10 Indian Locales to Recreate Your Favorite Bollywood Moments

Ever since you were a child, the big screen enamoured you. Watching larger-than-life moving images of handsome couples prancing around trees, buffed-up heroes bashing ravenous villains and the unveiling of a teenager’s coming-of-age saga, etc.—all these stories inspired you, made you cry, fall in love, scream in fear, laugh out loud and sit back in wonder.
Some of them became a part of you, little pieces that you took home and pondered on. What if we were to tell you that you could recreate some of these iconic moments yourself? Furthermore, that you don’t have to cross the seven seas to do so? That’s right, your Bollywood dreams can come true right here in India! Read on to find out which Indian locales you can visit to recreate your favorite Bollywood moments.

1. Shillong, Meghalaya

The makers of Rock On 2 chose the Scotland of the East, Shillong, to shoot a part of the second-innings of their rock music saga. This also fits perfectly because the people of Shillong are naturally inclined towards music and it is considered the rock capital of India. A visit here means driving or riding through lush greenery, interacting with the local Khasis, Garos and Jaintias, and even bunking in a traditional bamboo hut (just like Farhan Akhtar’s brooding character did).
An evening stroll down Police Bazaar unravels some hidden cafes and rooftop live music venues where you can croon to some popular tunes and enjoy the perennially-nippy Shillong weather. The city is surrounded by verdant meadows that are caressed by wispy clouds where you can turn up the stereo and recreate the final concert scene! For a comfortable vacation book a Hotel in Shillong and get instant confirmation.

2. Pangong Lake, Ladakh

You wondered about the location of that picturesque lake where the last scene of 3 Idiots was shot. The one in which Kareena Kapoor, clad in an elaborate ghaghra, rides a bright yellow scooter, breaking through the blue-brown-white scenery to confront Phunsuk Wangdu a.k.a. Aamir Khan. It looked almost surreal, as if the whole place was created using VFX. Up until then, few outsiders knew about Pangong Lake, which went on to become so very famous.
Now, scores of tourists make the five-hour drive from Leh to Pangong Lake every summer to visit ‘3 Idiots Point’, the strip of land where this iconic scene was shot. What’s more, the yellow scooter, yes, the exact same one which Kareena Kapoor rode, is parked right there for visitors to see, pose and click! Other films that have been shot here include Anushka Sharma’s entry scene in Jab Tak Hain Jaan, when spunky Akira dives right into a magnificent lake.
The water body in question is none other than Pangong Lake. A word of caution, though: these actors make it look very easy but even in the summers, this area is gripped by fierce winds and a chilly atmosphere…it’s tough to roam here in a ghaghra and tougher still, to jump in its waters! So make sure you’re all covered up!

3. Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Who can forget the effervescent Geet singing songs about love and the ensuing butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling whilst driving through ice-laden roads with Aditya? The picture of a happy-go-lucky Kareena Kapoor dancing in front of the jeep is embedded in many girls’ hearts all over the country. Many wanted to be like Geet, have her open-minded outlook towards life and even a little of her gutsy persona. Let’s solve the mystery for you right here: that place is Rohtang Pass located 51 km north of Manali. ”
Don’t be fooled to think that the ice walls are a product of the winters, which is what the pass looks like in the summer months! During the cold months, it is snowed in and remains shut. So, head here to dance—and maybe even feel a little—like Geet; who knows, you may just be inspired to do something to change the world or, at least, confess your love to your crush.

4. Wai, Maharashtra

Image Source: wikipedia.org
Located four hours from Mumbai is the village of Wai, which has been the location of several Bollywood films over the years. Mostly, it is used as a location to represent some village in another part of India. In Dabangg, it was portrayed as Uttar Pradesh’s Laalganj where Chulbul Pandey lives with his parents and brother, Makkhi. Desi Robin Hood was seen working his magic in the by lanes of this charming locale. Another film that was shot here was the Shahrukh Khan-starrer Swades.
The story follows NASA engineer Mohan Bhargava as he goes to Charanpur village in Uttar Pradesh in search of his Kaveri Amma — another movie in which the versatile Wai attempts to be a North-Indian village. The closing scene of this movie shows Mohan taking a dip in the village’s ghat. Come to Wai to experience not one, but many Bollywood movies come to life. Compare and book a Hotel in Wai, today!

5. Fort Aguada, Goa

Sid, Sameer and Aakash sit on the brick walls of a colonial fort and look straight into the horizon, pondering on life and friendships that last the turbulence of time. To add to the poignancy of this iconic scene, the philosophical Sid compares the situation to a boat that he can see bobbing on the sea. This scene went on to define friendships, especially ones that go through rough patches and gave Dil Chahta Hai a cult-like status that it enjoys even today.
Farhan Akhtar, its director, was suddenly a name to be reckoned with because of nuanced scenes like this one. The location of this iconic scene is the legendary Fort Aguada, built by the Portuguese in the 17th century to prevent invasions by the Dutch and Marathas. Put on an air of rumination, wear some funky pants like Saif Ali Khan with your backpacks in tow, memorize the dialogues and recreate this iconic scene with your pals for the perfect Dil Chahta Hai moment. Book your Hotel in Goa for amazing discounts!

6. Marine Drive, Mumbai

Whenever our beloved Munnabhai was in trouble or facing some dilemma, he would—just like millions of Mumbaikars—head to the city’s Marine Drive. There’s something about the vast expanse of sea, the glorious sparkling lights and sea breeze in the air that helps clear your mind and think better. Standing guard behind Munnabhai was the dependable Circuit, always ready with a trick or two up his sleeve. Relive these moments with your bestie by spending a couple of hours at the Queen’s Necklace, chatting about what’s bothering you and how you can mend it.
We guarantee you will have an answer by the end of it. What’s amazing is that even though you’re right where all the city’s action is, the minute you sit by the sea, it feels like you’re in an isolated world of your own. If you wish to come alone and make the Arabian Sea your best friend instead, go right ahead! Book Hotel in Mumbai near Marine drive today!

7. Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Aamir Khan and his pals danced to the catchy ‘Masti ki Pathshala’ in the coming-of-age and politically-charged Rang De Basanti. They were seen lounging on the walls of a fort that resembles the Great Wall of China. Spread out below was the beautiful Jaipur city. Perched on the Aravalli Hills is the Nahargarh Fort built in 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. This gorgeous stone structure was the place where a part of the song was shot.
It represented the youth of today, how they are above it all and how they are mere spectators of the cacophony of society. They just want to get away, each with their own set ideals and aspirations. Relive that slick and full-of-masti scene with your friends by visiting this location and you may just walk away with a new perspective on life and society. Compare and Book Hotel in Jaipur near Nahargarh Fort.

8. Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

In Rockstar, Nargis Fakhri’s character is Kashmiri which naturally means that a part of the film was shot in India’s northern-most state. The scenes in which her marriage preps are on in full-swing and JJ goes to visit her are shot in the haven of Pahalgam. They both cheekily decide to sneak out and go for adventurous bike rides in the snow-clad hill station. Pristine white landscape, moist roads and piping hot chai are some of the things they enjoy here, apart from each other’s company, of course.
More specifically, they shot the scenes in Pahalgam’s Betaab Valley, which is popular campsite for trekkers and home to the popular Baisaran and Tulian Lakes. We suggest you come here with someone whose company you love, just so you can bond with each other just like Ranbir and Nargis did in the movie. For added authenticity, make sure at least one of you is a good biker and one on the verge of getting married! Read reviews and book your Hotel in Pahalgam and get fantastic deals.

9. Park Street, Kolkata

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org
Kolkata is one of the most culturally rich cities of India – it has the perfect amalgamation of Bengali and British cultures. But few people know that it has a mysterious and eerie side to it as well that’s perfectly portrayed in the suspense-thriller, Kahaani. A pregnant Vidya Bagchi searches every nook and corner of the city for her missing husband. If you want to relive some of the scenes from the movie, head to bustling Park Street in a quintessential big yellow ambassador cab.
Like the helpful police officer, take late night sojourns in the city’s iconic trams and don’t forget to commute by its metro service. As if the scenes in the metro weren’t scary enough, there are plenty horror stories set in the mass transit railway system of the city, including headless passengers and driver-less trains! Book your Hotel in Kolkata, Near Park Street.

10. Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Dilli 6 was a movie that was named after the postal zip-code of Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. The film is about life in this section of the city, the communities that inhabit it, raasleela and other cultural aspects and the eccentric ‘monkey man menace’ that seemed to grip this area in 2001. In the middle of all this is Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor’s budding romance. A visit to the historic Chandni Chowk will feel like you’re walking through scenes of the film.
There’s a hubbub surrounding the area but one that makes you feel at peace – the kind you feel with things you love – like Indian culture, tradition and life, in general. If you have just returned to India after emigrating to another land or after a long holiday, head to Chandni Chowk to be face-to-face with one of the most quintessentially Indian neighborhoods in the country, and feel like Abhishek Bachchan did in the film! Amazing deals and discounts on hotel in New Delhi. Book online!

Bollywood is one of the things that unites almost everyone in India, no matter how different everyone’s personal opinions are on individual films. Each of these places mentioned above have one thing in common: they have all been the site of at least one Bollywood film shooting. In a world where things may not always go as you planned, films provide a break wherein you can forget your worries for the time being. Extend that happy feeling by heading to some of these locales where you can literally live the lives of some of your favorite Bollywood characters and be the star of your own show!