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Khadki Train Station

  • Code KK
  • City Pune
  • State Maharashtra

Pune is a city in the state of Maharashtra, located in the region of India.

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The station of the city is named as KHADKI and its station code is KK. The station takes care of all the basic amenities of the passengers.

The station is well-connected to a number of Indian cities. Some of the major routes include to the places of Mumbai Cst, Pune Jn, and Chennai Central. There are 4 weekly trains connecting Mumbai Cst to Pune, 2 weekly trains connecting Pune Jn to Pune, and 8 weekly trains connecting Chennai Central to Pune.

Some of the popular trains traveling to Pune are Cstm Fast Pass(51034) to Mumbai operating 7 times a week, Shirdi Fast Pas(51033) to Sainagar Shirdi operating 7 times a week, and Mumbai Express(11042) to Mumbai operating 7 times a week. Traveling in one of these trains will be a memorable experience.

The attractions of Pune are many. As soon as you enter the city, you may begin your tour as there are varied points of interest located near the Pune station itself.


Train name (no.) passing via
Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
Bb Bjp Fast Pas (51029) 03:23 03:25 2 min YYYNNNY
Sinhagad Exp (11009) 18:03 18:05 2 min YYYYYYY
Deccan Express (11007) 10:44 10:46 2 min YYYYYYY
Deccan Express (11008) 15:42 15:45 3 min YYYYYYY
Sinhagad Exp (11010) 06:18 06:20 2 min YYYYYYY
Sahyadri Expres (11023) 21:26 21:28 2 min YYYYYYY
Sahyadri Exp (11024) 07:29 07:30 1 min YYYYYYY
Koyna Express (11029) 12:10 12:12 2 min YYYYYYY
Chennai Mail (11027) 02:58 03:00 2 min YYYYYYY
Cstm Chennai Ex (11041) 17:26 17:28 2 min YYYYYYY
Mumbai Mail (11028) 23:49 23:50 1 min YYYYYYY
Bjp Bb Fast Pas (51030) 23:19 23:20 1 min YYYYNNN
Mumbai Express (11042) 09:44 09:45 1 min YYYYYYY
Shirdi Fast Pas (51033) 03:23 03:25 2 min YYYYYYY
Cstm Fast Pass (51034) 23:18 23:20 2 min YYYYYYY
Fast Passenger (51028) 23:18 23:20 2 min NNNNYYY
Fast Passenger (51027) 03:23 03:25 2 min NNNYYYN