Various Water Sports in Bangalore That You Can Enjoy

Bangalore is a city where you find a beautiful conglomeration of the traditional with the modern. Beautiful palaces, forts and traditional temples stand alongside skyscrapers of multinational corporations. Bangalore is a popular education hub, with students from all over the country coming here to enhance their prospects. Bangalore is a city known for its youthful vibe. It is also a popular tourist destination and people from all over the world visit here year through. Bangalore has an extremely pleasant weather throughout the year, unlike most other parts of the country. This is another reason why it is such a popular destination. Bangalore has a lot to offer to everyone, be it sightseeing or adventure sports.

If you love to get drenched in water, then there are numerous options for water sports in Bangalore. Let’s talk about a few of them.

1. River Rafting: Bangalore has many lovely options for those interested in river rafting. Most people are not aware that Bangalore has so many interesting options for river rafting. Bheemeshwari has some excellent class 3 rapids, and if you are doing river rafting for the first time, then this is the best place to start. The beautiful wildlife along the river banks just adds to the experience. Dandeli is not very close to Bangalore, but it is one of the best spots in Karnataka for river rafting. It is lined with some really excellent class 3 rapids. Bhadra river rafting at Chikmagalur is an ideal location for river rafting for people of all levels, including beginners, non-swimmers and experts. It is exhilarating and exciting, but not too tough.

2. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is the best way to explore the beauty and the myriad colours under the water. Scuba diving is fast gaining popularity as a sport and an adventure activity and is relatively considered safe. Bangalore has a number of scuba diving options where you can learn how to do this activity under the guidance of trained instructors. Netrani Island, near the Goa-Mangalore Highway is a very popular spot for scuba diving. You can see a wide variety of marine life here, such as angelfish, turtles, barracuda, eels, etc. Malvan is another popular place for scuba diving. An overnight bus journey from Bangalore will take you there, and you can reach the jetty and go scuba diving with instructors. Bangalore has a number of diving schools that will teach you the basic theory of scuba diving. They will also familiarise you with the equipment and teach you how to breathe and move underwater.

3. Surfing: The Southern part of India has a long coastline that is ideal for all kinds of water sports and adventure activities. Bangalore is ideally situated and most of these places are just a few hours away from the city. Bangalore provides easy access to the east and the west coast, making it a destination not only for surfing but for other water sports in Bangalore as well. If you are a beginner, you can register at a surf school to understand the basics of the sport. Renting a surfboard is easy, and you can practice with an instructor. For the most part of the year, you can see waves ranging from a height of 4 feet to 5 feet, but huge waves which excite the pros can be seen around the monsoon months from May to September.

4. Parasailing: Parasailing is a very popular water sport, and the best thing is that it does not require any special training. Undoubtedly, it is an extremely fun and adrenaline pumping activity. Also known as parascending or parakiting, it involves a person with a parasail attached to him, towed behind a boat. Because of the wind, the person attached to the boat drifts behind it and enjoys a bird’s eye view of the sea. Jakkur is the most popular place in Bangalore to enjoy this sport.

There is no dearth of things to do in Bangalore. Because of its proximity to the coast, you can take part in some other excellent water sports in Bangalore, such as kayaking, canoeing and rowing. The calm waters of the Supsa reservoir are ideal for kayaking, as is the Kabini River. A banana boat ride is another popular activity here. Snorkelling, jet skiing or beach trekking on the Gokarna Beach are favourite activities amongst locals and tourists alike. You can even go for hikes and treks on some amazing trails in the surrounding areas.

If these amazing water sports are not enough to get your pulse racing, you can visit the many theme parks in Bangalore. Take your pick from Wonder La amusement park, Fun World, Innovative Film City and many more. If you enjoy water rides, then Bangalore has a number of water parks as well. Choose from Crazy Waters, Water World, Lumbini Gardens, Neeladri Water Park to have a soaking, wet, fun time with your friends and family.

Plan your next vacation to Bangalore, for there is no dearth of activities here. Many people are not aware that Bangalore has so many options for exciting water sports. So if you are an adventure lover, pack your bags and head to beautiful Bangalore.

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