10 Activities for Young Adults to Relive Their Childhood

No matter how old you grow, or how independent you become, the little child in you will never cease to exist. Amidst all the chaos in our lives and the constant will to conquer our dreams lies the inert desire to take a trip down memory lane. Every once in a while, we feel the need to release our mind-made fears and delve into the land of dreams and freedom. Nostalgia beckons, urging you to cast away all your worries and take a plunge into those sweet, innocent memories.
Here are 10 ways to unleash the little child within you and relive those long lost childhood memories:

1. Visit a park with a play area and let your inner child run wild

Have you ever watched a child run around in a park when his mother sets him loose? Leave your bags aside and climb onto the monkey bars or take a go at the slides. Rise and fall on a see-saw or swing as high as you can. Breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy a delicious picnic brunch.

2. Dig out your comic book collection and dive into a world of fantasy

As a child, getting to read comics on your weekends or after homework was like a reward, and it was rightfully cherished. Become a comic geek once again, and read them as a stressbuster after work. Pour yourself some chocolate milk, dust off your prized comic book collection, and re-read all of Marvel and DC’s fantasies!

3. Take to the road on a bicycle

Remember the first time you mastered the art of riding a bicycle without losing balance? Didn”t you zoom all across town, feeling rather proud of yourself? Rent a two-wheeler and relive those memories in your adulthood. Go a step further and challenge your childhood friends to a bicycle race. If you would rather steer away from competition, simply ride across town or visit some beautiful uphill locations. Cleartrip provides bicycle rentals for 24 hours at pocket-friendly rates. Book one today and take a break from automobiles and mechanization.

4. Let yourself loose with trampolines

Feel light and free while jumping up and down on a trampoline. This is yet another way to release some endorphins and feel like a kid once again As a child, you never let anything hold you back so what is stopping you right now? Set up a trampoline, get the music going and jump like nobody”s watching!

5. Experiment with craft techniques

As children, papers, scissors and glue were often our playmates. We snipped and stuck to create a variety of hand-made products that we proudly flaunted. Creased paper became Chinese fans; manipulated shapes made memorable greeting cards. Now, Cleartrip offers you a chance to learn new craft techniques. Enroll into a paper quilling class to learn how to roll bits of paper into beautiful patterns. Start with the basics and evolve to create your own quilling masterpiece.

6.Watch your favorite cartoon shows

Cartoons were always an integral part of our childhood and, as kids we were lucky to have discovered some wonderful classics like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo. Despite our busy schedules and monotonous lives, these cartoons still cast a mesmerizing spell. A wave of nostalgia is sure to hit when you watch these cartoons again. Organize a slumber party with your friends and run a cartoon marathon all night long. Don”t forget to pop some corn!

7. Build a sand castle

Building sand castles was a quintessential part of going to the beach. And when it turned into a contest, do you remember how competitive it would get? We are so caught up in the rat race of building a concrete castle, that the joy of building one from sand has nearly been forgotten. Next time you visit a beach, get down and dirty, and try it again. Putting hours into the building, then watching the waves wash it away with no regrets is an experience worth revisiting.

8. Have a Candylicious Day

Candies were like diamonds to us, and having the most varied collection gave us a feeling of such pride! We were fascinated by how they magically colored our tongues blue, green and yellow! Host a candy party and treat your friends to some of your childhood favorites. Reward yourself with an irreplaceable sugar rush!

9. Challenge a friend to a video game

Despite the rapid evolution of technology, video games have not lost their charm. Be it Mario or Pacman, vintage games always lightened our moods. We would spend hours trying to battle in the virtual world and one win would give us immense happiness. What you wouldn”t give to trade in real-life struggles for those fun-filled battles! Challenge a friend to a video-game battle and see how the stress evaporates!

10. Play board games

Board games appeal to people of all age groups. When you were finally invited to the table with your family, it made you feel incredibly grownup, and winning against the elders filled you with unparalleled pride. Of course, those games were not without sneaky cheats and petty fights. Still, few things can compare to the joy of playing Snakes and Ladders, Ludo or Monopoly! One day a week, replace TV time with board games time with the family. It”s a much better way of spending time indoors.

Your childhood may be a thing of the past, but the little one inside you is still part of your present. Let go of all inhibitions and treat your inner child to these fun-filled activities today!