talents, and simply being silly. Bengaluru has no dearth of restaurants that organize this fun activity. Regardless of whether you’re a pro or a bathroom singer, power up your vocal chords and go for a karaoke night with your gal pals.

It’s time to enjoy, unwind and relax with other mommies in Bengaluru!