Long Weekend Gateways from Delhi

No matter how well Delhi keeps us entertained in its labyrinth of sights and events, just once in a while we all have that urge to get away and take a whiff of a new place away from familiarity. What better way to give wings to this idea than on a long weekend, right? From serene hills to old echoes of history, escape the daily grind with our thoughtfully curated list of places near Delhi absolutely befitting a weekend getaway. Take a look.

1. Naukuchiatal

Distance from Delhi – 300 kms

It will take you about 5-6 hours to reach this place by road, but it is absolutely worth the drive. The beauty and serenity of this gorgeous holiday destination near Delhi are incomparable to the rest of the getaways simply because of the solitude and the vibrations you experience here. Great place for family, couples or solo visitors (if you are a creative person, even better!) who are just looking to find themselves again. If you aren’t the lazy cat variety you can indulge in various adventure sports like paragliding, fishing, rowing, paddling or yachting.

2. Chittaurgarh

Distance from Delhi – 579kms

For the historian in you, if you really want to know Rajput royalty this is the place to visit. Chittorgarh was built by Maurya Dynasty in the 7th century AD and is mainly known for its beautiful forts and temples. It is also home to one of the largest forts in India and Asia – the massive Chittorgarh fort. It will leave you feeling wishful and you”re bound to wonder what it was like to live in a place like this! The city has beautiful markets and bazaars especially for the ladies, it is an absolute heaven to check out all the traditional crafts. This was also the home of Meera Bai and all the beautiful hymns that you have heard of originated here. Feeling royal much?

3. Bhagsu

Distance from Delhi – 477kms

You cannot help but become naturally intoxicated of the aroma of pine trees and the scenic surreal visuals of Bhagsu. This place, much like the rest of McLeod Ganj and Dharamsala, is located in a mountain range below the Himalayas. It is a tiny village and the best time to visit is from March to September. The town is pretty much shut down the rest of the year, as snow and freezing temperatures make it unsuitable for tourism. Climb, explore and enjoy the visual in the laid back atmosphere. The main street has few small shops if you need the essentials. You can choose to stay in homestays or in a traditional hotel type setting. If it were up to us, we would recommend you to take your guitar, absorb in the sights and sounds, and bask in the solitude of the place.

4. Jim Corbett National Park

Distance from Delhi – 240kms

The fascination for Jim Corbett National park began for many after reading Jim Corbett’s books and the dreamy descriptions of the hills of Kumaon, his encounters with the deadly man-eating tigresses and leopards, the camping life in the 1920s and the endless cups of chais with the villagers. It is must place to visit if you want to transport yourself to another dimension altogether. Sit around the campfire at night with your guitar and share scary stories with family and friends, or just soak up in the night foresty sounds. There are many beautiful hotels and resorts you can set camp at and take the early morning safaris. The park shuts during monsoon and that”s why winters are the best time to visit it. Reading Jim Corbett stories on site would add to the extra adventure – what if there’s a tiger right outside your door, you know!

5. Dausa

Distance from Delhi – 260 kms

From the historical state of Rajasthan, Dausa is a paradise for photographers and history lovers. The spectrum of history starts from post Gupta monuments to the mind boggling Chand Baori (Step Well) and Harshat Mata Temple. It homes the residence of Khawaraoji, the then ruler Raoji. When you are done with all the architecture and history and need a complete change of scene head on to the Getolav Bird Habitat. You will be witness to the migratory birds like isabelline shrike, great white pelicans and dalmatian pelican, river tern, northern shoveler and black-tailed godwit, and much more! Make sure to have your camera lenses ready!

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