5 tips for surviving a long layover

Everyone loves travelling but the real challenge comes when there is a connecting flight to the destination and you have to spend long hours at the airport. Some flights have a short layover time of 1-2 hours while majority of the international flights, like Delhi to New York, have long waiting hours. At some point of time, everyone has to face a long layover time at the airport, be it because of weather conditions or budget concerns. And, with no idea of how to spend nearly 5-6 hours at the airport, layovers can prove to be really unnerving part of air travel. Layover time cannot be completely avoided no matter how excruciating it is. However, if you plan right, you can make even the longest layovers less boring, apart from squeezing some fun out of it. Below-mentioned are some ways to survive a long layover and make them quite pleasurable:

1) Enjoy the lounge facilities:

If you have some hours to spend at the airport while waiting for your connecting flight, hitting the lounge is one of the best ways to enjoy your time. These days, major airports offer a plethora of facilities like sleeping pods, gyms and spas. Some lounges also offer free drinks and snacks for all the members. So, when you know you have to spend a couple of hours at the airport, don’t forget to do some research in advance about the lounge and the facilities it offers.

2) Check out the airport area:

If you are stuck at a large airport, the layover period is the best time to explore the airport area. For instance, some Delhi to New York flights have a layover time of over 8 hours. During this time, you can check out the shops in the airport area and even purchase souvenirs for your family or friends. Some airports also have coffee shops where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while unwinding in a contemporary atmosphere. This way, you will not only de-stress yourself but also prepare your mind and body for the next part of your journey.

3) Read a book:

Reading a book is definitely one of the best ways to pass time. While you are preparing for your trip, keep a book which you find totally engrossing. In case, you forget to pack the same, you can always head to one of the airport shops and choose a book, which you feel can keep you occupied for some hours.

4) Take a nap:

Long journeys can make you feel stressed and sleepy. So, while you are waiting at the airport, try to catch some sleep. However, if you are sleeping at the airport, you need to be extra careful about your belongings. Hence, it is best to check-in at hotels, which are located in proximity to the airport. Some hotels also offer wake-up call service so you can avail that too. However, enquire about the same at the front desk and inform them about your check-out time in advance.

5) Explore the city:

In case you have long hours to spend at the airport, you can always head out to travel around the city. Many airports also offer free city tours, which can prove to be a wonderful opportunity for exploring altogether a new area. If this isn’t the case, you can always take a cab or public transportation for paying a visit to nearby attractions.

6) Eat your heart out:

Treat yourself to a hearty meal while waiting at the airport during layover time. This is because you might not get to relish a good meal for a long time, so why not utilize that time to enjoy a nice satiating meal.

7) Channel your innate shopaholic :

Many airports have duty-free shops where you can channel your inner shopaholic. You can buy different souvenirs for your friends or family. You can also indulge in window shopping in case you find the stuff on expensive side.

8) Binge watch a new series :

When you know that you would have to spend good amount of time at the airport, it is best to download some movies or a new web series in your phone or laptop beforehand. Moreover, with free Wi-Fi available at the airport, you can always binge-watch your favourite series online.

9) Relax in solitude :

Heading for a vacation is definitely fun but if it involves long travelling hours, the journey can become quite tiring and exhausting. So, while waiting at the airport for the connecting flight to take off, take some rest in solitude. Listen to some soothing music to calm down your mind or close your eyes and simply relax. You can also do some stretching to loosen up your body.

10) Treat your senses :

One of the best ways to spend layover time at an airport is to pamper yourself and treat your senses. Different airports across the globe offer spa services and shower facilities, which can be availed to freshen up for next phase of journey. In case, you don’t find such amenities, you can always wash your face in the restroom or even change your clothes to keep you feeling fresh.

Layovers can undoubtedly be frustrating for one and all. However, if you have done proper planning, it won’t be as arduous as it seems. So, before boarding your next flight that involves long layover hours, go through the above-mentioned tips and get over those layover blues with ease!