10 Holiday Destinations for Families from New Delhi

Winter holidays are around the corner and it sure is the season to be jolly! The weather in North India is nothing short of charming, there are jingle bells all around, and you cannot possibly be at home during this time. Of course, winter is just an excuse, the real reason being quality family time spent away from the monotony of the city. After all, mummies and daddies need a break just as much as the kids do!

Here is a list of 10 quick getaways from New Delhi that are perfect for family vacations. PS: They aren’t too far just in case you land up in a Home Alone situation!

Enjoy Folk Dances And Desert Safaris At Jaisalmer

Embarking on a desert safari spells the perfect adventure for kids, just as enjoying folk dances does for adults. Wait, the reverse also holds true; which adult wouldn’t want to explore the dunes of the sprawling Thar Desert, and which kid wouldn’t enjoy a colorful puppet show that tells fantastical folk tales?
The desert city of Jaisalmer is the perfect family getaway destination that will leave the entire family enthralled. Do make some time to explore the grand Jaisalmer Fort, and hire a guide to tell the kids stories of Maharaja Jaisal’s unmatched valor! Book resorts in Jaisalmer!

Paraglide Above Manali’s Snowy Landscape

Paragliding has been one of the star attractions of Manali for some time now. In the winter, a dense carpet of snow covers most of this hill station’s terrain, resulting in remarkable vistas. Here, adults and children can experience the amazing feeling of gliding like a bird over the Himalayas. The feeling is akin to flying over the Swiss Alps, except that you aren’t very far from New Delhi.
As a bonus, visit Manali Market and Hadimba Temple, if you have any time to spare after all the flying, that is! Book hotels in Manali!

Bathe In Hot Springs At Vashisht Village

You have the pleasure of not only relaxing while bathing in the hot springs of Vashisht Village, but also enjoying a gorgeous view of the River Beas flowing below. Located just 2 km from Manali, this quiet hamlet is a peaceful haven for Indian and foreign tourists.
The village’s Hot Bath Complex houses the main hot springs, which are known to possess medicinal properties. There are separate sections for men and women. After your bath, you can head to the village’s sandstone temples to thank the Almighty for blessing you with this restful family time. Get hotels in Vashisht Village!

Take The Ropeway And Ski At Auli

Take the ropeway and go skiing at Auli, which literally translates to ‘a meadow’ in the Himalayan Garhwali language. It is located at a height of roughly 10,000 ft. above sea level. During the winter, it welcomes spectacular, snowy scenery.
The world’s highest man-made lake is located in Auli and it helps to maintain snow levels in winter. This ensures that adventure enthusiasts can revel in the smooth ski slopes here. If this isn’t enough, the Kuari Pass trek is also something you can embark on as a family, to feel a glorious sense of achievement together. Get hotels in Auli!

Watch Migratory Birds At Keoladeo National Park

Watching migratory birds at Keoladeo National Park is a truly fascinating experience. Come winter, about 364 aquatic bird species from Siberia, China, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan make this Rajasthan park their home for the season. No wonder then, that it finds a place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
If you are passionate about photography, it is about time you initiated your kids into the art; and there is no better way to do it than with a photoshoot amidst wildlife! Book hotels near Keoladeo National Park!

Spot Tigers At Ranthambore

Spotting tigers is no easy feat. The jungle resorts in Rajasthan’s Ranthambore bear the mark of one of the largest cat species in the world. Here, the sun rises late, providing you with extra time that you can spend lounging in bed. Follow this snooze by wearing your boots and hats for an exciting jungle safari!
Once you’re done with the jungle safari, you can also visit spots like Bakauli, which is a naturally air-conditioned area, the ruins of Raj Bagh, and the enthralling Ranthambore Fort. These will keep you busy until it is time for the next safari, of course! Book hotels in Ranthambore!

Learn Tibetan Customs At McLeod Ganj

Learning Tibetan customs at McLeod Ganj with the family is going to be one of the most off-beat holiday experiences you will have. This Himachal hill station’s landscape is dotted with Buddhist architecture. Tsuglagkhang is the location of the Dalai Lama’s residence, which also houses the magnificent Namgyal Monastery where you can offer your prayers.
Learn about Tibetan pottery, handicrafts, and paintings at the Tibetan Museum. Marvel at the design of the Norbulingka Institute, which is the hub for learning Tibetan arts and crafts. When here, maybe you can even make a souvenir together that will serve as a memento of your family vacation in McLeod Ganj! Get hotels in McLeod Ganj!

Visit The Taj Mahal

Visiting the Taj Mahal is an essential experience everyone must do as a tourist. It would be considered criminal to have lived in India and not visited it at least once! Agra is easily accessible from New Delhi, being just a three-hour drive away.
After hearing about the love that Emperor Shah Jahan had for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, you will realize that there are few things in this world that are more important than family. Let that thought sink in as you pose for some crazy photographs together against the backdrop of this architectural marvel! You can also Find best accomodations near Taj Mahal!

Watch The Ganga Aarti At Rishikesh

Watching the Ganga aarti in Rishikesh is the one time that you will be excited to participate in a religious event on a holiday. It occurs every evening at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram. The beauty of this ceremony is that the proceedings are mostly conducted by little children who learn Veda scriptures at the Ashram, sing bhajans, and offer prayers here.
For a family that wants peace, this is the place to be. The fact that you are resting in the company of the mighty Ganges is a bonus. Get guest houses in Rishikesh!

Deep Dive Into History Books At Gwalior

Walk down history with a trip to Gwalior. When here, you can witness the region’s antiquity come to life, which ensures that neither kids nor parents feel even an ounce of boredom. The Gwalior Fort’s complex consists of the Gurjari Mahal and Man Mandir. There is also an archaeological museum in the vicinity for those members of the family that like to go beyond guidebooks.
Interestingly, it is also believed that a tiny temple in the compound is the home of the oldest recorded use of ‘zero’. This proves that there is a lot more history here; the kind that goes beyond rajas and maharanis! Book Heritage hotels in Gwalior!

Each holiday destination is in proximity to New Delhi. However, on reaching these locales, you will feel like you are in a world far, far way. You will feel like you have not only visited some exotic sites and had enriching experiences but also done it at a relatively low cost. The idea is to have a smashing holiday together as a family and, when the company is this good, a fascinating destination is just an added benefit, right?