Cleartrip Pricelock – Lock now. Book later at same fare.

Cleartrip Pricelock - Lock now. Book later at same fare.

Lock a flight fare today and pay only if your plan is confirmed. Even if the fare increases, you still pay only the locked fare.

Not sure about travel dates?
Lock fare now instead of waiting

Come back before lock expires
and pay the same locked fare

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Why do I need Price Lock and what is the benefit?

Available exclusively only to Cleartrip customers, Price Lock is a paid service that addresses a major customer dilemma: whether to wait or book now?

Consider the following scenario: If you book now and the plan changes later, you have to pay airline cancelation/amendment fees. But if you wait until the travel plan is confirmed, the flight fare will certainly increase.

So the benefit is, you get more time to decide whether to book, without worrying about increase in flight fare.

How does Price Lock work?

Only on certain flights, Cleartrip offers a Price Lock, which you can select on the Itinerary page and pay a small Pricelock fee to hold the fare for a few more days. This gives you enough time to confirm your travel plans without having to wait and risk a fare increase.

If you choose the “Lock this fare” option, you can continue to pay the small Price Lock fee to lock the fare for the chosen flight. Once the fee is paid, you now have two options:

Option A: Before the lock expires, you may click on the link in the email to return back and pay the remaining balance to confirm booking. Once payment is received, you will be emailed the confirmed eTicket.

Option B: If your plans change, you may simply ignore the lock and forfeit the Price Lock fee already paid. You still saved a whole lot of money because if you had booked earlier by paying the flight fare, you would have been charged cancellation fee now.

What is Price Lock fee and Price Lock expiry period?

Price Lock fee a token amount that you pay to lock your flight fare.

Price Lock fee is non-refundable if you do not pay the remaining balance of flight fare.

Price Lock fee and its expiry period may vary for each flight, booking and travel dates, number of passengers and a number of other factors.

I forgot to pay the flight fare before the Price Lock expiry period. What next?

After the Price Lock expiry period, your lock and locked flight fare is no longer valid.

Price Lock fee you already paid is forfeited and is not transferable to another Price Lock.

We would have attempted to send reminder emails before the Price Lock expires, but it is your sole responsibility to remember and return back to pay the flight fare.

Why don’t I see Price Lock on certain flights?

Price Lock is available only on certain flights based on variety of factors determined by Cleartrip.

Price Lock is also not visible in case of Cleartrip Expressway bookings.

What are the other terms and conditions of Cleartrip Price Lock?

Sale and promotional fares may not be locked.

Price Lock is non-adjustable and non-transferable to another instance by the same person or to another person.

When you purchase a Price Lock you are covered upto a maximum flight fare increase by Rs 7500 per passenger compared to your locked fare. Any increase more than this amount, shall have to be borne by the passenger. Cleartrip is not obligated to share the eTicket if passenger denies paying the difference over and above this amount.

In a rare event, after you purchased the Price Lock and later returned back to pay the flight fare, the actual flight for which you locked the fare might get sold out. In such a case, Cleartrip will find a seat for you on an alternative flight. In the rarest of rare event that this alternative also isn’t available, Cleartrip shall refund you any flight fare collected as well as upto 3 times the Price Lock fee.

The purchaser of the Lock understands that in case of a price hike due to natural disasters, calamities, acts of God, the Company shall not be covering the same. In such a scenario, the Lock shall be invalidated. For Pricelock terms and conditions please visit Pricelock policy.