10 Personalized Gift Ideas for Someone Special

They say money can buy anything and it sure is easy to go to the nearest mall and spend on a lavish gift. Memories, though, are priceless and gifts that evoke happy feelings, invaluable. If you’re someone who likes to gift your loved ones without any occasion, just to see the smile on their faces, we have got you covered. Here is a roundup of ten personalized gifts that will make sure your special someone will carry a part of you at all times.

1. Create a Scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook is the mother of all personalized gifts! Chronicling your loved one’s life or just the moments the two of you have shared together in the pages of a book makes for a pleasant gift. There’s a world of art and craft you can do to make the book creative and interesting themes you can work on. Sign up for these paper quilling and 3D punch craft activities to learn cool ideas for your scrapbooking.

2. Design a Cool Comic Book

Not only is designing a comic book a great idea for a gift but also a fun way to tell your special someone what they mean to you. You can use an online software or simple hand sketching to make mock versions of yourself and your friend and relive happy moments through little conversation blurbs just like in Archie comics! This gift is sure to bring a smile (and maybe a few laughs) on your special someone’s face for a long, long time.

3. Make an attractive personalized card

Making an attractive personalized card solves one big problem: you escape the issue of an impersonal, store-bought, mass-produced card. All these years, when we sent our loved ones greeting cards, it just felt like we were using someone else’s words and thoughts to communicate. It doesn’t mean you have to be a pro at art and craft to make a beautiful card. It’s the thought that counts and just the fact that you went ahead and made something to communicate emotions that are personal will make your special someone truly feel loved.

4. Get Them a Photo clock

The idea of getting a photo clock for your loved one will ensure they think of you at all times! You can be creative on this in two ways: first is, you can start with your first picture together at ‘12’ and subsequently, end with your latest pictures together at ‘11’ and second, go with their baby picture at ‘12’ and a latest picture at ‘11’. This gift is an interesting way to show your special someone that your bond has gotten stronger with time and will continue to do so!

5. Gift a Coupon booklet

Gifting a cool coupon booklet to your special someone helps them to redeem its benefits whenever they feel like it and on something of their choice! Either you can make it personalized by designing it yourself for gifts they can redeem from you at regular intervals or by getting them one from their favorite store – it’ll literally feel like they have a treasure chest that they can open whenever the feel like!

6. Create a collage frame

Creating a collage of your wonderful memories together makes for a lovely gift that your special someone can cherish for years. It can be framed and put up on the wall of their bedroom or office as a reminder of the special bond that you’ll share. You can also contact your loved one’s relatives and friends to get never-seen-before photographs of their good times together – this will definitely catch them by surprise!

7. Honour them with a certificate

Honoring your loved one with a certificate of excellence for all that they are to you is a novel idea for a gift. Every one of us likes to be acknowledged and thanked and what better way to show gratitude to your loved one by giving them the title of the ‘best inset-apt-title-here’. It is also something amazing to be put up on their wall and makes for a great story later on!

8. Customise a picture pillow

Doesn’t the idea of a customised pillow give comfort? You can get a lovely message or photo collage designed on it. Who knows? Thanks to your gift, they’ll probably dream about you, too!

9. Gift them a Mobile cover

Giving a mobile cover as a gift to your loved one is not only a cool idea but also very handy and helpful. Everyone uses mobiles these days and almost everyone uses a cover. So why not gift something that also has great utility value apart and isn’t just a pretty picture? You can get these made in cloth or metal, hand paint them, design them using a graphics software or simply stitch it, whatever you do, it is sure to bring a smile on the face of your special someone!

10. Gift a Laptop skin to your busy friend

Gift a laptop cover to that one friend of yours who spends more time at the office than anywhere else! Anytime they cancel a plan with you for work, they will always remember you because of the lovely gift and who knows, they may actually have a change of heart and join in for that much-needed reunion!

No matter what gift you give your special someone, remember that it needn’t be a work of art or some professional piece of design. For gifts, it is the thought and emotions behind them, especially if they are personalized for someone you love. Go ahead and try any of these options and you’ll know what we mean when we say that they’ll bring a special smile on the face of your loved one! Doesn’t the idea of a customised pillow give comfort? Literally! You can get a lovely message or photo collage designed on it. Who knows? Thanks to your gift, they’ll probably dream about you, too!