Alert: Spicejet domestic operations shifting to T2 in Mumbai.

Low-priced air carrier, SpiceJet is known for rendering excellent services to its passengers. Their flights are known for affordability and great services. It is the chosen one of millions whether it is domestic or international travel. Recently, SpiceJet announced that with effect from October 1, 2019, the airline would shift its entire Mumbai operations to Terminal 2 of the Mumbai Airport also known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA). This would apply to domestic and international flights and both passenger and cargo flights.

Delving deeper into this, the airlines aim at ensuring seamless travel services to its travellers. With all operations under one umbrella, it will become easier for the airlines to attend customers and provide them with better services. Moreover, this will also help in cost-cutting for the airline and save passengers’ time. This shift is being done with the support of Mumbai International Airport Limited or MIAL.

SpiceJet current connects 150 flights from Mumbai to other parts of the nation and a few international destinations. The company has also maintained steady growth; and to enhance connectivity, the company has expanded its fleet by adding 36 aircraft to its fleet. This was done between April and August, 2019. These 36 aircraft include 29 Boeing 737 NG aircraft, five Bombardier Q400s and two B737 freighters.

In the last few months, SpiceJet has announced 78 new flights that will fly to Mumbai from various destinations so shifting to Terminal 2 of Mumbai airport would make it easy for travellers as it would be less crowded. So, this change will affect the usual commutation of travellers in a positive way. Also Mumbai being one of the busiest airports, transit between domestic and international flights would become much easier for the travellers when both flights will take off and land at one terminal.

In Delhi too, SpiceJet would shift its flight operations to T3 terminal of Indira Gandhi International airport with effect from 5 September, 2019.  This is because of the expansion work going on at T2. This will reduce the travellers load at T2 significantly.

SpiceJet is known for providing its travellers ultimate travelling experience in budget. In a nutshell, by shifting operations to T3 of Mumbai airport, SpiceJet aims at the dual advantage of ensuring better services to its passengers and reducing airline cost as well.