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Homestays in Darjeeling

Homestays in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is probably Indias most easily recognizable hill station and tourist destination. The city has grown immensely over the past few decades and now sports many kinds of hospitality arrangements. While you will find the ads in this domain littered with Darjeeling hotels of all kinds, a very different kind of hospitality establishment is slowly gaining ground there.

Darjeeling homestays have quietly become one of the most enjoyable tourist accommodations for a number of reasons. First among them is the fact that Darjeeling has undergone tremendous modernisation. While this might be no problem for new tourists, people who know the charm and beauty of the old Darjeeling do miss it a lot. And one of the best ways to rediscover and experience that old world is by staying in a Darjeeling homestay.

Aside from this, these homestays also offer some very inexpensive lodging. If you are a solo traveller or have only one or two friends with you, then homestays might be just right for you. They will give you all the things you need to make your stay comfortable without having to spend too much. They certainly do not cost anywhere near as much as a hotel room.

Further, you will be able to get meals with the resident family or owner if you want. Also, your room will be cleaned before you arrive and whenever you want it. All you need to do is ask the owner. In addition, you can expect a number of other benefits from renting a Darjeeling homestay. Let us tell you about the major ones.

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Ngawang Homestay

Tea Village Home Stay

₹ 3646
4.0 Very Good
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Darjeeling Homestays for a Divine Experience

While homestays in Darjeeling are not as well-equipped as Darjeeling hotels , you can still get all the necessary facilities that you will need for a comfortable stay. This includes good furnishing, TV, AC, and fridge if you want and personal help from the owner or even their family. Some homestays will also offer internet connectivity free of cost.

But rather than the facilities they offer, it is the experience of Darjeeling homestays that draws them business year after year. If you are a culturally inclined person, then there is no better way to experience the actual culture and history of Darjeeling than by renting a homestay. When you are dining with the hosts, if you want, you can ask them all the questions you have and discover Darjeeling in a way most never get to. This is really the biggest reason why homestays in Darjeeling are becoming so popular.

Homestays Offer a Unique Experience

By now, you must be thinking that Darjeeling homestays are definitely something to try out. And you would be right to think so. However, if you plan to rent one during tourist season, you better get the booking done as early as possible. It is not uncommon for these homestays to be booked back-to-back and if you do not hurry, then you might just have to settle for a boring and expensive hotel room.

Now, since you are already here, Cleartrip can help you find the best homestay for your needs. We highly recommend you check out the Ngawang homestay or the Tea Village homestay for starters. There are many more than you can choose from depending upon your preference. The price varies according to what facilities you want and the popularity of the homestay itself.

But dont worry too much about the cost. You can always go for a Cleartrip exclusive discount if it is available. It will help you save some money and get the rented accommodation that you want. So, go on, search now!

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