10 Best Alternatives to Gym for Fitness Enthusiasts in Bengaluru

We all want to get fit and eat right. Or maybe eat what we want but workout enough to compensate? However, most of us also cringe at the sight—and even the thought—of a gym. Here’s a list of 10 alternatives to the gym in Bengaluru, take your pick or better still, try a new one every week!

1. Rent a bike

Renting a bike is a fresh and fun activity as opposed to sweating it out on a stationary cycle at the gym. Bengaluru offers cyclists beautiful spots with its many gardens and lakes. The campus of the Indian Institute of Science is picturesque haven that just invites you to come with your cycle in tow. Book a cycle on Cleartrip and get best experience.

2. Join a dance class

Join a class and dance your way to fitness. Take your pick from bharatnatyam, jazz, Bollywood, kathak and lots more. It’s best to sign up with a friend to make it even more fun.

3. Go for aqua Zumba

Not only is aqua Zumba a totally different and novel way to exercise but is also very good for joints and muscles as it is an intense workout that doesn’t strain your bones. Besides, what better way to make the most of a workout than making a splash in the pool?

4. Try some indoor sports

Play indoor sports instead of going to the gym. Fancy squash, badminton, basketball, skating and even hockey? Yes, all of these can be played indoors. Bengaluru is home to several sports centres and clubs where one can sign up for a fee and indulge in sport regularly. Get a friend along or sign up to be a part of a local team and play your way to fitness.

5. Kick away boredom with martial arts

Indulging in martial arts has two-fold benefits: not only are you getting fitter but also learning important self-defence. It has various forms – Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Kalaripayattu and others. There are several classes being conducted in Bengaluru where men, women and children can learn the nuances of this art leading to a fitter—and safer—tomorrow.

6. Cool off with aqua aerobics

Cooling off with aqua aerobics is a different take on traditional aerobics. If you love water, are most comfortable in the pool and are a little tired of the same old swimming, try this out – you will definitely come home feeling refreshed and strengthened.

7. Improve your lifestyle with Yoga

Doing yoga helps you stay fit and toned, improves breathing and reduces stress. These are just a few of the total benefits of this multi-faceted exercise. Sign up for a class and a few weeks later you will automatically feel lighter and more energised.

8. Go for hip hop!

Doing hip hop means indulging in a high-energy, fast-paced dance form that involves the shedding of many calories in the span of an hour. Sign up for a class in Bengaluru and ‘hip hop’ away to those crazy beats that’ll ensure you look much leaner after a month or two!

9. Indulge in Water Zorbing

Indulging in water zorbing may sound like child’s play but it is actually a strenuous and intense workout involving stamina, balance and focus. Being placed in a large ball and working your way on the water is no easy feat! Beware though, this form of exercise involves a lot of fun, too. Can you handle it?

10. Jump on a trampoline

Jump on a trampoline to relive your childhood days. It is a cardio workout in a way that improves breathing and also strengthens your knees, thigh muscles and back. You don’t need to go far away to do this, just set up a trampoline in a backyard or the nearest garden (and Bengaluru has many of these) and jump to your heart’s content! Click some pictures of yourself and your friends while you’ll are mid-air to enjoy later on!

Phew! Who knew there were so many alternatives to the gym in Bengaluru? This list can keep you going for the whole year. So the next time you’re bored of the gym, you know what to do. There is no room for excuses when it comes to fitness!