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Matheran Hotels

Sun, 16 May - Mon, 17 May | 1 Room, 2 Guest

Adamo Resort

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4.0 344 reviews


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3.5 105 reviews
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Usha Ascot

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  • Usha Ascot

    Next to Police Station
  • 6372
    + Taxes 972
3.5 283 reviews

Horseland Hotel And Mountain Spa

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3.5 389 reviews

Adamo The Village

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4.0 271 reviews

Westend Hotel

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4.0 639 reviews
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The Byke Heritage

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3.5 283 reviews
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Rangoli Retreat

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3.5 151 reviews
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Hotel Paramount

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3.5 191 reviews

Cecil Hotel

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3.5 98 reviews

Springwoods Heritage

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3.5 32 reviews

Hotel Kumar Plaza

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4.5 667 reviews
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Wayside Inn

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3.0 42 reviews
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Anand Ritz

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  • Anand Ritz

    Next to Police Station
  • 4720
    + Taxes 720
2.0 109 reviews

Regal Hotel

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4.0 233 reviews

Gujarat Bhavan Hotel

4.0 210 reviews

Radha Cottage

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4.5 177 reviews

Roshan Residency

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3.5 11 reviews

Premdeep Hotel

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4.0 59 reviews

Parkview Hotel

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3.0 12 reviews
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Hotels in Matheran


Some places steal your heart for their distinctive pull. Matheran is one of those places that you would never want to leave. With more than one distinctive feature, this place becomes the abode of thousands of visitors during the holiday season. Matheran is a plateau with a dense forest around it. This hill station is above 803m above the sea level and enjoys pleasant weather in the day. The temperature drops in the night due to dense forest in the region and many water bodies too.


Families and friends from Mumbai often pay a visit to this place for rejuvenation and a better lifestyle. One of the very distinctive features of this place is the fact that no motor vehicles are allowed in this region. Even when you travel to Matheran, you are not allowed to travel by a vehicle that requires a motor. Doesn't that sound out of world?


So visit this out of the world city, and you will easily find hotels in Matheran to match your needs. Hotels of Matheran provide all what a guest needs for a comfortable stay. There are various ways to relax in Matheran. You can also find good hotels in Matheran with swimming pool.


Places to Visit in Matheran


  1. Panorama Point: This is an archetypal and soulful place to enjoy with family. As philanthropist, you will love to engage yourself in comprehending how the day breaks and the sun sets as it is here that you can view the most vibrant hues of the sunset. Your eyes would want to see much more and you may come back the next day!


  1. Louisa Point: An interest in history will make you come to this point. It is here that you can witness the remains of Prabal and Vishalgad Fort. It is needless to say that even if you are not interested in history, you must pay a visit to enjoy the surroundings. Close to this point, a visit to Lion's head can also be made.  Near this point also, hotels in Matheran will be available as per your needs.


  1. Monkey Point: Apart from the scenery and the lovely mountains, you will be intimidated with the numerous species of monkeys and langurs that can be seen here. Overlooking this point are the deep gorges. Besides getting informed about the way gangs of monkeys behave, you will also get a chance to know about local vegetation, flowers and the mesmerizing sun set. If you are inspired by the Bollywood movies, shout your name and hear it echo! 


  1. Charlottee Lake: In close proximity to the Luisa point, Sharlott lake is a beautiful place for relaxing in the midst of nature hearing the sounds of birds and water around you. This lake is the seamless way of providing drinking water to the city. During the monsoon, this lake forms a natural waterfall that is a delight to behold. It is at a walking distance from the market making your commute an easy one. Also, you get hotels in Matheran at reasonable rates in this area.


  1. Porcupine Point: Wish to see how Prabalgad fort looks from a reasonable distance? Then you must visit this point and get a good look of the massive fort. Also, don't let your shopping instinct go in vain as you will get good options here. And, while on your way back, take a look at the scenic view and enjoy the most undisputed nature.


  1. Echo point: Feel the reverberations from this scenic and photogenic point where you can hear anything more than once. The mountains are so massive that they do not allow your voice to go anywhere and as a result it reflects back. Making your holiday a memorable one as you choose hotels in Matheran for couples, you may choose this place for couple activities. The natural beauty here is untouched and has been like this forever.


  1. Honeymoon hill: When the British ruled India, they spent their romantic days in Matheran. Even the Parsis came here for their honeymoon and as a result this place is now called the honeymoon hill. But if you are with family, then also you may choose hotels in Matheran for family in this area and enjoy the scenic beauty that perhaps every nook and corer of this place is full of. 


  1. Alexander Point: A peaceful place in the lap of nature is where Matheran is. Alexander point is a common place to visit as it is surrounded by hotels in Matheran. Hotels of Matheran are well located in this region as this bears close proximity to many other sightseeing points. Not just sightseeing, the cool breeze is what that follows you everywhere. Visit and enjoy!


  1. Hart Point: Something that connects to the heart is close to the heart. This place is called Hart point for this very reason as it is shaped as a heart. It is not just a reflection of your beautiful feelings, but also something that becomes close to your heart only because of its soothing and calm surroundings. Enjoy your vacation in the heartfelt place.


  1. Little Chowk Point: Just a look and you will lose your heart; this is the effect of this beguiling place. It just provides you serenity and calmness when you pay a visit here. From here you can enjoy watching the other popular sightseeing points and scenic views that will mesmerise you. Behold your view and come back for more whenever you visit Matheran.


Things to do in Matheran

Matheran is known for natural beauty, and many adventurous activities can also be enjoyed here. This keeps the tourists active. To enjoy the things to do and sightseeing, you must stay here for at least 2-4 days. You can easily find decent hotels in Matheran, in fact some hotels of Matheran also have swimming and gym facility. You will get details of hotels in Matheran with price easily using the price filter on Cleartrip.


Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy here.


  1. Visit to the Dodhani Waterfalls: Waterfall rappelling is a common activity here as you experience thrill. You may try this even if it your first time as it is safe and well-equipped with strong harness and other equipment which are requisites for your safety. This is one of its kind experience and cannot be missed when in Matheran. This will make you feel like you are a speck amidst the majestic waters and how it makes you move as per its own discretion.


  1. Explore the Chanderi Caves: Trekking is the new way to test your stamina. So test it in Matheran that is nature's galore. This cave extends to 800 metres and is located on the way to Karjat to Badlapur. This is perfect for nature lovers as it takes you to the top. You may appreciate the view from the top and enjoy the wonderful landscape that surrounds these caves.


  1. Trekking to Kalavantin Pinnacle Trek: Seeking admission into the school of nature, you just need to learn trekking. In Matheran trekking to this point is something away from the worldly requirements and you feel close to the supreme power. Located between Matheran and Panvel it is situated 2300 metres and is a perfect location to explore what is bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.


  1. A day trek to the Irshalgad Fort: If you are planning for a day trek here, you may seek hotels in Matheran for one day stay. You will be allured with the greens here and a wonderful look from the top after the trek is over. Discover the nature during this trek and enjoy every minute of your trek to the top.  You can plan this trek quite affordably.


  1. Enjoy the scenic views of the Sahyadri range: Witness the range from the Chow Point and understand what all nature can create. Natural wonders are majestic and do not have any particular shape. As the citizens of the country we must preserve this and enjoy the nature. From this point. you can enjoy the view of the Panvel city and picturesque view of the forest that surrounds this place.


  1. Feel peaceful at the Ambarnath Shiv Temple: India's spectacular trait is the presence of religious spots in every city of India. So why not in Matheran that is close to nature. Visit Ambarnath Shiv Temple and pray to God for the wellbeing of this lovely place that has not been explored by the urban equipments. Lord Shiva will bestow his blessings upon you. This temple was built by king Mahamandelashwar and is carved out of stone. Hotels in Matheran also guide you to visit this.


  1. Enjoy Rock Climbing: Here in Matheran, you need not pay a fortune to enjoy rock climbing. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers and hotels of Matheran also direct you to spots where this activity takes place. If you are the fearless one and pro in climbing, go for an overnight climb via Garbett Point. You will enjoy every minute of adventure.


  1. One Tree Hill Point: Visit this point to check out the Western Ghats. The green colour of this region will not allow you to go back as you will feel healthy and relaxed. The purity of air can be felt easily when you enter this place. This has infinite look and is covered with relatively dense forest that will make you go awe!



  1. Visit the Pay Master Park: Treat your senses with some beautiful and varied flora spread across this place. It is situated in the heart of the town with wondrous view. This is the perfect way to forget the mundane routines of life and live here in peace until you can. Good old times thrive here with complete requisites that are needed to fulfill life's requirement.


  1. Do picnicking at Rambagh Point: Picnic with family in the city is totally different thing and picnic here in Matheran is a completely different experience. Enjoy the love of your near ones when you visit this lovely point that emanates positivity and reflects light that touches the soul. This allows you to view Karjat and Khandal, the towns that are in close proximity.


More about Matheran

Maharashtra is famous for Kohlapuri stuff, and that can be bought here in Matheran. You also get pure honey and chikki here that you can take for your family and relish together.  It is a great urban market with a view and lovely landscapes.


Matheran can be visited all the year round as it enjoys cool temperatures. But if you are looking for adventure activities, visiting post monsoon is ideal. You may be surprised to know that since you cannot have automobiles in the city, you can explore the city in the Horse back. So, enjoy the old era in style. You may reach here through a train that plies from Neral each day. From there it takes 30 minutes to reach Matheran. The hotels of Matheran have well guided itineraries that will give you an idea of how and where to go. For more guidance you may also rely on the locals.

Lose Yourself in the Hilly Haven

Situated at a small distance from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Matheran is indeed a peaceful escape. Its serene atmosphere, along with the pleasant and cool hilly weather makes it a perfect weekend getaway. Located amidst the scenic Sahyadri ranges, it is renowned for its captivating natural beauty. The stunning landscapes of verdant slopes are certainly a treat for the eyes. What makes it, even more, appealing is that to protect it from any pollution, motor vehicles are banned from the hills station and you can travel uphill in a charming toy-train. So, head to Matheran on a fun weekend trip with your family or friends.

Matheran boasts of some of the most comfortable stay options for various kinds of travelers. Hill resorts are especially popular for a luxurious stay here. You can unwind and relax along with your family, while enjoying the various recreational services and activities offered here. Matheran is also home to a number of high-end luxury hotels, where you can enjoy similar experiences and services. Some of the rooms may even offer great views of the lush green valleys below. Cozy homestays at one of the many villas or bungalows are not just comfortable, but can also be extremely romantic and charming.

You can also explore some other, cost-effective accommodation options in Matheran. These include the several mid-range and budget hotels located in the city. Sharing a room at one of the local cottages or residencies with your friends is another great option, especially for back-packers.

In Matheran, some of the ideal locations to look for hotels or stays include the city center and areas like Shedung.

As a popular hill station, booking your stay in advance is a necessity in Matheran.  So hurry, and book your hotel rooms in Matheran with Cleartrip today!

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Matheran Hotels Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any hotels in Matheran near the market?

    Some of the hotels near the market are hotel Premdeep, Hotel Byke Heritage and many more providing wonderful amenities. Some of them are also couple friendly and located close to the Echo Point. Another place is the West End Hotel situated on the MG road. All these hotels can be booked online. A prior booking is advisable during the holiday season.

  2. What are the best hotels in Matheran for family?

    Although all the hotels are well-equipped and are great, some of the good ones where you can enjoy staying with family are Hunjar House, Sayeben Hotel, Adamo the Village and many more. These hotels offer all the facilities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

  3. Which are the best hotels in Matheran for couples?

    Couples need privacy and Hotel Paramount and Hotel Kumar Plaza provides it well. With room service and wonderful amenities, you don't have to look for more when in Matheran. If you are a vegetarian, Hotel Royal will suit your needs perfectly so you may relish your meals too. It is close to Matheran Railway station and hence comfortable.

  4. Which hotels in Matheran for group are the best?

    Get amazing hotel deals when travelling in large groups to this lovely natural holiday in Matheran. You may choose to stay with your group in Girivihar hotel or the Adamo Village that will allow you to enjoy the pool too. The hotels are beautiful and will impress you with comfortable rooms and amenities.

  5. Which are the budget hotels in Matheran for couples?

    Usha Ascot, Shivneri Valley View, and Lords Central hotel are some of the budget hotels that are fit for couples as they have pools and great ambience. You will enjoy every bit of your stay here. Check out Cleartrip for the best hotels in Matheran that are easy on the pocket.

  6. Are there any hotels in Matheran below 1000?

    Yes there are. These are equally good in providing a comfortable stay. Also, you will find many near the market as well as some near the Alexander point. These hotels are especially designed for those who wish to spend judiciously and can save to shop. Use the Cleartrip price filter, to get a list of hotels as per your budget.

  7. What are some hotels in Matheran below 2000 are good?

    The hotels, such as Rangoli Retreat and Dune Barr House fall under this category. Check the availability as they are in close proximity to many popular areas. So, make prior booking and enjoy a comfortable stay in Matheran amidst nature.

  8. Can I book hotels in Matheran for one day?

    Yes, you can easily get hotels in Matheran for one day. 1-star and 2-star hotels come under Rs 1000 while those around 3000 are 3-star hotels that offer all the amenities like AC and room service. You can stay in Matheran for a day before you head out to Panvel or Karjat.

  9. Can I find hotels in Matheran below 1500?

    Yes, in Matheran you can easily find many stay options below 1500. Book the best economy accommodations in Matheran via Cleartrip.

  10. What are the suitable locations of Hotels in Matheran for Honeymoon Couple?

    Honeymoon hotels in Matheran treat honeymoon couples wonderfully. Check places that are near the market. Some hotels near the Echo point allow the couples to enjoy various activities together and the food too. When around the market, you will be happy to see how weather affects your romance.

*All prices displayed here are indicative, prices will vary based on your dates of travel.