Game of Thrones Destinations

Game of Thrones, set in the realms of fantasy, follows the intricate journey of alliances and conflicts among the noble dynasties for a throne. It is hard to forget the plot of the story and those legendary creatures and fierce people that threatened the realm. Although the plot of the series is set in a realm of fantasy, there are real-life destinations that have been used as a backdrop to shoot the episodes.

The locations of the blockbuster TV drama series have become as popular as the show itself. The tourists flock to these filming locations and sites to get the feel of the place and get a feel of the thrilling moments of the show. After all, this is the only way to get real close to the fantasy world of Game of Thrones. The die-hard fans are forever looking for any location, site or structure that was used in the filming to create those memorable scenes.

Visit those fantastic Game of Thrones destinations that span across Irish countryside, Croatian villages, Spanish gardens, and Icelandic lakes. It is here where the immense world is crafted and where those fictional characters breathed and schemed their plans.


Numerous locations in Croatia have been used to shoot many scenes for Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik and many other spots were used to shoot the scenes set in Qarth and Slaver’s Bay.

  • Dubrovnik’s Old Town with its narrow cobbled streets and baroque staircases has been captured in the King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Home to the Iron Throne and Lannisters, it is a must to see those Renaissance squares and Romanesque stone gates that create the fortified city walls.

  • The imposing fortress of Fort Lovrijenac just outside Dubrovnik boasts of lofty 12 meters thick walls.

  • Krka National Park and Qarth and Slaver’s Bay have appeared in different woodland scenes along with King’s Landing.


Many interesting sites and locations in Malta were used as the backdrop for Game of Thrones series. Malta’s former capital Mdina, Mdina Bridge and Verdala Palace have appeared in some episodes too.

  • Westeros in the first series. Mdina, Malta’s former capital, provided the setting for King’s Landing, while Mdina Gate, the old city’s main entrance, popped up in episode two. Mdina Bridge, Pjazza Mesquita, and Verdala Palace also made the cut.

  • Fort Manoel was constructed between 1723 and 1755 for the purpose of running an active military establishment. It is used as the Sept of Baelor in Game of Thrones and the most dramatic moments of the show have been shot here.

  • Mdina, the old capital of Malta, is another spot that has been used as a backdrop for the royal capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing. The walled town with fortifications and moats was a perfect fit.

  • Azure Window in Malta is the site for Dothraki’s wedding. Malta’s Azure Window is like a natural arch that had been made thousands of years ago.

  • Fort Manoel served as the Great Sept of Baelor in Season one, and Ned Stark’s execution was held here. The 18th-century military fortification was perfect to depict the religious headquarters of Great Sept of Baelor, King’s Landing.

Northern Ireland

Certain shots of the show are shot amidst a treasure trove of locations outside and near Belfast.

  • Winterfell scenes have been shot at the 14th-century medieval castle in Northern Ireland. The castle served as the initial House Stark headlock in the pilot episode.

  • The Dark Hedges is based on Ballymoney’s beech tree-lined avenue with those knotted branches. The avenue with those intertwined branches functioned as an entrance to the private manor of Stuart family.

  • Co. Down’s Tollymore Forest Park has been used to film most Westeros scenes that take place in the forested areas.

  • The Mourne Mountains can be easily recognised in one of the most famous scenes of the show when Khal Drogo and his new bride, Daenerys, travel east and pass through the shadow of the fictional Mother of Mountains.


Morocco boasts of several unique locations that serve as the perfect backdrop for the fictional world of the program, because of coastal side town with seafront ramparts and fortified walls.

  • The coastal Moroccan town Essaouira is used to portray Astapor, where Daenery travels to free all the enslaved and build an army of trained soldiers.

  • Castle Ward is used as a cameo as the capital of the North. The 18th-century mansion Ward was one of the first locations that the viewers laid eyes on.


Scotland is dotted with medieval castles and fortresses that were very useful in the shooting of Game of Thrones. For example, Doune Castle is no stranger to the on-screen action.

  • Doune Castle in Scotland is famous because of the several Winterfell scenes shot here. The 14th-century medieval castle is famous for Bran’s death-defying fall. One can easily recognise the castle even in the pilot episode.

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Spain boasts of several locations that have appeared in some of the most memorable scenes of the series, for example, in the dramatic Meereen battle scene. These sites served as the backdrop for some fictional cities and their locations as well.

  • The Alcazar in Seville can be seen in season 5 as the Water Gardens of Dorne. One can see glimpses of Alcazar across a couple of episodes, along with its gardens and architecture.

  • It was at the Plaza de Toros Andalusian town of Osuna where hundreds of extras were packed to shoot for the Meereen battle scene.

If you are a die-hard fan of Game of Thrones, plan a trip to the above listed iconic filming locations used in the series. This is a great option for the fans to stay busy when it is off season and visit some of those countries and interesting locations. It is a great way to know more about your favourite fictional characters as you ride around the world to some of these important locations!

Game of Thrones Destinations