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INDeco Hotels Swamimalai

Map : Agraharam

INDeco Hotels Swamimalai, Chennai is a unique heritage establishment which has an entire village thoughtfully converted into a hotel. It is a beautiful blend of aesthetics, nature, leisure and

2 star

Hotel Alagu Swamimalai

Map : Agraharam

Swamimalai is about 7 kms from kumbakonam on the river bank of cauvery leading to Thiruvaiyar.Swamimalai is well connected to road and rail. Swamimalai Hotel alagu is situated infront of Swamimalai

1 star

Hotel Namaskar

Map : Agraharam

Hotel Namaskar is the only Hotel is situated at foot steps(30 feets) of Swamimalai Swaminathar temple. A holistic view from both the reception and terrace gives the Pleasure of Swaminathar

1 star

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