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Cleartrip further reinforces its leadership position as an experiential travel platform; Cleartrip Stories gets chosen as the best travel blog at the SATTE Awards 2018

Since its launch last year, Cleartrip Stories has played a significant role in driving the success of Cleartrip Local


In a development that further bolsters its leadership position in the market as a visionary travel technology brand, Cleartrip, India’s leading online travel and leisure activities platform, has been adjudged the winner of the ‘Excellence in Travel Blogging – Company Operated Blog’ category at the SATTE Awards 2018. The award was conferred upon Cleartrip for the success of Cleartrip Stories, a blog featuring stories on a diverse range of experiences like holidays, getaways, restaurants, events, etc. shared by travellers and bloggers.

Cleartrip Stories plays the role of a guide for travellers, helping them satiate their local exploration needs by going beyond a regular tourist itinerary and offering in-depth information into local views on various experiences. It features an assortment of engaging and informative content such as restaurant reviews, travel guides for popular and offbeat destinations, quick getaways, stories about the latest happenings in town, or unexplored places and activities in a city. These stories and experiences, shared by travel bloggers and enthusiasts, can be easily accessed on the Cleartrip Stories page on the website or app. Users can also bookmark stories they like and easily share them with friends and family.

Through its use of technology to facilitate more seamless interactions, Cleartrip Stories has helped travellers to search and discover the experience that they prefer through highly accurate, data-driven insights. The tech-driven blog, additionally, has enabled Cleartrip to create more innovative, highly-personalised products and services that enhance the travel experiences of its customers. The blog has also been playing a vital role in driving the success of Cleartrip Local, as well as the over 2,000 daily bookings currently made through the hyperlocal activities discovery feature on the platform.

Speaking on the announcement, Suman De, Product Head, Cleartrip Local, commented, “It is an extremely proud moment for Cleartrip to win the best company-operated travel blog at the SATTE Awards 2018. Being recognised on such a distinguished platform for the passion and creativity with which we have built Cleartrip Stories is an inspiring achievement for the brand, as well as for everyone involved. The award strengthens our commitment to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to deliver the most seamless, intuitive, and immersive user experience through technology.”

“At Cleartrip, we understand the pulse of the consumer. One-way communication that conveys no real value to the customer doesn’t work at all today. The key to building trust in the long term lies in effective engagement and communication, as well as in delivering added value to the customer. Through Cleartrip Stories, this is exactly what we’ve been doing. This far-sightedness and technology-driven approach has seen Cleartrip grow substantially over the past few years to emerge as one of the foremost travel platforms in the country, and it is what continues to drive the brand’s appeal amongst its target consumers,” he added.

Cleartrip Stories offers users a chance to discover and engage in hyperlocal leisure experiences and focuses on driving customer engagement and user traction through owned activities under the aegis of Cleartrip Local. As the first travel tech company in India to offer users an opportunity to discover and book hyperlocal leisure activities, Cleartrip has been building a diverse and enviable portfolio of curated local experiences for its users to discover and experience.