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The Pearl Hotel

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The Pearl Hotel has a classic yet contemporary style with an added exotic touch. Discerning travelers, tourists or business, will appreciate the hassle-free comfort that hotel

3 star

OYO Premium Salt Lake Stadium

Map : Salt Lake City

OYO Premium Salt Lake Stadium welcomes you to experience a whole new way to get familiar with quality, comfort, and safety without shelling out riches.The nearest transportation link is Salt Lake

3 star

OYO Rooms Salt Lake Nicco Park

Map : Salt Lake City

OYO Rooms Salt Lake Nicco Park offers a home away from home experience making it the perfect choice for business as well as leisure travellers.

3 star

Golden Tulip Kolkata

Map : Salt Lake City

Golden Tulip Kolkata is a luxurious property pampering guests at its best. Multi-cuisine restaurant, vibrant looking bar and spacious guest room provides unforgettable staying pleasure.

4 star

Enjoy the Cultural Delights

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is synonymous with cultural flamboyance. Like most other cities in India, it is a treasure-trove of multiplicities. Its many facets include history, music, arts, religion, and a legacy of intellect. Yet, unlike the usually fast-paced, metropolitan cities in India, Kolkata charms you with its relaxed attitude. The erstwhile capital of British India, it is renowned for its elegant colonial- era architecture that casts a nostalgic air over the city. In recent years, much like the rest of the country, Kolkata has embraced modernity and has now become a haven for business travelers from across the world.

Whether you visit for leisure or for work, Kolkata certainly proves to be a marvelous destination. One of the essential aspects of a great travel experience, however, is your accommodation. In Kolkata, you can choose from a wide range of accommodation alternatives to suit your preferences. For those on a business trip, the numerous 5-star luxury hotels are ideal. Facilities such as business centers, high-speed internet, and conference rooms are especially useful. You can relax after a tiring day with excellent recreational facilities that include lounges, spas, and swimming pools, among others.

As a family, if you wish for a more affordable alternative, you can stay at one of the city's many local inns and guesthouses. A large number of options are also available in mid-range and budget accommodation.

The Kolkata city center, Park Street, and Mother House locales are some of the popular, as well as convenient areas for finding accommodation in the city. You can book your stay in advance with Cleartrip's pay@hotel feature and pay directly at the time of check-in.

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