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Mahabaleshwar Hotels

Mahabaleshwar hotel deals

Citrus Chambers Satara Road, Mahabaleshwar
Citrus Chamber Mahabaleshwar is a 4 Star property and a gift to the travellers fro...
  • WiFi
  • Air Conditioner
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Internet
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Saj Resort Metgutad, Mahabaleshwar
Saj Resort Mahabaleshwar is synonymous to luxury holiday. This resort is spread ov...
  • Air Conditioner
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Internet
  • Business Center
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Keys Prima Evershine Resort Satara Road, Mahabaleshwar
The Evershine Resort in Mahbaleshwar is a modern luxury star retreat from The Keys...
  • Air Conditioner
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Room Service
  • Internet
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Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood Satara Road, Mahabaleshwar
Club Mahindra Sherwood, Mahabaleshwar is a 9 acres lush green property that is exu...
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Pool
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Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa Satara Road, Mahabaleshwar
Le Mridien offers a truly unique experience in every one of its stylish guest room...
  • Air Conditioner
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Room Service
  • Internet
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Regenta MPG Club by Royal Orchid Hotels Satara Road, Mahabaleshwar
Regenta MPG Club Mahabaleshwar is a contemporary property in the Heart of Sahyadri...
  • WiFi
  • Air Conditioner
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Room Service
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Brightland Resort and Spa Kates Point Road, Mahabaleshwar
Brightland Holiday Village in Mahabaleshwar is a premier resort overlooking the pi...
  • WiFi
  • Air Conditioner
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Room Service
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Mahabaleshwar hotels list with tariff

List of 115 available hotels in Mahabaleshwar. All Mahabaleshwar hotels can be booked online (click links below to sort hotels).

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Travelling to Mahabaleshwar: Kashmir of Maharashtra

Located in the state of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is one of the prominent hill station located in the Western Ghats. It was once the capital of Bombay province during the British rule. Since then the economy of Mahabaleshwar has flourished making it one of the promising destinations for tourists. Mahabaleshwar is also known for its evergreen forests. The number of tourists visiting the place has been on the rise in the past few years.

Booking Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Like every other tourist spot, Mahabaleshwar is frequented by thousands of tourists every year. To handle the rush, there are many hotels in varied price ranges for every budget. These hotels provide different facilities depending on the price. There are hotels with basic facilities like ACs and television facilties. The luxury hotels offer facilities like pool, gym, bar and others. You have the choice to pick one depending on your budget and requirement. With Cleartrip, hotel booking in Mahabaleshwar has become an easy task. You can book a hotel in advance and avail the best deal at Cleartrip.

Mahabaleshwar Hotel Booking Tips

  • Location: Your hotel must be located near the prominent tourist spots of the town. It can give you a delightful view and save your time as well. The location plays a significant role in enjoying a stay in Mahabaleshwar.

  • Season: During peak season the hotel prices usually go up. Also, it would be difficult for you to find one due to huge crowd. Therefore, it is advised to book a hotel in advance if you plan to visit Mahabaleshwar during the peak season.

  • Budget: Budget affects your choice. It is evident that you want a good hotel at reasonable price. You can get one if you search through the list of hotels available at the different price range in the town.

  • Luxury: If money is least of your consideration, then you should choose a 5-star hotel which can provide you facilities with premium quality. These hotels include bars, restaurants, pool and other services.

Best localities to book hotels in Mahabaleshwar

  • Hotels near Venna Lake: One can book hotels near Venna Lake, which is one of the major tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar. This is the place from where one can enjoy the Lake's View or get to Mahabaleshwar's famous market.

  • Hotels near City Centre-Main Market: One can get hotels near city centre which is in proximity to all the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. This is a good place to walk around in the evening

  • Hotels near Mahabaleshwar Mandir: Mahabaleshwar temple is one of the main attractions of the town so taking an accommodation near this area can be beneficial as you can visit the temple easily to offer your prayers.

The Price Range of hotels in Mahabaleshwar

As the choices are numerous, the price range is extensive. There are almost 160 hotels in Mahabaleshwar with different kinds of services. The price depends upon the services provided by these hotels. The price can start from 650 INR and go up to 15,000 INR depending on the luxury of a hotel. You can get a decent hotel at the minimum price. The reasonable rates provided by these hotels are appraised by the tourists.

How to reach Mahabaleshwar?

The city of Mahabaleshwar is well-connected through road. The state-run bus service connects Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai, Pune, Satara and other prominent places of the state. The nearest railway station is Satara which is 60 km away. The Pune railway station is about 120 km away. Also, tourists who want to travel via air can land at the nearest airport that is Pune International Airport which is about 120 km away and reach by road from Pune.

Dining Places

  • Hotel Rajmahal, 80 Main Road, Mahabaleshwar

  • Grapevine, Masjid Road, Mahabaleshwar

  • Aman Restaurant, Sabne Road, Mahabaleshwar

  • Elsie Dairy Bakery, MH road, Mahabaleshwar

Places of interest

  • Mahabaleshwar Temple: The unique thing about this temple is the shivalinga which gives an impression of Rudrakshas spread out on the rock.

  • Krishna Devi Temple: This old temple offers perfect views of the Krishna valley and its surroundings.

  • Elephant’s Head Point: This place offers amazing views of the surrounding landscape. It is a peaceful spot where one can find comfort away from city’s fast moving life.

  • Lingmala Waterfall: Located on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune Road, this waterfall falls from the height of 600 feet.

  • Arthur Seat Point: Situated on the mountains, this place is ideal for trekking. One can also enjoy the beauty of nature here.

  • More places: Mapro Garden, Pratapgad Fort, Kas Pathar and Elphinstone point

Interesting facts about the city


From ancient times the place is known for its culture. Overall one can say that the city has been rich in culture from the ancient history.

Markets: The place is a home to the handicrafts and foot wears which include Kolhapuri, Walking sticks, Tribal trinkets and many more. There are various fruits which are locally grown such as strawberries, mulberries, gooseberries, and others. Some of the famous shopping places in the town are Mapro Garden, Town Bazaar, etc.

Food: When it comes to food, Mahabaleshwar is renowned for traditional Marathi cuisine. The taste is very refreshing and wonderful. The dishes include Vada Pav, masala chai, Pav Bhaji and others. You should stop by in a fine dining place to rejoice the taste of indigenous cuisine.

Places to visit near Mahabaleshwar:

Mumbai: Located in the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai is at a distance of about 152km from Mahabaleshwar and is popular as the entertainment and financial capital of India.

Pune: Also referred as the the Oxford of the East, Pune is located at a distance of about 72km from the town of Mahabaleshwar and is famous for its art, culture and theatre.

: Located in the smallest state of India, Panaji is the famous destination in terms of churches, and beaches. It is at a distance of approximately 272 km from the town.


Mahabaleshwar experiences a moderate climate throughout the year. Like other towns in the state, it receives heavy rainfall. The temperature here in summer ranges between 28 degree Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. In winter the minimum temperature stays around 18 degree Celsius. The evergreen forest has a lot to contribute to the weather.

The best time to book hotels in the city



October to March

The climate is pleasant and ideal for travelling. Also, hotels are expensive during this time.

April to June

Summers are soothing in Mahabaleshwar. It is the time when tourists all around the country flock to the town. Also, hotels are expensive during this time

July to September

The town receives heavy rainfall. The tourists are advised not to visit the town during this time.

Events & Festivals c in Mahabaleshwar

  • Ganesh Chaturthi: Mahabaleshwar is a place where spirituality and nature come together. The Marathi factor also plays an important role when it comes to celebrating festivals. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in the entire state with immense zeal.

  • Strawberry Festival: It is celebrated in the month of March. Many activities are held with the help of villagers and people enjoy visiting the strawberry farms and get to pick fresh strawberry.

  • Vijayadashmi: It is also celebrated all over India and held on the 10th day of Ashvin as per the Hindu calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar?

    Mahabaleshwar is one of the hill stations in Maharashtra where weather remains pleasant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the place is from September to March.

  2. Which are the top 5 must visit places in Mahabaleshwar?

    Venna Lake, Mapro Garden, Pratapgad, Lingamala Falls and Elephant’s Head Point are the top 5 places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

  3. How can I get attractive discounts on hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    For hotel booking, one can go through online travel sites like Cleartrip, where all types of hotels in Mahabaleshwar are available from budget hotels to 5-star hotels. You can also use a valid coupon code to avail the best deal. Price comparison is essential before making the final booking.

  4. Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    Very few hotels in Mahabaleshwar will allow unmarried couples to stay. However, it is essential to carry a valid ID proof (such as voter ID, Passport, Aadhar card, etc). You may have to show your ID at the time of check-in.

  5. How can I find hotels near Elephant’s Head Point?

    You can easily find hotels near Elephant’s Head Point on Cleartrip by entering Elephant’s Head Point in the Where field option on the Hotels Page. The lists of hotels near the Elephant’s Head Point will be displayed in the search results, and you can book as per your need and budget.

  6. How do I book budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    Budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar are quite popular and offer comfortable stay at affordable prices. Some of the popular budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar are Sagar Villa, Hotel Prity Sangam, Hotel Sapna and many others.

  7. Do Mahabaleshwar hotels offer Wi-Fi facility?

    There are several hotels in Mahabaleshwar, which offer Wi-Fi access as part of the stay. For hotels with Wi-Fi , one should contact the hotel and get confirmation on this matter before booking.

  8. What can I buy from Mahabaleshwar?

    You can buy leather goods, tribal pieces of art, Slippers, walking stick, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries jams, marmalades and jellies.

  9. Can you tell which are the popular shopping areas in Mahabaleshwar?

    Town Bazaar, Mapro Garden and Imperial Store are some of the most popular shopping places in Mahabaleshwar.

  10. Can you list the top restaurants in Mahabaleshwar?

    The best five places to eat are Mapro, The Grapevine, The Olive Garden, Bagicha Garden and Royal Garden.

  11. What are the famous sightseeing spots in Mahabaleshwar?

    The most famous sightseeing spots in Mahabaleshwar are Mahabaleshwar Temple, Venna Lake, Pratapgarh Fort, Dhobi Waterfall, Bhilar Waterfalls, Connaught Peak, Elephant’s Head Point, Catholic Church, Helen’s Point and Falkland Point.

  12. What are some must do things in Mahabaleshwar?

    Apart from visiting the Mahabaleshwar Temple, one can also visit other temples like Krishnabai and Panchganga temple. One can even enjoy boating in Venna Lake and horse riding on Table Land. Camping is also one of the things to do in Mahabaleshwar .

  13. Can you suggest a few hotels with restaurant in Mahabaleshwar?

    Some of the hotels with restaurant in Mahabaleshwar are Hotel Sunny International, Sagar Villa, Hotel Sangam Executive and many more.

  14. What activities and experiences can I enjoy in Mahabaleshwar?

    One can indulge in boating, horse riding, camping in Mahabaleshwar. Apart from these activities, one can visit the strawberry farm to eat see and eat strawberries.

  15. How to book a room for international guests near Elephant’s Head Point, Mahabaleshwar?

    If you are looking for stay options near Elephant’s Head Point, then Hotel Saket Plaza, Hotel Balaji Classic are some of the great options to consider. Go to the hotels in Mahabaleshwar page on Cleartrip website, and select Elephant's Head Point from the landmark dropdown. Select the hotel from the list of options and the book the one best suited for international guests.

  16. Are there any Club Mahindra Hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood is one of the Club Mahindra Hotels in Mahabaleshwar. If you are looking to book a Club Mahindra hotel, then use the Cleartrip app or website to avail the best deal at the best price.

  17. From where can I book a good resort for a day outing in Mahabaleshwar?

    Book the best day outing at a resort in Mahabaleshwar with your friends and family using Cleartrip and avail amazing discounts deals.

  18. Can you name some 3-star hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    Some of the popular 3-star hotels in Mahabaleshwar are Bella Vista Resort, Shreyas Hotel, and TGL Resort and Spa. Book your travel and accommodation through Cleartrip and get instant cashback on bookings.

  19. Can you list some hotels in North Mahabaleshwar?

    In North Mahabaleshwar, Hotel Sunny International, Hotel Prity Sangam, Hotel Laxmi are few of the options that you can consider. For more details, you can choose North Mahabaleshwar from the ‘Hotels By Region’ drop-down hotels in Mahabaleshwar page on Cleartrip.

  20. Can you name some hotels with gym in Mahabaleshwar?

    United 21 Mahabeshwar, Ramsukh Resort and Spa are few hotels with gym in Mahabaleshwar.

  21. What are the 5-star hotels to stay at Mahabaleshwar?

    Looking for 5-star hotels in Mahabaleshwar? Then you can go for options like Regenta MPG Club by Royal Orchid Hotels and Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa.

  22. How far is Mahabaleshwar Temple from Panchgani Road?

    The total distance between Mahabaleshwar Temple and Panchgani Road is 38 km. The travel time between the two places is close to 1 hour.

  23. Which are the best pubs in Mahabaleshwar?

    Angaare, The Tarang Bar, The Electrique Mist, Treachers Wines and Bar & Pub at Brightland Holiday Village are some of the most popular pubs in Mahabaleswar.

  24. What are the top places of interest in Mahabaleshwar?

    Mahabaleshwar Temple, Venna Lake, Pratapgarh Fort, Dhobi Waterfall, Bhilar Waterfalls, Connaught Peak, Elephant’s Head Point, Catholic Church, Helen’s Point and Falkland Point are few top places of interest in Mahabaleshwar.

  25. Can you tell me about some 4-star hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    Some of the 4-star hotels in Mahabaleshwar are Keys Prima Evershine Resort, Citrus Chambers, and Saj Resort. All of these hotels are equipped with a lot of amenities. For booking your travel and stay, log on to Cleartrip website.

  26. How is the nightlife in Mahabaleshwar?

    Mahabaleshwar nightlife is not as happening and vibrant as compared to metropolitan cities, but there are few places where you can enjoy your evenings. The Electrique Mist is one nightclub where you can enjoy scrumptious food along with great music.

  27. Are there any budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    Yes, you can find many budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar. There are some budget hotels that offer the pay@hotel facility like Mahabaleshwar resort. Check out Cleartrip.com for the best deals and to book the best budget hotels in Mahabaleshwar.

  28. Is pool facility available at hotels in Mahabaleshwar?

    There are few hotels in Mahabaleshwar which has pool like Hotel Sunny International, Hotel Saket Plaza, etc. For more hotels with pool in Mahabaleshwar, visit Cleartrip website and book the best hotel that fits your requirements and budget.

  29. Do hotels in Mahabaleshwar offer bar facility?

    Yes, there are few hotels in Mahabaleshwar which offer bar facility like Bella Vista Resort and Shreyas Hotel. Check out more hotels with bar on Cleartrip.

  30. Where can I go for weekend getaway from Mahabaleshwar?

    From Mahabaleshwar, one can visit Mumbai, Panchgani, Nashik, Alibag, Goa, Nagpur, Pune, Khandala, Surat and many more places over the weekend.

*All prices displayed here are indicative, prices will vary based on your dates of travel.