When you take to the skies more frequently, you need quicker ways to complete your bookings and payments. That’s exactly what we’ve built. A smarter way to travel, thanks to our new seamless, and secure payment method.

An exclusive postpaid feature that empowers you to make one-click, frictionless bookings. Book all the flights you need, and clear the dues, weekly. It’s that simple.

Rs.25,000 weekly
spending credit

Automatic payment
of dues

No payment failures

How it works

Single-click booking

No payment failures,
thanks to the weekly
spending credit

Refunds and Cancellations

With Expressway+ refunds are processed instantly, and adjusted in your weekly billing cycle.


    • What is Expressway+?
    • Expressway+ is an exclusive postpaid feature that empowers our customers to make multiple one-click, frictionless bookings with a weekly spending limit of Rs. 25,000. The outstanding amount at the end of the week is auto-debited from your saved card, so you don’t have to worry about your pending payments.
    • Who is eligible for Expressway+?
    • What are the advantages I get with Expressway+?
    • What types of booking does Expressway+ support?
    • How do I Opt-in for Expressway+?
    • How do I make bookings once I have Opted-in?
    • Which card types can be used for Expressway+?
    • How safe is it to use Expressway+?
    • How does cancellation work with this new payment mode?
    • When does the auto-debit happen?
    • What will happen if the auto-debit fails?