Rafting and Camping in Rishikesh: The Ultimate Guide

Rishikesh is not just a holy or spiritual city but the ultimate spot for all adventure freaks. Rafting and camping in Rishikesh are must-do adventure activities, especially if you love adventure sports. With an increasing number of adventurers coming here to enjoy popular sports like rafting and camping, the Uttarakhand government has set up beach camps and forest camps for the convenience of adventure-seeking holidayers. Get ready for the perfect holiday in this town situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, which is equally popular for its pilgrimages and yoga centres. All you need to do is book one of the popular hotels in Rishikesh and enjoy a comfortable stay.

Camping in Rishikesh

One can always stay in a hotel, but a natural and different way to enjoy your holiday is to stay in a camp. Many government and private companies provide the facility of tents and camping. Tents are spacious provide a home-like setting. Browse for popular riverside and beach rafting camps like Shivpuri Beach Camp, Marine Drive Beach Camp, Luxury Jungle Camp, Jungle Camp and School Summer Camp. You can enjoy fresh, steaming hot food which is prepared at the nearby tent kitchen.

Before you head for rafting, ensure that you carry the essential gear and equipment. You must have a bathing suit or shorts, old sneakers, river sandals as well as a t-shirt. It is essential to carry sunblock lotion, sunglasses, energy bars, zip lock waterproof baggies and plastic bags. You can carry extra undergarments and towels. Those travelling during winters should carry a sweater and neoprene gloves.

Rafting in Rishikesh

Rafting in Rishikesh starts from Kaudiyala, which is about 40 kilometres from Rishikesh by road. As you raft along the winding and splashing course, you will come across several whirlpools and go through famous beaches like Byasi, Shivpuri, Marine Drive and Brahmpuri. During the rafting experience, you will face several challenges like rocks, strong waves and many other obstacles. The challenging rapids range from different grades, and the major ones are Black Money, The Wall, Three Blind Mice, Return to Sender, Terminator and more. Rafting though enjoyable needs to be done carefully. Some stretches like the one from Kaudiyala to Marine Drive is a difficult one and needs expertise. If you plan to cover all the 13 major rapids and other obstacles, then the whole stretch will take about 8-9 hours.

Do’s and don’ts for rafting

Heighten your rafting experience by taking all the precautions as rafting is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of any age group. Here are some dos and don’ts to assure complete safety as you go for rafting.

  • Do thorough research before planning your rafting trip to Rishikesh and evaluate your physical and mental ability. Look for a competent and experienced rafting charter who can create a memorable rafting experience for you. Always carry a waterproof camera to capture those thrilling moments and mesmerizing scenes. Wear light and airy clothing and carry extra clothes in a waterproof bag. Read and follow all the instructions carefully and enjoy the sport as a team. Make sure to check your raft for any damages before you start and also get back to the campsite before the sun goes down.
  • Do not go straight for the advanced experience, if you have never done rafting before. You need to get around two to three experiences before you can try the moderate level. Don’t carry expensive items when you go for rafting. As you are wearing life-jackets, you will be safe and should not panic when your raft tilts. Avoid rafting at night or sleeping in the open when the campfires are still hot.

The best time to enjoy the rafting adventure in Rishikesh is from June to September. Water rafting is in huge demand at that time. However, one sees the highest number of rafters during the months of February to May who come here from all over the world. The first important thing to consider is what rafting package to choose. For those who want to experience it all, they can include other activities too in their rafting packages such as body surfing, cliff diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing and rappelling. There are different packages in Rishikesh that cater to different demands.

If you want to make a complete holiday, then after enjoying the adventure activities, you can book yourself at any of the wonderful Rishikesh hotels. There are different lodging options available like homestays, hotel, and resorts. Some of the most popular hotels in Rishikesh that one can stay at are Ganga Kinare Rishikesh, Anandam Resort Rishikesh, Narayana Palace Rishikesh, Divine Ganga Cottage Rishikesh and Raga on the Ganges Rishikesh. What makes these hotels stand apart from others is the prime locations, affordable rates, and top-notch facilities.

Rafting and camping in Rishikesh is indeed one of the top recreational activities here. So don’t wait too long and go for it!