Flight credit issued due to Covid-19

A credit shell (or flight/travel credit) is an open ticket, issued when an airline holds on to the booking amount in the form of credit. You can use the credit at a later date for a new booking, for the same passenger(s).
Credit shell(s) issued by IndiGo can be redeemed only for one-way bookings on the desktop site, so please log into your Cleartrip account from your laptop or desktop computer.

Credit shell rules
  • Credit shell is issued by the airline against the PNR of the cancelled booking
  • Credit shell amount issued is equal to the airfare only
  • Credit shell may be redeemed in full, or partially
  • Credit shell must be used for a new booking with the airline that issued the original ticket
  • Credit shells from different airlines cannot be combined
  • Credit shell cannot be exchanged for cash or a refund

Airlines issuing credit shells:
Airline Qualifying travel dates Redeem on
IndiGo 25 March – 24 May 2020 Cleartrip.com (desktop website)
SpiceJet 25 March – 24 May 2020 Cleartrip.com (desktop website)
Qualifying travel dates:
25 March – 24 May 2020
Redeem on:
Cleartrip.com (desktop website)
Qualifying travel dates:
25 March – 24 May 2020
Redeem on:
Cleartrip.com (desktop website)
For all other airline policies, please click here.

How to redeem your credit shell
  • Log in with the same email id you used for your previous booking
  • Search and select the flight(s) you want to book
  • Traveller details for the new booking must match the original, cancelled booking
  • Enter single PNR associated with the credit shell received

    Credit shell option on the payment step

  • Review the booking for any additional charges (convenience fees, insurance charges, and Flexifly fares are additionally payable), and click Make payment to confirm the booking.

Can I book a flight for someone else with my credit shell?
Unfortunately not. The credit shell is issued against the original traveller’s details, and cannot be transferred to a new passenger.
Can I use the credit shell for additional passengers?
Any credit shell issued by the airline is redeemable only against the original traveller(s). You will have to make a new booking for additional passengers.
What charges are covered in the credit shell redemption?
The credit shell is redeemable only against airfare charges. So, convenience fees, insurance (if any), and Flexifly fares are additionally payable.
I have more than one credit shell, how do I use it?
If you have 2 or more PNRs with a credit shell, you need to make a new booking against each credit shell. Please remember that the new booking must be for the original traveller, with the same airline that issued the original ticket.
I have money in my Cleartrip Wallet, can I use it while redeeming the credit shell?
Yes, absolutely. If your Cleartrip Wallet has money in it, you will see that it is applied automatically.
I’d like to apply the coupon code from an offer Cleartrip is running. Can I?
Unfortunately not. You cannot apply any offer or discount codes while redeeming a credit shell.