10 Activities to Try with Your Kids in Mumbai

Urban parents are constantly faced with one challenge – effective ways to entertain kids without help from technology and consumerism. There’s an urgency to break away from the shackles of video games, TV and shopping – all of which are slowly siphoning off the creativity of our young ones. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean pushing them to the extremes of Olympic-level sports-training camps or scientific research classes to make them the next Einstein or Edison. What is needed is a middle ground: some fun with learning, light banter and letting loose. Here are some cool activities to indulge in with your kids this summer.

1. Fun with foam

The best part about this activity is that there are no rights and wrongs. Art is subjective so let your kids go ahead and express themselves! All you need is colored foam, glue and scissors, all of which may be bought from local stationery stores. As motivation, tell your kids that their most favorite designs will be framed and put up on the walls in their room. Parents, take heart, there is one more amazing feature about foam art: almost zero cleaning up after! No paint stains!

2. Spy treasure hunt

What’s better than taking your kids to a multiplex to watch the latest Sherlock movie? Answer: literally putting them in the detective”s shoes (and mind!)! Get hold of telescopes, binoculars and compasses and embark on an adventure this weekend. What’s amazing is that, as exciting as it is to go on a spy treasure hunt, planning it comes with its own share of fun – so parents, get your thinking caps out! Thematic crime games is where crime is legal. Get down the lane and head out to No Escape: Think-Solve-Breakout, a classic crime game center for little budding detectives.

3. Sunday at the Farmer’s Market

A mundane exercise like buying groceries and vegetables can be livened up by a fun Sunday at the Farmer’s Market. Take it a notch higher by deciding the dinner menu with your kids in advance and have them pick out each of the ingredients. It’s a beautiful way to introduce children to a whole new world of sights and smells. And what’s more: you’re preparing your kids for adult life with all that haggling and bargaining, right? Let this sunday be different and productive, get connected with Reality Tours & Travel for a special market tour in mumbai.

4. Book-hunting at Flora Fountain

There are many secrets to be found within the pages of a book. Flora Fountain is probably the largest unofficial library in Mumbai, with books in multiple languages on a variety of topics. Inculcate the reading habit in your kids by making regular trips to this street, give them two or three weeks to finish a book and return it only to get something new the next time! Parents, this actually has increased return on investment and is also the only activity that’s going to reap extended benefits long after the trip!

5. Watch a play together

Plays definitely display more nuance and skill than films do. This is because it’s all live and there’s no space for retakes. Nowadays, there are a lot of plays being performed for kids. These range from fairytale and fantasy to adventure and comedy. A plus point: there are plenty of opportunities for meet-and-greet and photographs with performers after the show, unlike films where one must only make do with popcorn! Go traditional, contact MOS Utility Private Limited and see your stars performing closely, a thrill in itself. Book Now.

6. Make personalized books using marble art

This one’s for all the dads out there. Make shaving cream a bonding agent. Give your kids a stick each and call it the ‘art wand’. Give them different colors of paint and lay before them a canvas of white shaving cream. Watch how they unfurl magic with their wands. This artwork could be used as covers for their very own personalized diaries – for them to write their thoughts in every day!

7. Plan a trip to Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP)

This is a true-blue classic – plan a play date for your kid with the king of the jungle and his furry friends. SGNP is a gift to Mumbai city – it is home to the Kanheri caves, cycling trails and restful picnicking spots. Cleartrip also offers a fascinating lion and tiger safari! With so many options to choose from, it really is a treasure-trove of activity. Enhance the experience by organizing a nature trail and have your kids collect leaves, twigs and flowers that they can place in between their books and use for craft later on. Enjoy a close encounter with nature and wildlife, experience it at Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai.

8. Exercise together on the beach

Not only is exercising together a great way to bond, but also an effective way to stay fit. Kids these days, much like adults, are spending the greater part of their time being sedentary. Take a break from the confines of your home and office and go running with your kids on the beach. If running is not your thing, play football or volleyball and then cool off in the water. The beach also provides ample opportunities for a hearty breakfast afterward.

9. Join the Mumbai Wall Project

This project is credited with giving a new lease of life to Mumbai’s streets by overhauling what could otherwise be termed as drab urbanscape. Get your kids involved. Bring along some color and sign up to paint the city red (and all other colors as well). This is one time when getting paint on the walls will be appreciated.

10. Ziplining

Let your kids pretend that they’re in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, except that, they’re right in the city. Sign up on Cleartrip for zip lining with your kids, zoom over the cityscape and let your child feel like Tarzan (or Jane).

When you actually think about it, there are plenty of activities that you can indulge in with your kids. Sure, taking them for a movie or buying them a new video game is easy but with just a little more effort, you can introduce them to a whole new world of fun – the kind memories are made of.