10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Mumbai that will Make Non-Vegetarians Drool

Mumbai is undoubtedly a haven for foodies, with restaurants and cafes at every corner. At any given time of the day you can expect to find Mumbaiites crowding at eating joints across the city, and some of the most popular of these serve an exclusively vegetarian fare. While non-vegetarians may cringe at the thought of a date or celebration without meat, we found a few vegetarian eateries that would make most of them drool and forget their regular fare.
Vegetarian food can be mouth-wateringly delicious and incredibly varied and here are ten city restaurants that will certainly satiate any palate.

1. Cream Centre

Cuisine: North Indian, Fast Food, Italian
Area: Chowpatty
Whether it’s a casual lunch, a first date, or celebratory dinner, Cream Centre is the place to head to. As much an icon of Mumbai, as an eatery, Cream Centre is one of Mumbai’s best known restaurants and is popular with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Whether its North Indian, Italian, or fast food that you crave, you can be sure to satisfy your hunger pangs here. Some of the most popular dishes at Cream Centre include its variety of nachos, cheese corn ball, and sizzlers. Their Italian Baked Sizzlers are delectable and vegetarian or not, you will fall in love.
Most frequented for: Family get-togethers and social gatherings
Image Sourced From: http://creamcentre.com/

2. Burma Burma

Cuisine: Asian, Burmese
Area: Fort
As the name suggests, Burma Burma is an eatery that specializes in Burmese food. Traditional Burmese cuisine is predominantly non-vegetarian, but if you were to sample the goodies here, you wouldn’t know better. With its tasteful interiors and chic non-alcoholic bar, Burma Burma will certainly reel you in. The fare includes traditional Burmese dishes, prepared with pure vegetarian ingredients. When you do drop in here, make it a point to try out their steamed buns, ginger salad, Khao Suey coconut curry with noodles, Kowni Mow, and lots more. It’s highly unlikely that anything they serve will be unoriginal or unappetizing.
Most frequented for: Dates, anniversaries and refined celebrations
Image Sourced From: http://burmaburma.in/location/

3. SpiceKlub

Cuisine: Indian, Pakistani
Area: Lower Parel
SpiceKlub is a delight for any foodie, as the chefs here transform dishes that are otherwise presented in a bland and insipid style into a real culinary art form. From street-food like Pani Puri and Dhoklas to main courses like Koftas and Pulao, you will be pleasantly surprised with the innovative presentation and the fabulous taste of foods you have probably devoured a million times before. If you have folks visiting from overseas, this is actually the perfect place for them to sample Mumbai’s street-food, without having to worry about the level of hygiene.
Most frequented for: Casual or business meetings, whether lunch or dinner
Image Sourced From: http://spiceklub.com/gallery

4. Oven Fresh

Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Desserts
Area: Dadar Shivaji Park
At first sight, Oven Fresh may seem like just another bakery, but it’s not your typical patisserie. Cozy and inviting, Oven Fresh is tucked in a small lane near Shivaji Park. It is a bakery and a restaurant, so in addition to your standard bakery foods that include patties and croissants you can also look forward to a whole range of Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean dishes. Some of the most popular foods at Oven Fresh include their cheese balls, quesadillas, cottage cheese steak, and lots more. Their baked foods are out of this world and while you’re here make it a point to try out their burgers and pizzas.
Most frequented for: Cozy breakfasts for two, but equally inviting to friends who want to relax and catch up
Image Sourced From: https://www.facebook.com/OvenFresh1993/

5. Guru Kripa

Cuisine: South Indian, Street Food
Area: Sion
Just next to Sion station, Guru Kripa seem like yet another food joint, but its inconspicuous exteriors belie the fact that it is one of the most iconic restaurants of the region. Guru Kripa doesn’t just draw hungry travelers passing through Sion’s busy station; it actually attracts foodies from far and wide. Always brimming with customers, you could have a hard time finding a place to sit, but it will certainly be worth the effort. Most famous for its chole samosas, the restaurant specializes in South Indian and street-food. If you are squeamish about eating from roadside vendors, but crave samosas, vadas, bhel or sev puri, this is the place that you should visit. While you’re there, don’t forget to try out their sweet lassi and gulab jamuns.
Most frequented for: Anyone looking for a good meal or a quick bite, without any added frills

6. Cafe Madras

Cuisine: South Indian
Area: Matunga East
Categorized as one of Mumbai’s legendary restaurants, Café Madras truly has a legacy to boast of. The restaurant celebrated its 75th anniversary last year much to the delight of its regulars. Yes, the restaurant practically has a cult following in the city. Renowned for its authentic South Indian cuisine Café Madras is one restaurant that you just have to visit, at least once, to call yourself a true Mumbaikar. Try out their butter idlis, medu vadas, rasam, upma podi, neer dosas, and more, but be warned that they won’t taste quite as good anywhere else, once you’ve tried them at Café Madras.
Most frequented for: Great South Indian food and the experience of one of Mumbai’s historic restaurants
Image Sourced From: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-Madras-103823548698/

7. The Good Food Co.

Cuisine: Fast Food
Area: Vile Parle East
Good quality fine dining restaurants that cater to vegetarians are hard to come by in the northern suburbs of Mumbai, The Good Food Co. certainly stands out. Conveniently located just next to Vile Parle station, the eatery has already earned quite a following and is always packed during the day-time, with college students and youngsters. With its elegant and relaxing, French café ambience, this is the perfect place to unwind with some ‘good food’. The Good Food Co. specializes in fast food and they certainly know how to make mean veg burgers and pizzas. They also have a variety of salads and pastas if you’re looking for something more substantial.
Most frequented for: Fast food and snacks throughout the day, or breakfast and dinner if you must avoid the crowd of students
Image Sourced From: http://www.thegoodfoodco.in

8. Sirocco

Cuisine: Italian
Area: Versova
Sirocco is one of the trendiest new eateries in the western suburbs and its one of those joints where a non-vegetarian will either forget that he’s non-vegetarian or that the food is exclusively vegetarian. Despite the crowd that swarms the place, the service is exceptional and the management certainly knows how to provide quality service. The restaurant has a sophisticated, yet lively ambience – something that is normally pretty hard to come by. With a live kitchen, swings, massage service, board games, and more, you’re sure to be entertained. Sirocco serves Italian cuisine and some of the notable delicacies include the falafels, stuffed mushrooms, and paneer steak. Naturally, no Italian meal is complete without pizza, pasta, and salads, and you won’t be disappointed with your pickings here.
Most frequented for: Up-scale parties, dates, or hanging out with friends
Image Sourced From: https://www.facebook.com/SiroccoVersova/photos_stream?ref=page_internal

9. High On Tea

Cuisine: Cafe
Area: Kandivali East
Type: Casual/Fine Dining/ Local
There aren’t too many cafes this far north in Mumbai that are worth a mention, but what the northern suburbs may lack in quantity they certainly make up for in quality. High On Tea is a café in Kandivli’s bustling Thakur Village and it has already built quite a reputation among the inhabitants of the sprawling suburb. Its minimalist décor, roadside tables, and indoor seating in what seems like an attic, lends it a quaint old-world charm. If you find yourself in the suburbs, this is the place to drop into for some beagles and waffles. What’s most attractive about High On Tea is their wide range of tea, cozy atmosphere, and small library, making it perfect, even for loners.
Most frequented for: Breakfast and tea, or light nibbles and peace and quiet during the day
Image Sourced From: https://www.facebook.com/High-On-Tea-527233900751929/

10. Breeze Lounge

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean
Area: Powai
Type: Casual/Fine Dining/ Local
Breeze Lounge is one of the best destinations for vegetarians, as well as for non-vegetarians looking to widen their palate. With their wide range of Italian and Mediterranean food, you will find yourself salivating at the sight of their servings, soon to be pleasantly satiated. Their BBQ Skewers, Mediterranean Platter, Bruschetta Con Fungi, and Quesadillas are out of this world, but there is a lot more on the menu that is worth a try. As if the good food and drink weren’t enough, the ambience of the place is unbeatable. Aptly named ‘Breeze’, this restaurant is on a rooftop in Powai, with gorgeous views of the Powai Lake, Hiranandani Gardens, and the city skyline. What more could you ask for?
Most frequented for: Dates, anniversaries, celebrations, or hanging out with friends
Image Sourced From: https://www.facebook.com/BreezePowai/photos_stream

Few countries in the world have as strong an association and as long a relationship with vegetarianism as India. Despite globalization and modernization vegetarianism hasn’t declined, but has instead embraced world-cuisine, becoming truly international. No matter what type of cuisine you crave, you can be sure to find a vegetarian joint in the city that serves it in style. Visit any of these restaurants with your non-vegetarian friends and you can be sure that they will have no qualms about attending another vegetarian get-together.