Flight API miscellaneous Questions

How to handle rounding of the prices in case of flights?
In case of multiple flight bookings, add prices of all the flights and then do the rounding (to the nearest Integer).
Is there an API that checks source and destination or do we need to maintain masters at our level?
No we don’t have the api to check source and destination. On search api request you have to pass both.
Is there an API to get cost of ticket at the search screen? E.g. When a customer clicks on the date, the cost for flight for each date is displayed for current and next calendar month
No, Cost of the ticket you will get on search response. like this : "pr": 1848.
API for airport names?
No, we have one json file, from there you can get all airport name
Is there an API to send GST details which will then be printed on the ticket?
You can pass the GST details under Price check call.
Is there an API if customer wants to download/view ticket
No, we will send the ticket on customer email id
API for Date/Time change
No such API as of now
API For Web check in?
No such API as of now
API where from where we can access the invoices for a particular payment id?
As of now we don’t have any API for this.
Create Itinerary >> payment_detail & payment_type & deposit_account_id >> Required more information for these parameters.
payment_detail: It means how you are paying booking amount. example: { "booking": { "payment_detail": { "payment_type": "DA", "deposit_account_id": 19357097 } } }
After cancellation,please let us know how the refund flow will work?
We have cancellation api for that. When you call that api , in response we will show you the refund amount. Refund amount will be credited on the same mode of payment.
How Total Price is calculated? Need to know breakup of parameters to be added while calculating total price?
Base + Tax + Markup (service fee or markup or convenience fee or gateway fee) = Total Price. The markup can be set in the form of service fee or convenience fee or markup as per rate rule.
What are Stop Details?
If a flight has a stop in a segment, then in the flight results XML under segments, there will be a tag called stop details. In case of domestic flights for Air India, Indian airlines, and Jet Airways we do not get the stop details.
What is the difference between international and domestic flight results XMLs?
In case of domestic search result, onward flights are contained in the tag <onward-solutions> and return flights are contained in the tag <return-solutions>. However, in case of international search result both onward and return flights are contained in the tag <solutions>.
How long the search flights are timed out for booking?
In case of domestic flights, there is no time out for making create itinerary request. In case of international flights, create itinerary request is possible within 2 hours from the time of search.
Where to find the airport, and the airline dump?
You can get the list of all airports, cities and countries using the web service available at:
  • http://www.api.cleartrip.com/downloads