10 Best Spanish experiences for couples

It’s young, colourful and hip—whether it’s a honeymoon or just a trip-for-two, Spain has plenty on offer for young couples

1. Explore Barcelona’s churches

Among all the beautiful cities of Spain, Barcelona stands out thanks to its magnificent churches and cathedrals. From 14th-century relics to present-day marvels, the city has it all. Walk through the Catalan-Gothic wonder that is the Santa Maria Del Mar or check out the varied gargoyles of the Holy Cross and St. Eulaila churches. Needless to say, the big drawing is the La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will finally be complete in 2028. Since this place has lots worth experiencing and exploring, you may surf the list of Barcelona Hotels and opt for a cosy and comfortable stay that offers ample time and energy to explore the place.

2. Pedal your way through Spain’s finest countryside

If you are a couple that can take some exercise in your stride, explore the magnificent Andalucia from the seat of a bicycle. The 11-day journey, complete with accommodation, food and wine, begins in Seville, and threads its way through the culture-rich towns of Granada, Cordoba, Alhambra and charming little villages like Montecorto and Ronda that ring with music, colour and flamenco. This trip is a vacation by itself. If you wish to camp in between to stay rejuvenated, check out the list of Granada Hotels. You are sure to find a cosy room for a couple here.

3. Discover the passion of Spanish dance

At the heart of Spanish celebrations is the gorgeously passionate flamenco and, without a doubt, Madrid is the best place to experience it. Check out the Festival de Flamenco Caja Madrid (in February) or the San Isidro Fiesta (in May), both of which are colourful, foot-tapping blasts of celebration. When in Madrid, also check out the regular performances at Casa Patas and the Corral de la Pacheca, charming and vibrant dives dedicated to flamenco. Book a comfy stay in the midst of February in Madrid after you explore the expansive list of Madrid Hotels. Go for a hotel that allows proximity to all the festivities.

4. For a dose of history with a dash of activity

Spain’s unique ‘Grand Canyon’ is not to be missed. Rent a car and head out to Ronda, passing some of the most magnificent views of the Spanish country, until you get to the mighty cliffs of El Tajo gorge plunging 400ft, slicing the town of Ronda into two, La Ciudad, the ancient Moorish town and El Mercadillo, its relatively modern 15th-century counterpart, both of which are linked by an enormous 200-year-old, triple-arched bridge. The view of the Roman ruins from here is breathtaking. If you are not satisfied just viewing the place, why not check out the list of Ronda Hotels and plan your stay in a comfortable and affordable hotel.

5. Drink your way through Spain

Spain has over 5,500 vineyards, most of which are up north in the autonomous region of La Rioja. Take time off and tour through Spanish wine-country; try a new vineyard each day, or for each meal, and have a tipple of their famous Tempranillo grape along with the best Riojan food under that great big Spanish sky. If you don’t wish to explore on your own, take an exclusive gourmet wine tour that includes grape crushing and wine tasting. Surf the La Rioja Hotel List and pick the best for your vacation stay.

6. Hit the coast with the most

The coastal town of Calpe, near Alicante, in the sun-kissed region of Costa Blanca, is a must-see for couples. If you are adventurous, try climbing the Penon de Ifach Rock—a unique, geological wonder that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding coast. Else, just bum your way through the countless cafes and restaurants on the gorgeous beach. For a dose of culture, check out the medieval churches and the ancient Roman ruins in the area.

7. Party, Seville style

In a nation of party-nuts, nobody does it harder than at the Seville Fair, seven days of sheer nonstop 24×7 hedonism. Amidst the jasmine-scented air, Seville comes alive in spring, in the Los Remedios section, with eating, drinking and dancing. Try and get invited into the casetas (canvas tents) for some up-close live experience of Sevillanas, the folk music of Seville. If you can, take a few lessons in the local dance so you can participate in the madness. So it is wise to pick from the Seville Hotel List a stay that fits your budget and needs. Be willing to stay a little longer and be a part of the madness.

8. The hedonist’s Mecca

The undisputed party capital, Ibiza refuses to be dethroned even after all these years. Chill at its beach bars, soak up the sun, and then go flaunt your tan and dance moves at one of the seven main clubs every night for a week. If EDM is not your scene, hit the music bars all around the island for the best indie and mainstream acts. A new trend is boat parties, so don’t leave until you have experienced at least one of these floating dance-floors.

9. The one-stop for a dose of Spanish-Moorish history

This is simply the most magnificent, and the most romantic piece of architecture in Spain and probably in the entire western world. The fort-city is set against the backdrop of the snowcapped Sierra Madre mountains. When the Spanish sun sets behind the crimson walls of this magnificent medieval city, it lights them up with a golden hue. Take a walking tour of Alhambra to appreciate the romance and history behind this fortress, palace and city, all rolled into one.

10. Learn of Spain’s culture through its food

Walking the streets of the charming and pulsating Barcelona, and hopping across its many tapas bars has to be one of the nicest culinary experiences in Europe. You will be guided through the frenetic Las Ramblas, the aromatic food market of La Boqueria, with live seafood and the best cheeses and meats on display, and end at the Gothic Quarter where you will learn about the gastronomic history of Spain in a medieval atmosphere.

Insider Tips:

The authentic flamenco performances start only after midnight. The atmosphere is spirited, drunk and lively, so leave the kids back at the hotel.