9 Authentic Mexican Food Joints in Mumbai That Promise To Please Your Taste Buds

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Beyond the proverbial tacos and tortillas, Mexican cuisine is characterized by robust sauces, fine flavours, a storm of colours, and a dash of Spanish goodness that adds to the drool quotient. In a nutshell, it’s rich, colourful, and flavourful. The native ingredients like black beans, corn, chile pepper, lean meats, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and the oozing cheese added in for extra happiness make Mexican dishes simply irresistible, and we bet you can’t stop after just a bite. Not all Mexican food falls in the fast food or street food category. Mexican entrées can be finger-licking, provided you find the right place to eat.

So let’s take you on a Mexican food trail in Mumbai. Here are 9 food joints that will make your tryst with this cuisine worth talking about.

1. Sammy Sosa

Image source: Sammy Sosa
Located in Oshiwara, Sammy Sosa is as Mexican as it can get. Its orange walls, red and green tables, and a real sombrero (Mexican hat) hanging on the wall makes it resemble just like an authentic Mexican home. And its cuisine is no less authentic. The Chimmichangas , Quesadillas, Loaded Nachos, Southern smoke chicken and Mexi chicken skins are a must try. If you are in doubt, the brothers who run this place will be happy to suggest their bestsellers.

2. Burrito Factory

A small hidden joint in Pali Hill, Bandra West, Burrito Factory, as its name suggests, is a place that has nailed down their burritos. While the place may not score high on ambience, the food more than makes up for it. High on the recommendation list is the seafood burrito with crispy fried and adequately spiced shrimp. The mix grill vegetable burrito is also simply divine. The burrito bowl is also one of their specialties.

3. Quattro Ristorante

Image source: Quattro Ristorante

You may wonder why there’s a good 30 minute wait time at peak hours before you land yourself a seat at a vegetarian Italian and Mexican speciality restaurant. One visit to the Quattro Ristorante at Lower Parel and you’ll forget about missing non-vegetarian food. To begin with, this restaurant dishes out its cuisine based on the principles of molecular gastronomy. While it may seem like a marketing gimmick for some, this place seems to have mastered this art. Almost everything on the menu is delectable. The presentation too is a feast for the eyes. Most recommended on the menu are the Firehouse nachos, burrito bowl, Queso Fonduta Mexicana, Fresh Guacamole, and Chilli Mexicano. The service is warm and the decor plush.

4. Mexican Express

Located in Pali Hill, Bandra, Mexican Express is a vegetarian, vegan special Mexican food joint that offers American Chipotle-style food. Mexican Express does justice to its title as the service is extremely prompt and the Mexican food is cooked to perfection. If you’re on a budget and yet wish to get a taste of authentic Mexican fare, this place is just for you. The decor is inviting and warm and you can even play board games while you munch on the tasty, cheesy tacos! Make sure to try their Churros, Tex Mex Nachos, Nutella Quesadilla, and Mexican Salad too.

5. Taco Bell

Shopping sure can stir up an appetite. So when you next go to Oberoi Mall, R City or Viviana Mall, treat your taste buds to some Mexican Pizza, Layer Chicken Burrito, Crunchy Tacos, Chicken Soft Taco, Chicken Quesadillas, and Crispy Tacos at Taco Bell. Being one of the fastest-growing Mexican food chains in the country, you can expect the food to be authentic.


Image source: RISO

RISO is a vegetarian Italian and Mexican restaurant located at Lower Parel that greets you with its rustic ambience. If you feel overwhelmed and a little confused with the vast choice on their menu, their friendly staff is happy to help you choose what would appeal to you most. The Enchiladas, Quesadillas and Tex Mex sizzlers are most recommended.

7. Spesso Gourmet Kitchen

Image source: Spesso Gourmet Kitchen

The swanky Spesso Gourmet Kitchen at Nariman Point is the place to be for a perfect gourmet experience on a Friday evening. This restaurant offers several Mexican delights to rave about, such as Mayan Enchiladas, Nachos, Jalapeno N Cheese Poppers, 7 layered Mexican Shots, Mexican Quesadillas, and Mariachi Burritos. Besides, their deserts are absolutely sinful and divine. To top it up, their service is prompt. Make sure to book a table in advance in order to avoid the wait.

8. Chili's

Image source: Chili’s

Regarded as one of the best American and Mexican chain of restaurants, Chili’s offers a gastronomic delight for the non-vegetarians in an awesome ambience. Both the Powai and Malad outlets promise the same consistent taste and service as the rest of the country. The vegetarian Fajitas, Crispy seafood trio platter, and Nachos with grilled Chicken are a must-try. If you are a cricket fan, here’s the place you can enjoy a match guzzling beer and moving from one Mexican surprise to another.

9. The Fusion Kitchen

Although the Fusion Kitchen is tucked away in the far suburb of Borivali, it’s not going to make you regret the travel. What strikes you first as you enter, is the different theme on each wall, mostly inspired by classic pop music. The hosts are particularly warm and friendly. What you can’t afford to miss is the Chicken Tikka Nachos, Sizzler with chipotle sauce and the overladen nachos. Make sure you try their sumptuous desserts too.

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