Things not to do in Goa: Better be Aware!

Goa is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in India, where millions of tourists visit every year to spend some memorable time with their friends and families. Before going into the detail of things not to do in Goa, first, know some basics of this place.

The season between November and March is considered as the best time to visit this land of joy. If you want to cut the travel time, then visit Goa by flight. Dabolim or Goa International Airport connects this tiny Indian state to the rest of the country and different parts of the world as well. If you are planning to travel by train, then book a ticket till Madgaon Railway Station. The National Highly (NH) 66 connects Goa with other Indian states by road, and you can drive through this beautiful route to reach your destination.

Goa is popular not only for its stunning beaches, spectacular waterfalls and historic monuments, it is also known as a haven for foodies. Here you can enjoy a number of delicious cuisines like Goan fish curry, fish recheado, shark ambottik, chicken xacuti, pork sorpotel and many other dishes. Baba Au Rhum, Mandala Café, VivenkaKafe, Artjuna Garden café, and Blue Plane café are some of the best cafes to visit in Goa.

There is no scarcity of budget-friendly hotels in Goa, and you will find plenty of quality hotels at affordable rates. Resorte de TioCarmino, Santa Monica Resort, Hotel SangoldaGreenz, Ave Maria Beach Resort are some of them to name. However, if you want to make your holiday experience luxurious with world-class accommodation and amenities, prefer hotels like Goa Marriot Resort & Spa, Heritage Village Resort & Spa Goa, Hotel Fidalgo, Silver Sands Beach Resort, or Novotel Goa Resort & Spa.

If you are a shopping enthusiast, then Goa has a lot to offer you. You can fulfil your thirst for shopping by visiting places like Candolim Market, Anjuna Flea Market, Saturday Night Market, Panjim Market, and Mapusa Market. Apart from these places, there are many other shopping places in Goa. Although Goa is the place for complete fun, entertainment, and adventure; you should maintain some guidelines to make a trouble-free holiday experience. You must have read many guides that tell you what to do in Goa. But this is mini-guide that gives you an insight about things not to do in Goa.

1. Say NO to Surfing in Monsoons

The sea waves around Goa’s beaches normally stay calm in most of the seasons. Monsoons can be the perfect time for surfers to dive into the water and enjoy high waves required for professional surfing. But, here you should know that the local administration shuts most of the beaches during monsoon season to avert any unwanted incident. Rough weather condition often makes it even more difficult for lifeguards to trace out the victims and save their lives.

2. Do Not Carry Too Much Cash

Unlike any other tourist destination in India, Goa gives you plenty of opportunities to spend money. Ranging from a luxurious hotel, resorts, cafes, bars, shopping areas to lavish casinos, there is no scarcity of places where you can empty your wallet.

Thus, you have to look at your spending habit and turn stringy when it comes to spending money lavishly. Your Goa trip can turn out to be an expensive affair if you have loads of cash in your pockets. You may feel convinced to spend unnecessarily. So, in order to control it wisely, avoid carrying too much cash.

3. Be Careful When Smoking in Public

Never dare to smoke anything illegal in public, as this can put you in jail. Local administration is very strict about such activities and will not tolerate this at any cost. Thus, it is better not to get involved in such activities and make the situation worse. If you are below 30 years of age, you may have to pay a fine of up to Rs. 25,000. However, if you are above 30 years of age, you may do away with paying anything between Rs. 1,000 and 10,000. Thus, be wise and do not involve in illegal things in Goa.

4. Think twice before you rent a car

If you are travelling alone or as a couple, then renting a car will not be a wise decision. The cost of renting a car is quite high here, and you may find yourself stuck in the congestion on Goa’s busy roads. Roads of the Margao and Panjim remain highly congested on weekends. Renting a bike can be a wise move, and it will also give you a different experience. You can easily get high-performing bikes here within your budget. However, if it is the monsoon season, and you want to keep yourself dry; then you can rent a car. The choice depends on your requirements and preferences.

5. Never Face Your Camera Towards Strangers

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, and people from different parts of the world visit this place to enjoy its beauty. But people do not like strangers to take their photographs and they may even report about such activities. If you take someone’s photograph without his or her permission, you can find yourself in big trouble. Local administration does not tolerate such behaviour and they may prefer to put the offender behind bars. This is one of the things you should not do in Goa.

6. Do Not Wear “I LOVE GOA” T-Shirt

Yes, you love Goa and that is why you are here. There is nothing unique in declaring yourself a lover of Goa, as everybody around you loves this place. People, especially locals do not like such things and feel awkward when someone stands before them wearing clothes with such messages.

7. Never Be Shy to Visit Parties

Goa is the place to be for party lovers, and you should not miss Goa’s popular open-air parties. You may find your Goa trip incomplete if you miss these open-air parties. Hill Top is the best place to spend the weekend, as the place is like a heaven for party lovers. You can also visit places like Club Cubana where parties start after 5 pm on weekends. The club is situated near the Baga and Anjuna beaches. Shiva Valley is another place to visit if you love dancing, eating and drinking. Joining parties is some of the things not to miss in Goa.

8. Do Not Throw Garbage Here and There

If you love this place, then it is your responsibility to keep it clean, and that is why you need to be careful when disposing of your chips packets and water bottles. All the beaches here in Goa are well-maintained and look beautiful, and you should not spoil the look of this place. If you do not care for such important guidelines, you can push yourself towards legal trouble and may end the fiasco by paying a significant amount as fine. Thus, it is better to carry a bag for your garbage to prevent littering.

9. Avoid Drinking Too Much

Goa is home to a number of bars, clubs and pubs, and it will be easy for you to fulfil your thrust. Alcohol is also cheaper in Goa as compared to other Indian states. However, you must not lose your consciousness by overdoing it, as this can put you in an unwanted situation. Here, no one will encourage you to end up with a terrible hangover, as anything can happen with you in such condition. Never dare to drive a car or ride a bike in a drunken condition, as this can lead to a fatal accident. Drink and drive is one of the things you should never do in Goa.

Goa is the place for fun, foods, drinks, and adventure; and if you follow these guidelines, you will end your trip without facing anything unexpected. Thus, be wise and stay away from trouble by following this guide on things not to do in Goa.

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