Enjoy a Unique Houseboat Experience in Kerala

Staying in a houseboat is perhaps the best way to enjoy the serene backwaters of Kerala. Many travel companies offer a variety of houseboat packages that you can choose from as per your individual requirements, preferences and budget. Whether you are visiting Kerala as a family, couple or a group of friends, you are sure to find a houseboat package that will suit your needs perfectly. Here are some options that can offer you the best houseboat experience in Kerala. They offer an experience that is much different than hotels.

1. Bens Holidays – Houseboats, Alleppey

The Bens Holidays – Houseboats offers the finest of facilities to its guests, that too at affordable rates for everyone. Whether you are a business traveller or a tourist, you will get a chance to enjoy the serenity of the backwaters while staying in these houseboats.

Location: Punnamada Finishing Point, Alleppey
Tariff: ₹ 10,500 onwards

2. Indraprastham Houseboats, Alleppey

While staying in these houseboats, you get a chance to witness the inland villages of the state and see how they lead their lives. Packed with many amenities, these Indraprastham Houseboats offer all that you would expect in a hotel, including television, air conditioning, private bathroom, temperature control and much more.

Location: Punnamada Finishing Point, Alleppey
Tariff: ₹ 7,168 onwards

3. JCT Houseboats, Alleppey

JCT Houseboats offer a perfect combination of traditional Kerala atmosphere and fully-furnished, modern houseboats. While onboard, you get a chance to sail through the state’s internal backwaters and enjoy the real beauty of nature.

Location: Thathampally P. O, Alappuzha
Tariff: ₹ 8,410 onwards

4. Kerala Backwater Houseboat, Alleppey

While sailing through the magical backwaters of Kerala villages, Kerala Backwater Houseboat allow you to sit back and relax in their fully-equipped comfortable rooms. The beds are comfortable, the linen is clean and soft, and the facilities offered are top class. Undoubtedly, these houseboats offer you the best houseboat experience in Kerala.

Location: Punnamada, Alleppey
Tariff: ₹ 7,965 onwards

5. Lake India Houseboats, Alleppey

Located in Alleppey, Lake India Houseboats sail through a distinct network of lagoons and canals running through the town’s centre. You get to visit a number of nearby attractions during your stay. Both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms are available.

Location: Punnamada Boat Jetty, Finishing Road Alleppey, Kerala
Tariff: ₹ 8,295 onwards

6. Parthasarathy Luxury Houseboats, Alleppey

The Parthasarathy Luxury Houseboats are fully-equipped with the best amenities. They aim at making your stay as luxurious as possible and help you experience all the Kerala traditions and its natural beauty. The unique thing about this houseboat is its fully glassed private living area.

Location: Punnamada Finishing Point, Alleppey
Tariff: ₹ 19,200 onwards

7. Backwater Retreat Houseboats, Kumarakom

With Backwater Retreat Houseboats, you get the option to hire a one-bedroom houseboat, a two-bedroom houseboat or a houseboat on sharing basis. You can enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the waters while onboard. The staff on these houseboats ensures that your stay is a comfortable one with their world-class amenities and friendly attitude.

Location: Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom
Tariff: ₹ 12,160 onwards

8. Coco Houseboats, Kumarakom

You are sure to have an amazing stay at these houseboats, thanks to their quality of service and delicious food. You are sure to cherish your stay and these memories will last you a lifetime. Whether you are on your honeymoon or with family or friends, you must spend at least a day on these Coco Houseboats.

Location: Punnamada Finishing Point Road, Alleppey
Tariff: ₹ 2,000 onwards

9. Meenakshi Houseboat, Kumarakom

Meenakshi Houseboat ensures that your stay is comfortable and convenient with all its amenities, including laundry, meals and complimentary stay for kids below 5 years of age. Relish the scenic views of the backwaters while staying on these houseboats.

Location: South Kumarakom, Kumarakom
Tariff: ₹ 12,989 onwards

10. Parthasarathy Luxury Houseboats, Kumarakom

The Parthasarathy Luxury Houseboats allow you to enjoy magnificent views of the backwaters through their balconies and outdoor sitting areas. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with their excellent amenities and serene atmosphere. They make sure that your stay becomes as luxurious as possible.

Location: Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom
Tariff: ₹ 19,200 onwards

11. Pulickattil Houseboat, Kumarakom

A unique property of these houseboats is their sitting area, sunbath deck, attached bathrooms and typical Kerala cuisine onboard. You can have mesmerising views of your surroundings and the backwaters, from the open spaces on the Pulickattil Houseboat.

Location: Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom
Tariff: ₹ 25,344 onwards

12. Madhuvahini Houseboat, Kasaragod

Equipped with wooden flooring and lavish interiors, Madhuvahini Houseboat is extremely comfortable and inviting. You can get a beautiful view of the backwaters from its open sitting area. They offer all meals on board, including traditional Kerala cuisine.

Location: Nileshwar, Kasaragod
Tariff: ₹ 14,000 onwards

13. Bekal Mermaid Houseboat, Kasaragod

When you enter this houseboat, you would never realize that it’s on water. The interiors are perfectly designed and it offers all amenities including a tea/coffee maker, air conditioning, private bathroom and all meals. Enjoy some traditional Kerala food at their in-house restaurant. You will never forget this kind of houseboat experience in Kerala.

Location: Nileshwar, Kasaragod
Tariff: ₹ 32,000 onwards

Living in a houseboat in Kerala is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is the best way to experience the backwaters and their beauty, as you cross villages and encounter nature at its best on the banks of the rivers.

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