Top 15 Tourism Hotspots Where Indians Can Get Visa on Arrival

If you are planning an international trip, you need to get your visa and other documentation right. The general norm is to make sure that your Indian passport is valid for 6 months and you get visa clearance from the country you intend to visit. Such documentation may take a few days to process as approval is required from both the countries because of scrutiny and police verification formalities. However, there are many countries that have made it easy for Indians to visit them as they offer VOA or Visa on Arrival for Indian Passport holders.

As per current figures, there are 59 countries that allow visa-less travel to their country. The power of a passport is determined by the number of countries to which a specific passport allows visa-less travel. The Indian passport stands at the 76th position with respect to the VOA facility.

This article lists the top 15 most popular holiday destinations in the world where you can travel without a visa. You get VOA in these global tourism hotspots. So, be it for leisure or for business, you can take a quick break and head to any of these amazing places without worrying about visa approval and other documentation.

1. Sri Lanka

Considered to be the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka is the Indian travellers’ delight with beautiful beaches, temples and places showcasing ancient traditions and heritage. Sri Lanka charges 20 USD (₹ 1400 approximately) for electronically authorized VOA, which is valid for about a month. Great for shopping experiences, culinary and seafood delights, Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for Indians who want to travel impromptu and do not want to wait for visa approvals.

2. Maldives

Either as a honeymoon destination or a place where you can just relax and enjoy adventurous water sports like scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing, Maldives is a travel magnet for tourists throughout the year. Maldives gives free-of-cost VOA to Indian tourists so that they can enjoy the spectacular beaches and the beautiful views.

3. Thailand

Indians love visiting Thailand for its amazing cities and beach towns such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, etc. Enjoy an international vacation with some amazing shopping options, great food, wellness spas and massages and some beautiful sights. At your first entry point of Thailand, you can obtain VOA at just 200 Baht (₹ 4, 452), valid for 15 days.

4. Cambodia

The world-renowned Angkor Wat Temple coupled with spectacular beaches, beautiful pagodas, walkable riverfronts etc. have made Cambodia a popular destination for Indian vacationers. When travelling to Cambodia Indians can get VOA for 30 days at USD 20 (₹ 1400 approximately). Get mesmerised by their royal culture and heritage, colonial architecture. Make sure you catch a performance of traditional Cambodian dance.

5. Nepal

Welcome to the land of Mount Everest and colourful Buddhist prayer flags rustling in the air. Nepal is a travel paradise for Indians with pretty vistas of the Himalayan range and scope for mountaineering activities. Nepal has no VOA for its neighbouring country India. Passport holders of India are allowed optimum freedom of movement.

6. Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful landlocked kingdom and is a haven for those looking for peace as it has many Buddhist monasteries and the beauty of nature everywhere. Bhutan (The Land of the Thunder Dragon) has no visa restrictions for Indian passport holders.

7. Mauritius

Chamarel village, famous for seven coloured sand layers is one among the top attractions of beautiful Mauritius. Indian travellers love to hit the beaches, lagoons or go snorkelling to explore the coral reefs. For 90 days, Mauritius provides VOA to Indians absolutely free of cost.

8. Seychelles

It is the beauty of Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean that makes it the most sought-after destination by honeymooners and vacationers. This archipelago, consisting of 115 islands, holds Indians in awe with its stunning blue beaches, coral reefs and wildlife. In Seychelles, Indian passport holders can easily get VOA without any fee, which is valid only for a month.

9. Indonesia

The land of active volcanoes (Mount Batur) and white expanse of sand bordering the shores of azure water beckons Indian tourists. Explore the green jungles of Indonesia, famed for Komodo dragons. Indonesia charges USD 25 (₹ 1741) for VOA from Indian passport holders, valid for a period of 30 days.

10. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing harbour city with numerous tall skyscrapers dotting the skyline. In fact, it is known throughout the world for its beautiful skyline. Hong Kong enjoys fame as a global shopping destination and many tourists flock here for the same. Indians can travel to Hong Kong from India without a visa for a period of 14 days.

11. Fiji Islands

Blessed with unimaginable beauty, Fiji lslands, located in the lap of the South Pacific Ocean, is an archipelago of 300 islands attracting honeymooners and leisure seekers to its lovely beaches, marine life, and delicious coastal food. When travelling to Fiji Islands, VOA for Indians is free for a period of 4 months.

12. Jamaica

The land of Calypso dance, azure waters, majestic reef-lined beaches and shoreline make Jamaica, an island country in the Caribbean Sea, a fascinating tourism hotspot. Mountains and rainforests are the major attractions of Jamaica. Indians travelling to Jamaica do not need a visa for a travel period of (up to) 14 days.

13. Bolivia

For an amazing adventure holiday, the best place to be is Bolivia in South America. You will be spellbound by its magnificent terrain marked by The Andes, The Atacama Desert and the fascinating Amazon forest. Bolivia provides a VOA to Indians only on invitation basis and charges a fee of USD 100 (₹ 6965).

14. Madagascar

Visit Madagascar to enjoy nature at its best because it abounds in rainforests, coral reefs, and some amazing wildlife. Enjoy adventure activities like trekking and diving. Madagascar provides VOA to Indian nationals at a charge of USD 75 (₹ 5223).

15. Kenya

If wildlife safaris are what you enjoy, then the best place for you to visit is Kenya. It is the ultimate destination to witness the beauty of the African grasslands and the abundant beasts on the Masai Mara wildlife reserve in East Africa. Come to Kenya to behold the magnificent sight of Mount Kilimanjaro and other wildlife reserves. Kenya charges USD 51 (₹ 3,705) for single-entry eVOA, valid for 3 months.

A Word for Travellers

For an international vacation getting a VOA may be a one-time affair but frequent flyers need to remain updated about the latest rules and regulations pertaining to visa-free travel. They should be aware as to which countries offer VOA. Visa rules have been relaxed by many other countries like Saudi Arabia to promote tourism. There are still European countries and the USA that do not offer VOA and require a visa to be stamped on Indian passports before departure from the Indian international air terminals. However, if you are planning a vacation, you can do so at any of the countries mentioned above, without worrying about the visa formalities, especially if it is an impromptu vacation plan.

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