Indian Railway Train Lists – The Best Tool to Plan a Journey

There is no denying the fact that if you really want to get the real Indian experience you need to travel by Indian Railways. However, the real test lies in finding the train that is best suited. In spite of the comprehensible railway enquiry system at the stations, figuring the system out can take some getting used to. The thousands of trains between stations that run the length and breadth of the country can leave you indecisive and confused. Well, not anymore! helps you to understand the Indian Railway system and the IRCTC schedule.

Over the years different types of trains have been added to enhance the ease and comfort of its passengers. Here is a list of some of the popular trains that you should be aware of. Also, when going for a train enquiry between two stations knowing these trains will definitely be of help:

Intercity: These trains run between two major cities and complete a round trip within a day. It only has chair cars and second sitters.

Rajdhani: Connecting some of the major cities of India with the capital city of New Delhi, this is the highest priority Indian Railways train between stations and is fully air-conditioned.

Shatabdi: These are fast trains that connect the metropolitan cities with other important cities that are known for pilgrimage, tourism, business etc.

Garib Rath: These fully air-conditioned trains are highly affordable what with their fare being just 2/3rd of the fare of other air-conditioned trains.

Duronto: Long-distance trains with limited stops, these trains connect major state capitals and metropolitan cities of the country.

Other than these, there are also super fast trains, express trains, Jan Shatabdi, Mail, Rajya Rani and Jansadharan.

Just knowing the train schedule between two stations is not enough. If you want to enjoy your train journey, you need to know:

  • Duration of the journey: Train timings between two stations for different trains may vary. So, it is important to consider the duration of the journey of a train before booking your ticket.
  • Stations on the way:Not all trains start and end as per your wish. Sometimes, you have to make do with a train that would stop at a station for a few odd minutes. Thus, when looking for a train, make sure to check the train schedule between two stations to ensure that it stops at the station of your choice.
  • Arrival Timing:In case you are travelling to a place on a pre-planned schedule, you just can’t afford to be late. Check the Indian Railway timetable between two stations to find the arrival time of the train at the destination station. It would be a good idea to keep some buffer timing, in case there are any delays.
  • Fare:Whether you are booking a ticket online or at the station make sure to check for the affordability of the fare.

Each day, thousands of Indian Railway trains between stations make their way across the country. If you have a destination in mind, there is a train for you. All you need to do is log on to the website and enjoy a hassle-free time charting out your train journey. The Trains List is based on the IRCTC train schedule which helps you to search for the train that is headed to the destination of your choice.

The trains list on lists details like Train Number, Train Name, Starting Point and Destination. This is surely a simpler way to find a train than asking for details at the train enquiry between two stations. By clicking on the Train Name, you can get details like starting time of the train, the various stations it passes through and train timing between two stations, duration of the journey, the distance covered and the halting time at each station.

When you click on the name of the city, which is the starting point, you will get a list of all the trains that start from that city and go to different parts of the country. It will also show the days on which these trains operate. By clicking on a station name that is an End Point, you will get the details of the trains that start from this station or end here along with days on which these trains operate.

Finding an Indian Railway train between two stations that best suits your journey can be a task. But, thanks to, you can now easily find the perfect train for your next journey without having to wait in long queues at the railway enquiry counter or burying yourself in long online searches.

Check out the train list on to get the train timings and train schedules between two stations and get going. Finding the best train for your journey was never this easy, you'd agree!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On an average how many trains of the Indian Railways operate on any given day?

About 11,000 trains operate every day.

2. Which train travels longest across a route without any stops?

The Trivandrum-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express travels from Vadodara to Kota in 6.5 hours without any stop. The distance between these two stations is 528 km.

3. Which is the fastest and slowest train of the Indian Railways?

With a maximum speed of 150kmph, the New Delhi-Bhopal Express is the fastest train operated by the Indian Railways. The Nilgiri Express that travels at a speed of 10kmph is the Indian Railways’ slowest train.

4. How do I find names of the various trains that start or pass from a station of my choice?

Just click on the name of the station of your choice under the “Starts” heading in the train list. You will get the list of all the trains that start or pass through the station.

5. How can I find the arrival/departure time of a particular train at an intermittent station on its route?

On the train list, click on the name of the train. You will be directed to a new page where you will get the details of all the stations it passes through along with the arrival/departure time and the duration of stoppage.

6. Can I find the duration of the journey on the train list?

Yes, by clicking on the name of a train, you can get the duration of the journey to any particular station. This is specified in terms of number of days.

List of Indian Railways trains between stations

Train no. Train name Starts Ends
06037 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Egmore Coimbatore Junction
06039 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Egmore Coimbatore Junction
16617 Coimbatore Exp Rameswaram Coimbatore Junction
06634 Coimbatore Exp Tiruchchirapali Coimbatore Junction
06636 Coimbatore Exp Tiruchchirapali Coimbatore Junction
06603 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Central Coimbatore Junction
11013 Coimbatore Exp Lokmanyatilak T Coimbatore Junction
12679 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Central Coimbatore Junction
12681 Coimbatore Exp Chennai Central Coimbatore Junction
16613 Coimbatore Exp Rajkot Junction Coimbatore Junction
16609 Coimbatore Exp Nagercoil Junction Coimbatore Junction
25014 Corbet Prk Link Ramnagar Jaisalmer
12841 Coromandal Exp Howrah Junction Chennai Central
12842 Coromandel Exp Chennai Central Howrah Junction
15115 Cpr Dli Exp Chhapra Delhi
15117 Cpr G Exp Chhapra Gondia Junction
15106 Cpr Intercity Gorakhpur Junction Chhapra
15112 Cpr Intercity Manduadih Chhapra
15053 Cpr Ljn Exp Chhapra Lucknow Ne
05115 Cpr Ljn Spl Chhapra Lucknow Ne
05065 Cpr Ljn Spl Chhapra Lucknow Ne
11060 Cpr Ltt Express Chhapra Lokmanyatilak T
15107 Cpr Mtj Express Chhapra Mathura Junction
18182 Cpr Tata Exp Chhapra Tatanagar Junction
08182 Cpr Tata Spl Chhapra Tatanagar Junction
01065 Cstm Ers Spl Mumbai Cst Eranakulam Junction
12111 Cstm Amravati E Mumbai Cst Amravati
12362 Cstm Asansol Ex Mumbai Cst Asansol Junction
01027 Cstm Bsb Spl Mumbai Cst Varanasi Junction
11041 Cstm Chennai Ex Mumbai Cst Chennai Central
51034 Cstm Fast Pass Sainagar Shirdi Mumbai Cst
01034 Cstm Ganpati Sp Madgaon Mumbai Cst
02187 Cstm Garibrath Jabalpur Mumbai Cst
01701 Cstm Jbp Sup Sp Mumbai Cst Jabalpur
12527 Cstm Latur Exp Mumbai Cst Latur
22107 Cstm Latur Exp Mumbai Cst Latur
01033 Cstm Mao Spl Mumbai Cst Madgaon
01013 Cstm Nagpur Spl Mumbai Cst Nagpur
01211 Cstm Nagpur Spl Mumbai Cst Nagpur
02702 Cstm Sc Premium Mumbai Cst Secunderabad Junction
02002 Cstm Sht Spl Karmali Mumbai Cst
11305 Cstm Solapur Ex Mumbai Cst Solapur Junction
12959 Dadar Bhuj Exp Dadar Bhuj
22629 Dadar Ten Exp Dadar Tirunelveli
12722 Dakshin Express H Nizamuddin Vishakapatnam
12351 Danapur Express Howrah Junction Danapur
12352 Danapur Hwh Exp Danapur Howrah Junction
11065 Darbhanga Exp Lokmanyatilak T Darbhanga Junction
11033 Darbhanga Exp Pune Junction Darbhanga Junction
12343 Darjeeling Mail Sealdah Haldibari
12344 Darjeeling Mail Haldibari Sealdah
14035 Dauladhar Exp Delhi Pathankot
12182 Dayodaya Exp Ajmer Junction Jabalpur
12181 Dayodaya Expres Jabalpur Ajmer Junction
05818 Dbb Apdj Specia Dhubri Alipur Duar Junction
05917 Dbb Dbrg Specia Dhubri Dibrugarh
15817 Dbb Shtt Rr Exp Dhubri Silghat Town
04409 Dbg Dli Premium Darbhanga Junction Delhi
15236 Dbg Hwh Express Darbhanga Junction Howrah Junction
17006 Dbg Hyb Express Raxual Junction Hyderabad Decan
15234 Dbg Koaa Expres Darbhanga Junction Kolkata
11066 Dbg Ltt Express Darbhanga Junction Lokmanyatilak T
04071 Dbg Ndls Spl Darbhanga Junction New Delhi
04024 Dbg Premium Spl Delhi Darbhanga Junction
04410 Dbg Premium Spl Delhi Darbhanga Junction
11034 Dbg Pune Exp Darbhanga Junction Pune Junction
17008 Dbg Sc Express Darbhanga Junction Secunderabad Junction
05215 Dbg Umb Special Darbhanga Junction Ambala Cant Junction
05287 Dbg Ypr Exam Sp Darbhanga Junction Yesvantpur Junction
05942 Dbrg Koaa Spl Dibrugarh Kolkata
15905 Dbrg Vivek Exp Kanyakumari Dibrugarh
15933 Dbrg Asr Expres Dibrugarh Amritsar Junction
15903 Dbrg Cdg Expres Dibrugarh Chandigarh
05918 Dbrg Dbb Specia Dibrugarh Dhubri
05970 Dbrg Ghy Specia Dibrugarh Guwahati
15942 Dbrg Jhajha Exp Dibrugarh Jhajha
12526 Dbrg Koaa Exp Dibrugarh Kolkata
05668 Dbrg Kyq Specia Dibrugarh Kamakhya
15930 Dbrg Ms Express Dibrugarh Chennai Egmore
05606 Dbrg Mxn Exp Sp Dibrugarh Mariani Junction
12235 Dbrg Ndls Rajex Dibrugarh New Delhi
15928 Dbrg Rny Expres Dibrugarh Rangiya Junction
15902 Dbrg Sbc Expres Dibrugarh Bangalore Cy Junction
05906 Dbrg Vlnk Spl Dibrugarh Vellankanni
02423 Dbrt Ghy Ra Dibrugarh Town Guwahati
12424 Dbrt Rajdhani New Delhi Dibrugarh Town
12423 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
12435 Dbrt Rajdhani E Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
01301 Dd Mrj Special Daund Junction Miraj Junction
04054 Ddn Anvt Ac Spl Dehradun Anand Vihar Trm
14631 Ddn Asr Express Dehradun Amritsar Junction
14266 Ddn Bsb Express Dehradun Varanasi Junction
15006 Ddn Gkp Exp Dehradun Gorakhpur Junction
14318 Ddn Indb Exp Dehradun Indore Junction Bg
12055 Ddn Janshtbdi New Delhi Dehradun
12288 Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex Dehradun Kochuveli
22660 Ddn Kcvl Sup Exp Dehradun Kochuveli
14120 Ddn Kgm Express Dehradun Kathgodam
12688 Ddn Mdu Sf Exp Dehradun Madurai Junction
15002 Ddn Mfp Exp Dehradun Muzaffarpur Junction
12490 Ddr Bikaner Exp Dadar Bikaner Junction
11007 Deccan Express Mumbai Cst Pune Junction
11008 Deccan Express Pune Junction Mumbai Cst
12123 Deccan Queen Mumbai Cst Pune Junction
12124 Deccan Queen Pune Junction Mumbai Cst
22920 Dee Adi Sf Spl Delhi S Rohilla Ahmedabad Junction
19030 Dee Bdts Exp Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus
12215 Dee Bdts G Rath Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus
12457 Dee Bkn S F Ex Delhi S Rohilla Bikaner Junction
12455 Dee Bkn Sf Exp Delhi S Rohilla Bikaner Junction
12985 Dee Double Dcke Jaipur Delhi S Rohilla
22985 Dee Double Dcke Jaipur Delhi S Rohilla
12216 Dee Garibrath Bandra Terminus Delhi S Rohilla
22471 Dee Intercity Bikaner Junction Delhi S Rohilla
14626 Dee Intercity Firozpur Cant Delhi S Rohilla
12265 Dee Jat Duronto Delhi S Rohilla Jammu Tawi
22482 Dee Ju Sup Delhi S Rohilla Jodhpur Junction
19264 Dee Porbndr Exp Delhi S Rohilla Porbandar
09742 Dee Re Special Delhi S Rohilla Rewari
19580 Dee Rjt Exp Delhi S Rohilla Rajkot Junction
14812 Dee Sikar Exp Delhi S Rohilla Sikar Junction
14705 Dee Sujh Exp Delhi S Rohilla Sujangarh
22401 Dee Uhp Ac Sup Delhi S Rohilla Udhampur
22659 Dehradun Exp Kochuveli Dehradun
12687 Dehradun Exp Madurai Junction Chandigarh
19020 Dehradun Exp Dehradun Bandra Terminus
19019 Dehradun Exp Bandra Terminus Dehradun
29020 Dehradun Expres Meerut City Mandasor
12017 Dehradun Shtbdi New Delhi Dehradun
12018 Dehradun Shtbdi Dehradun New Delhi
22919 Delhi Spl Ahmedabad Junction Delhi S Rohilla
19263 Delhi Sr Expres Porbandar Delhi S Rohilla
17057 Devagiri Exp Mumbai Cst Secunderabad Junction
17058 Devagiri Exp Secunderabad Junction Mumbai Cst
12848 Dgha Hwh Duront Digha Flag Stn Howrah Junction
02250 Dgha Hwh Spl Digha Flag Stn Howrah Junction
13417 Dgha Mldt Exp Digha Flag Stn Malda Town
22877 Dgha Puri Exp Digha Flag Stn Puri
12579 Dgha Puri Sup E Digha Flag Stn Puri
22889 Dgha Puri Sup E Digha Flag Stn Puri
22873 Dgha Vskp Exp Digha Flag Stn Vishakapatnam
13352 Dhanbad Express Alleppey Tatanagar Junction
14036 Dhauladhar Exp Pathankot Delhi
12822 Dhauli Exp Puri Howrah Junction
12821 Dhauli Exp Howrah Junction Puri
59393 Dhd Hbj Fast Pa Dahod Habibganj
13351 Dhn Alappuzha E Dhanbad Junction Alleppey
12832 Dhn Garib Rath Bhubaneswar Dhanbad Junction
12386 Dhn Hwh D D Exp Dhanbad Junction Howrah Junction
13331 Dhn Pnbe Expres Dhanbad Junction Patna Junction
03303 Dhn Pnbe Spl Dhanbad Junction Patna Junction
03327 Dhn Smi Spl Dhanbad Junction Sitamarhi
05905 Dibrugarh Exp Velankanni Dibrugarh
15929 Dibrugarh Exp Chennai Egmore Dibrugarh
15901 Dibrugarh Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Dibrugarh
11045 Dikshabhoomi Ex C Shahumharaj T Dhanbad Junction
11046 Dikshabhumi Exp Dhanbad Junction C Shahumharaj T
50105 Diva Swv Pass Diva Sawantwadi Road
52544 Dj Kgn Ng Train Darjeeling Kurseong
52588 Dj Kgn Ng Train Darjeeling Kurseong
05736 Dkgn Kir Spl Dekargaon Katihar Junction
04204 Dli Bsb Spl Delhi Varanasi Junction
04413 Dli Hsx Spl Delhi Hoshiarpur
13120 Dli Sdah Exp Delhi Sealdah
14001 Dli Attari Exp Delhi Atari
54078 Dli Be Passengr Delhi Bareilly
04031 Dli Cdg Exp Delhi Chandigarh
15116 Dli Cpr Exp Delhi Chhapra
14206 Dli Fd Exp Delhi Faizabad Junction
14731 Dli Fka Exp Delhi Fazilka
14011 Dli Hsx Exp Delhi Hoshiarpur
04057 Dli Hw Spl Delhi Haridwar Junction
14659 Dli Jsm Express Delhi Barmer
14037 Dli Ptk Exp Delhi Pathankot
14521 Dli Umb Exp Delhi Ambala Cant Junction
52576 Dmr Agtl Pass Dharmanagar Agartala
04853 Dna Ju Spl Degana Junction Jodhpur Junction
13247 Dnr Capital Exp Kamakhya Danapur
83112 Dnr Grd Express Danapur Giridih
83132 Dnr Grd Link Ex Danapur Giridih
03236 Dnr Sbg Spl Danapur Sahibganj Junction
23226 Dnr Shc Link Ex Danapur Saharsa Junction
18184 Dnr Tata Exp Danapur Tatanagar Junction
13009 Doon Express Howrah Junction Kotdwara
13010 Doon Express Dehradun Howrah Junction
23010 Doon Exxpress Kotdwara Howrah Junction
12131 Dr Sainagar Exp Dadar Sainagar Shirdi
18209 Drz R Express Dalli Rajhara Raipur Junction
18620 Dumk Rnc Expres Dumka Ranchi
18241 Durg Abkp Ex Pa Durg Chirmiri
18207 Durg Aii Exp Durg Ajmer Junction
18215 Durg Jat Expres Durg Jammu Tawi
12549 Durg Jat Sf Exp Durg Jammu Tawi
01708 Durg Jbp Spl Durg Jabalpur
18211 Durg Jdb Exp Durg Jagdalpur
18213 Durg Jp Exp Durg Jaipur
09718 Durg Jp Spl Durg Jaipur
18201 Durg Ntv Exp Durg Nautanwa
18205 Durg Ntv Exp Durg Nautanwa
03287 Durg Pnbe Spl Durg Patna Junction
18426 Durg Puri Exp Durg Puri
08202 Durg Src Spl Durg Santragachi Junction
12357 Durgiana Exp Kolkata Amritsar Junction
12220 Duronto Ac Exp Secunderabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12213 Duronto Express Yesvantpur Junction Delhi S Rohilla
22201 Duronto Express Sealdah Puri
22202 Duronto Express Puri Sealdah
22214 Duronto Express Patna Junction Shalimar
12269 Duronto Express Chennai Central H Nizamuddin
12246 Duronto Express Yesvantpur Junction Howrah Junction
12266 Duronto Express Jammu Tawi Delhi S Rohilla
09726 Duronto Spl Jaipur Mumbai Central
15636 Dwarka Express Guwahati Okha
17302 Dwr Mysore Exp Dharwar Mysore Junction
18645 East Coast Exp Howrah Junction Hyderabad Decan
18646 East Coast Exp Hyderabad Decan Howrah Junction
16605 Ernad Express Mangalore Cntl Nagercoil Junction
16606 Ernad Express Nagercoil Junction Mangalore Cntl
12677 Ernakulam Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Eranakulam Junction
16306 Ernakulam Exp Kannur Eranakulam Junction
16865 Ernakulam Exp Karaikal Eranakulam Junction
16314 Ernakulam Exp Kannur Eranakulam Junction
16187 Ernakulam Exp Karaikal Eranakulam Junction
22608 Ernakulam Sf Ex Bangalore Cy Junction Eranakulam Junction
12684 Ernakulam Sf Ex Bangalore Cy Junction Eranakulam Junction
06055 Ernakulum Exp Chennai Central Eranakulam Junction
06345 Ernakulum Exp Chennai Central Eranakulam Junction
22816 Ers Bilaspur Ex Eranakulam Junction Bilaspur Junction
16866 Ers Karaikalexp Eranakulam Junction Karaikal
16188 Ers Karaikalexp Eranakulam Junction Karaikal
01066 Ers Ltt Exp Eranakulam Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12224 Ers Ltt Duronto Eranakulam Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12646 Ers Millenum Ex H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Junction
12283 Ers Nzm Duronto Eranakulam Junction H Nizamuddin
16359 Ers Patna Exp Eranakulam Junction Patna Junction
22149 Ers Pune Expres Eranakulam Junction Pune Junction
06549 Ersgaribrath Yesvantpur Junction Eranakulam Junction
12703 Falaknuma Exp Howrah Junction Secunderabad Junction
12704 Falaknuma Exp Secunderabad Junction Howrah Junction
13413 Farakka Express Malda Town Delhi
13483 Farakka Express Malda Town Delhi
13484 Farakka Express Delhi Malda Town
13414 Farkka Express Delhi Malda Town
51028 Fast Passenger Pandharpur Mumbai Cst
51027 Fast Passenger Mumbai Cst Pandharpur
14205 Fd Dli Exp Faizabad Junction Delhi
22104 Fd Ltt Sf Exp Faizabad Junction Lokmanyatilak T
14732 Fka Dli Exp Fazilka Delhi
04811 Fl Dee Spl Phulera Junction Delhi S Rohilla
09770 Fl Jp Pass Spl Phulera Junction Jaipur
12921 Flying Ranee Mumbai Central Surat
12922 Flying Ranee Surat Mumbai Central
19024 Fzr Bct Janta Firozpur Cant Mumbai Central
04740 Fzr Bkn Special Firozpur Cant Bikaner Junction
14625 Fzr Intercity Delhi S Rohilla Firozpur Cant
19023 Fzr Janata Exp Mumbai Central Firozpur Cant
05216 Fzr Shc Spl Firozpur Cant Saharsa Junction
08891 G Sc Sup Spl Gondia Junction Secunderabad Junction
08897 G Shm Special Gondia Junction Shalimar
08297 G Src Special Gondia Junction Santragachi Junction
12616 G T Express New Delhi Chennai Central
58209 Gad Bsp Pass Gevra Road Bilaspur Junction
18239 Gad Ngp Exp Gevra Road Nagpur
13017 Ganadevta Exp Howrah Junction Azimganj Junction
13018 Ganadevta Exp Azimganj Junction Howrah Junction
16336 Gandhidham Exp Nagercoil Junction Gandhidham Bg
16506 Gandhidham Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Gandhidham Bg
19151 Gandhidham Exp Palanpur Junction Gandhidham Bg
19451 Gandhidham Exp Bandra Terminus Gandhidham Bg
09456 Gandhidham Spl Indore Junction Bg Gandhidham Bg
09451 Gandhidham Spl Bandra Terminus Gandhidham Bg
14216 Ganga Gomti Exp Lucknow Nr Allahabad Junction
14215 Ganga Gomti Exp Allahabad Junction Lucknow Nr
13186 Ganga Sagar Exp Jaynagar Sealdah
13329 Gangadamodar Ex Dhanbad Junction Patna Junction
13330 Gangadamodar Ex Patna Junction Dhanbad Junction
12670 Gangakaveri Exp Chhapra Chennai Central
12669 Gangakaveri Exp Chennai Central Chhapra
13185 Gangasagar Exp Sealdah Jaynagar
13308 Gangasatluj Exp Firozpur Cant Dhanbad Junction
13307 Gangasutlej Exp Dhanbad Junction Firozpur Cant
12937 Garbha Express Gandhidham Bg Howrah Junction
12938 Garbha Express Howrah Junction Gandhidham Bg
14043 Garhwal Express Kotdwara Delhi
14044 Garhwal Express Delhi Kotdwara
15715 Garib Nawaj Exp Kishanganj Ajmer Junction
15716 Garib Nawaj Exp Ajmer Junction Kishanganj
16532 Garib Nawaz Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Ajmer Junction
12203 Garib Rath Exp Saharsa Junction Amritsar Junction
14605 Garib Rath Exp Lal Kuan Amritsar Junction
14606 Garib Rath Exp Amritsar Junction Lal Kuan
12049 Gatimaan Exp Agra Cantt H Nizamuddin
12050 Gatimaan Exp H Nizamuddin Agra Cantt
13024 Gaya Hwh Expres Gaya Junction Howrah Junction
01710 Gaya Jbp Spl Gaya Junction Jabalpur
15619 Gaya Kyq Wkly E Gaya Junction Kamakhya
12389 Gaya Ms Express Gaya Junction Chennai Egmore
13510 Gd Asn Express Gonda Junction Asansol Junction
14214 Gd Bsb Intercit Gonda Junction Varanasi Junction
11111 Gd Sushasan Exp Gwalior Balrampur
02710 Gdr Garibrathsp Secunderabad Junction Gudur Junction
02424 Ghy Dbrt Ra Guwahati Dibrugarh Town
15632 Ghy Bme Bkn Exp Guwahati Bikaner Junction
05653 Ghy Bsb Special Guwahati Varanasi Junction
25653 Ghy Bsb Special Guwahati Varanasi Junction
05969 Ghy Dbrg Specia Guwahati Dibrugarh
12517 Ghy Garib Rath Kolkata Guwahati
05609 Ghy Gkp Special Guwahati Gorakhpur Junction
03058 Ghy Hwh Special Guwahati Howrah Junction
15606 Ghy Intercity Dibrugarh Kamakhya
25610 Ghy Jivachh Lin Darbhanga Junction New Tinsukia Junction
06335 Ghy Kcvl Specia Guwahati Kochuveli
02518 Ghy Kol Special Guwahati Kolkata
15646 Ghy Ltt Exp Guwahati Lokmanyatilak T
15648 Ghy Ltt Express Guwahati Lokmanyatilak T
02435 Ghy Ndls Ac Sup Guwahati New Delhi
15617 Ghy Nhln I C Exp Guwahati Mumbai Cst
02261 Ghy Premium Spl Sealdah Guwahati
15640 Ghy Puri Expres Guwahati Puri
22424 Ghy Rajdhani New Delhi Guwahati
22423 Ghy Rajdhani Ex Dibrugarh Town New Delhi
12510 Ghy Sbc Express Guwahati Bangalore Cy Junction
12514 Ghy Sc Express Guwahati Secunderabad Junction
55615 Ghy Scl Pass Guwahati Silchar
02262 Ghy Sdah Premiu Guwahati Sealdah
12508 Ghy Tvc Express Guwahati Trivandrum Cntl
12516 Ghy Tvc Express Guwahati Trivandrum Cntl
09455 Gimb Indore Spl Gandhidham Bg Indore Junction Bg
12993 Gimb Puri Exp Gandhidham Bg Puri
19453 Gimb Puri Exp Gandhidham Bg Puri
16505 Gimb Sbc Expres Gandhidham Bg Bangalore Cy Junction
18502 Gimb Vskp Exp Gandhidham Bg Vishakapatnam
12859 Gitanjali Exp Mumbai Cst Howrah Junction
12860 Gitanjali Exp Howrah Junction Mumbai Cst
19410 Gkp Adi Exp Gorakhpur Junction Ahmedabad Junction
15057 Gkp Anvt Exp Gorakhpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
05027 Gkp Anvt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
05057 Gkp Anvt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
05035 Gkp Anvt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
05049 Gkp Anvt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Delhi
05051 Gkp Anvt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Anand Vihar Trm
13508 Gkp Asn Express Gorakhpur Junction Asansol Junction
02533 Gkp Bdts Spl Gorakhpur Junction Bandra Terminus
03454 Gkp Bgp Spl Gorakhpur Junction Bhagalpur
15005 Gkp Ddn Express Gorakhpur Junction Dehradun
15020 Gkp Intercity Nautanwa Gorakhpur Junction
15104 Gkp Intercity Manduadih Gorakhpur Junction
15105 Gkp Intercity Chhapra Gorakhpur Junction
12532 Gkp Intercity Lucknow Ne Gorakhpur Junction
05043 Gkp Jat Spl Gorakhpur Junction Jammu Tawi
03132 Gkp Koaa Spl Gorakhpur Junction Kolkata
03136 Gkp Koaa Specia Gorakhpur Junction Kolkata
15052 Gkp Kolkata Exp Gorakhpur Junction Kolkata
15050 Gkp Kolkata Exp Gorakhpur Junction Kolkata
15018 Gkp Ltt Exp Gorakhpur Junction C Shahumharaj T
11082 Gkp Ltt Exp Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
11080 Gkp Ltt Express Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
01048 Gkp Ltt Special Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
05031 Gkp Ltt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
05041 Gkp Ltt Spl Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12541 Gkp Ltt Sup Exp Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
55149 Gkp Muv Pass Gorakhpur Junction Manduadih
15045 Gkp Okha Expres Gorakhpur Junction Okha
15029 Gkp Pune Exp Gorakhpur Junction Pune Junction
11038 Gkp Pune Expres Gorakhpur Junction Pune Junction
12589 Gkp Sc Express Gorakhpur Junction Secunderabad Junction
15022 Gkp Shm Express Gorakhpur Junction Shalimar
15023 Gkp Ypr Exp Gorakhpur Junction Yesvantpur Junction
12591 Gkp Ypr Express Gorakhpur Junction Yesvantpur Junction
15015 Gkp Ypr Express Gorakhpur Junction Yesvantpur Junction
19309 Gnc Indore Exp Gandhinagar Cap Indore Junction Bg
22118 Gnt Double Deck Kacheguda Guntur Junction
12705 Gnt Sc Exp Guntur Junction Secunderabad Junction
07229 Gnt Tpty Spl Guntur Junction Tirupati
12779 Goa Express Vasco Da Gama H Nizamuddin
12780 Goa Express H Nizamuddin Hubli Junction
12449 Goa Smprk K Exp Madgaon Chandigarh
12450 Goa Smprk K Exp Chandigarh Madgaon
11056 Godan Express Gorakhpur Junction Lokmanyatilak T
11055 Godan Express Lokmanyatilak T Gorakhpur Junction
12728 Godavari Exp Hyderabad Decan Vishakapatnam
12727 Godavari Exp Vishakapatnam Hyderabad Decan
15315 Gokul Exp Gonda Junction Izzatnagar
15316 Gokul Express Bareilly Gonda Junction
17201 Golconda Exp Guntur Junction Secunderabad Junction
17202 Golconda Exp Secunderabad Junction Guntur Junction
12903 Goldentemple Ml Mumbai Central Amritsar Junction
12904 Goldn Temple Ml Amritsar Junction Mumbai Central
16536 Golgumbaz Exp Solapur Junction Mysore Junction
16535 Golgumbaz Exp Mysore Junction Solapur Junction
12419 Gomti Exp Lucknow Nr New Delhi
12420 Gomti Express New Delhi Lucknow Nr
15232 Gondia Bju Exp Gondia Junction Barauni Junction
15118 Gondia Cpr Exp Gondia Junction Chhapra
12406 Gondwana Expres H Nizamuddin Bhusaval Junction
12409 Gondwana Expres Raigarh H Nizamuddin
12405 Gondwana Expres Bhusaval Junction H Nizamuddin
12410 Gondwana Expres H Nizamuddin Raigarh
12555 Gorakdam Expres Gorakhpur Junction Hisar
12556 Gorakdam Expres Hisar Gorakhpur Junction
12590 Gorakhpur Exp Secunderabad Junction Gorakhpur Junction
12592 Gorakhpur Exp Yesvantpur Junction Gorakhpur Junction
15017 Gorakhpur Exp Lokmanyatilak T Gorakhpur Junction
15046 Gorakhpur Exp Okha Gorakhpur Junction
19409 Gorakhpur Exp Ahmedabad Junction Gorakhpur Junction
13154 Gour Exp Malda Town Sealdah
23154 Gour Exp Balurghat Sealdah
13153 Gour Express Sealdah Balurghat
12738 Goutami Exp Secunderabad Junction Kakinada Port
12737 Goutami Exp Kakinada Port Secunderabad Junction
01221 Gr Bpl Special Gulbarga Bhopal Junction
12615 Grand Trunk Exp Chennai Central Delhi S Rohilla
12615 Grand Trunk Exp Chennai Central New Delhi
23111 Grd Dnr Exp Giridih Danapur
23112 Grd Koaa Expres Giridih Kolkata
53520 Grd Link Pas Ex Giridih Kolkata
19011 Gujarat Express Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction
19012 Gujarat Express Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central
12902 Gujarat Mail Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central
12901 Gujarat Mail Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction
19033 Gujarat Queen Valsad Ahmedabad Junction
19034 Gujarat Queen Ahmedabad Junction Valsad
12917 Gujarat Smprk K Ahmedabad Junction H Nizamuddin
12918 Gujrat S Kranti H Nizamuddin Ahmedabad Junction
12660 Gurudev Express Shalimar Nagercoil Junction
12659 Gurudev Express Nagercoil Junction Shalimar
16342 Guruvayur Exp Trivandrum Cntl Guruvayur
16128 Guv Chennai Exp Guruvayur Chennai Egmore
12507 Guwahati Exp Trivandrum Cntl Guwahati
12509 Guwahati Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Guwahati
12515 Guwahati Exp Trivandrum Cntl Guwahati
15629 Guwahati Expres Chennai Egmore Guwahati
15635 Guwahati Expres Okha Guwahati
15645 Guwahati Expres Lokmanyatilak T Guwahati
15647 Guwahati Expres Lokmanyatilak T Guwahati
15630 Guwahati Ms Exp Guwahati Chennai Egmore
11124 Gwl Bju Mail Gwalior Barauni Junction
11126 Gwl Indb Expres Gwalior Indore Junction Bg
12197 Gwl Intercity Bhopal Junction Gwalior
01016 Gwl Ltt Spl Gwalior Lokmanyatilak T
11102 Gwl Pune Exp Gwalior Pune Junction
11112 Gwl Sushasan Exp Balrampur Gwalior
22131 Gyan Ganga Exp Pune Junction Manduadih
22132 Gyan Ganga Sf Manduadih Pune Junction
12153 Habibganj Exp Lokmanyatilak T Habibganj
12755 Haldia Express Chennai Central Haldia
22613 Haldia Express Chennai Central Haldia
59811 Haldighati Pass Ratlam Junction Agra Fort
59812 Haldighati Pass Agra Fort Ratlam Junction
16592 Hampi Exp Mysore Junction Hubli Junction
16591 Hampi Express Hubli Junction Mysore Junction
22939 Hapa Bsp Expres Hapa Bilaspur Junction
09535 Hapa Bsp Sf Spl Hapa Bilaspur Junction
19577 Hapa Express Tirunelveli Hapa
29059 Hapa Intercity Surat Hapa
12475 Hapa Jat Expres Hapa Jammu Tawi
22908 Hapa Madgaon Ex Hapa Madgaon
19578 Hapa Ten Expres Hapa Tirunelveli
22917 Haridwar Exp Bandra Terminus Haridwar Junction
19031 Haridwar Mail Ahmedabad Junction Haridwar Junction
14523 Hariharnath Exp Muzaffarpur Junction Ambala Cant Junction
17416 Haripriya Exp C Shahumharaj T Tirupati
17415 Haripriya Exp Tirupati C Shahumharaj T
13163 Hate Bazare Exp Sealdah Saharsa Junction
13164 Hate Bazare Exp Saharsa Junction Sealdah
12811 Hatia Express Lokmanyatilak T Hatia
13113 Hazarduari Exp Kolkata Lalgola
13114 Hazarduari Exp Lalgola Kolkata
22184 Hbj Double Deck Indore Junction Bg Habibganj
01659 Hbj Gaya Specia Habibganj Gaya Junction
12062 Hbj Janshatabdi Jabalpur Habibganj
01267 Hbj Jbp Spl Habibganj Jabalpur
12154 Hbj Ltt Sup Exp Habibganj Lokmanyatilak T
01658 Hbj Ngp Special Habibganj Nagpur
02185 Hbj Rewa Spl Habibganj Rewa
02191 Hbj Rewa Sup Sp Habibganj Rewa
12364 Hdb Koaa Sf Exp Haldibari Kolkata
14610 Hemkunt Exp Jammu Tawi Rishikesh
14609 Hemkunt Exp Rishikesh Jammu Tawi
05697 Hill Queen Exp Lumding Junction Lower Haflong
05698 Hill Queen Exp Lower Haflong Lumding Junction
14553 Himachal Exp Delhi Amb Andaura
14554 Himachal Expres Amb Andaura Delhi
14096 Himalayan Queen Kalka Delhi S Rohilla
52456 Himalyan Queen Simla Kalka
52455 Himalyan Queen Kalka Simla
14095 Himalyan Queen Delhi S Rohilla Kalka
12332 Himgiri Express Jammu Tawi Howrah Junction
12331 Himgiri Express Howrah Junction Jammu Tawi
16318 Himsagar Exp Jammu Tawi Tirunelveli
16317 Himsagar Exp Kanyakumari Jammu Tawi
18447 Hirakhand Exp Bhubaneswar Jagdalpur
18448 Hirakhand Exp Jagdalpur Bhubaneswar
18508 Hirakund Exp Amritsar Junction Vishakapatnam
12443 Hlz Anvt Wkly S Haldia Anand Vihar Trm
22614 Hlz Mas Sup Exp Haldia Chennai Central
22982 Hmh Kota Sf Shri Ganganagar Kota Junction
09733 Hmh Kota Specia Hanumangarh Junction Kota Junction
04751 Hmh Sgnr Spl Hanumangarh Junction Shri Ganganagar
13051 Hool Express Howrah Junction Siuri
13052 Hool Express Siuri Howrah Junction
56909 Hospet Passr Bangalore Cy Junction Hospet Junction
12261 Howrah Duronto Mumbai Cst Howrah Junction
12221 Howrah Duronto Pune Junction Howrah Junction
22832 Howrah Exp Sai P Nilayam Howrah Junction
12664 Howrah Express Tiruchchirapali Howrah Junction
12833 Howrah Express Ahmedabad Junction Howrah Junction
12809 Howrah Mail Mumbai Cst Howrah Junction
12840 Howrah Mail Chennai Central Howrah Junction
12869 Howrah Sup Exp Mumbai Cst Howrah Junction
54601 Hsr Asr Psngr Hisar Amritsar Junction
22916 Hsr Bdts S F Ex Hisar Bandra Terminus
54834 Hsr Jp Pass Hisar Jaipur
14012 Hsx Dli Exp Hoshiarpur Delhi
04414 Hsx Dli Spl Hoshiarpur Delhi
02084 Hte Cstm Sf Spl Hatia Mumbai Cst
12812 Hte Ltt Super Hatia Lokmanyatilak T
08612 Hte Ngp Special Hatia Nagpur
18626 Hte Pnbe Exp Hatia Patna Junction
22846 Hte Pune Exp Hatia Pune Junction
18624 Hte Rjpb Exp Hatia Rjndr Ngr Bihar
18616 Hte Rnc Hwh Exp Hatia Howrah Junction
08047 Hte Ypr Exam Sp Hatia Yesvantpur Junction
18637 Hte Ypr Exp Hatia Yesvantpur Junction
12835 Hte Ypr Express Hatia Yesvantpur Junction
08637 Hte Ypr Spl Hatia Yesvantpur Junction
02686 Hubli Premium Patna Junction Hubli Junction
12778 Hubli Exp Kochuveli Hubli Junction
01494 Hubli Express Bijapur Hubli Junction
06567 Hubli Express Mangalore Cntl Hubli Junction
56501 Hubli Pass Vijayawada Junction Hubli Junction
12701 Husainsagar Exp Mumbai Cst Hyderabad Decan
12702 Hussainsagar Ex Hyderabad Decan Mumbai Cst
12157 Hutatma Express Pune Junction Solapur Junction
12158 Hutatma Express Solapur Junction Pune Junction
19032 Hw Adi Mail Haridwar Junction Ahmedabad Junction
19610 Hw Aii Exp Haridwar Junction Ajmer Junction
14116 Hw Ald Exp Haridwar Junction Allahabad Junction
12053 Hw Asr Jnshtbdi Haridwar Junction Amritsar Junction
22918 Hw Bdts Sf Exp Haridwar Junction Bandra Terminus
12912 Hw Bl Sup Exp Haridwar Junction Valsad
24887 Hw Bme Link Exp Haridwar Junction Barmer
04058 Hw Dli Exp Haridwar Junction Delhi
12370 Hw Hwh S F Exp Haridwar Junction Howrah Junction
03016 Hw Hwh Spl Haridwar Junction Howrah Junction
03116 Hw Koaa Sf Spl Haridwar Junction Kolkata
12172 Hw Ltt Ac Sf Haridwar Junction Lokmanyatilak T
04316 Hw Mfp Spl Haridwar Junction Muzaffarpur Junction
15033 Hw Rmr Exp Haridwar Junction Ramnagar
12063 Hw Uhl Link Jsh Haridwar Junction Una Himachal
12834 Hwh Adi Express Howrah Junction Ahmedabad Junction
03001 Hwh Ajmer Spl Howrah Junction Ajmer Junction
13063 Hwh Blgt Exp Howrah Junction Balurghat
13025 Hwh Bpl Express Howrah Junction Bhopal Junction
58011 Hwh Ckp Pas Howrah Junction Chakradharpur
12262 Hwh Cstm Duront Howrah Junction Mumbai Cst
12870 Hwh Cstm Expres Howrah Junction Mumbai Cst
15235 Hwh Dbg Express Howrah Junction Darbhanga Junction
12847 Hwh Dgha Duront Howrah Junction Digha Flag Stn
02249 Hwh Dgha Specia Howrah Junction Digha Flag Stn
12311 Hwh Dli Klk Mai Howrah Junction Kalka
12274 Hwh Duronto Exp New Delhi Howrah Junction
13023 Hwh Gaya Expres Howrah Junction Gaya Junction
03057 Hwh Ghy Special Howrah Junction Guwahati
03067 Hwh Gkp Special Howrah Junction Gorakhpur Junction
18615 Hwh Hatia Exp Howrah Junction Hatia
13071 Hwh Jmp Express Howrah Junction Jamalpur Junction
12371 Hwh Jsm Exp Howrah Junction Jaisalmer
12307 Hwh Ju Express Howrah Junction Bikaner Junction
04824 Hwh Ju Special Howrah Junction Jodhpur Junction
13016 Hwh Kaviguru Ex Bolpur S Niktn Howrah Junction
15711 Hwh Kir Express Howrah Junction Katihar Junction
18005 Hwh Koraput Exp Howrah Junction Jagdalpur
12353 Hwh Lku Exp Howrah Junction Lal Kuan
02870 Hwh Ltt Spl Howrah Junction Lokmanyatilak T
12839 Hwh Mas Mail Howrah Junction Chennai Central
02841 Hwh Mas Premium Howrah Junction Chennai Central
53049 Hwh Mka Pas Howrah Junction Mokameh Junction
53003 Hwh Mldt F Pass Howrah Junction Malda Town
13011 Hwh Mldt Int Ex Howrah Junction Malda Town
03465 Hwh Mldt Spl Howrah Junction Malda Town
12321 Hwh Mumbai Mail Howrah Junction Mumbai Cst
12810 Hwh Mumbai Mail Howrah Junction Mumbai Cst
22817 Hwh Mys Express Howrah Junction Mysore Junction
12323 Hwh Ndls Expres Howrah Junction New Delhi
12249 Hwh Ndls Yuva E Howrah Junction New Delhi
22309 Hwh Njp Ac Exp Howrah Junction New Jalpaiguri
03063 Hwh Njp Special Howrah Junction New Jalpaiguri
12906 Hwh Pbr Okhaex Howrah Junction Okha
12867 Hwh Pdy Exp Howrah Junction Puducherry
03065 Hwh Pnbe Specia Howrah Junction Patna Junction
12827 Hwh Prr Exp Howrah Junction Purulia Junction
12222 Hwh Pune Duront Howrah Junction Pune Junction
12837 Hwh Puri Exp Howrah Junction Puri
12887 Hwh Puri Expres Howrah Junction Puri
12895 Hwh Puri Expres Howrah Junction Puri
12881 Hwh Puri G Rath Howrah Junction Puri
18627 Hwh Rnc Int Exp Howrah Junction Ranchi
22891 Hwh Rnc Int Exp Howrah Junction Ranchi
13043 Hwh Rxl Express Howrah Junction Raxual Junction
12585 Hwh Sbp Sup Exp Howrah Junction Sambalpur
22803 Hwh Sbp Sup Exp Howrah Junction Sambalpur
12574 Hwh Snsi Expres Howrah Junction Sainagar Shirdi
22894 Hwh Snsi Expres Howrah Junction Sainagar Shirdi
12571 Hwh Sspn Expres Howrah Junction Sai P Nilayam
22831 Hwh Sspn Expres Howrah Junction Sai P Nilayam
13053 Hwh Suri Exp Howrah Junction Siuri
12663 Hwh Tpj Express Howrah Junction Tiruchchirapali
22863 Hwh Ypr Ac Exp Howrah Junction Yesvantpur Junction
12245 Hwh Ypr Duronto Howrah Junction Yesvantpur Junction
12863 Hwh Ypr Express Howrah Junction Yesvantpur Junction
02863 Hwh Ypr Premium Howrah Junction Yesvantpur Junction
07091 Hyb Ald Spl Hyderabad Decan Allahabad Junction
08564 Hyb Vskp Spl Hyderabad Decan Vishakapatnam
07028 Hyb Vskp Spl Hyderabad Decan Vishakapatnam
17020 Hyb Aii Exp Hyderabad Decan Ajmer Junction
07020 Hyb Aii Spl Hyderabad Decan Ajmer Junction
12720 Hyb Aii Sup Exp Hyderabad Decan Ajmer Junction
17010 Hyb Bidr Exp Hyderabad Decan Bidar
57130 Hyb Bjp Psgr Hyderabad Decan Bijapur
17011 Hyb Bpa Expres Hyderabad Decan Belampalli
07011 Hyb Bpa Spl Hyderabad Decan Belampalli
07001 Hyb Cct Spl Hyderabad Decan Kakinada Town
07137 Hyb Fzr Spl Hyderabad Decan Firozpur Cant
07021 Hyb Jat Spl Hyderabad Decan Jammu Tawi
07125 Hyb Jp Spl Hyderabad Decan Ajmer Junction
11303 Hyb Kop Express Hyderabad Decan C Shahumharaj T
07143 Hyb Kop Spl Hyderabad Decan C Shahumharaj T
01032 Hyb Kop Spl Hyderabad Decan C Shahumharaj T
06306 Hyb Mas Sup Spl Hyderabad Decan Chennai Central
57563 Hyb Pbn Pas Hyderabad Decan Parbhani Junction
17014 Hyb Pune Exp Hyderabad Decan Pune Junction
07107 Hyb Qln Spl Hyderabad Decan Kollam Junction
07109 Hyb Qln Spl Hyderabad Decan Kollam Junction
07115 Hyb Qln Spl Hyderabad Decan Kollam Junction
07105 Hyb Qln Spl Hyderabad Decan Kollam Junction
07166 Hyb Qln Spl Hyderabad Decan Kollam Junction
07429 Hyb Ru Spl Hyderabad Decan Renigunta Junction
17005 Hyb Rxl Express Hyderabad Decan Raxual Junction
07128 Hyb Shm Spl Hyderabad Decan Shalimar
17031 Hyderabad Exp Mumbai Cst Hyderabad Decan
12603 Hyderabad Exp Chennai Central Hyderabad Decan
07108 Hyderabad Exp Kollam Junction Hyderabad Decan
07165 Hyderabad Exp Kollam Junction Hyderabad Decan
22941 Inbd Jat S F Exp Indore Junction Bg Jammu Tawi
19325 Ind Amritsar Ex Indore Junction Bg Amritsar Junction
14317 Ind Ddn Express Indore Junction Bg Dehradun
22183 Ind Double Deck Habibganj Indore Junction Bg
22185 Ind Double Deck Bhopal Junction Indore Junction Bg
11125 Ind Gwaliar Exp Indore Junction Bg Gwalior
19312 Ind Pune Expres Indore Junction Bg Pune Junction
22944 Ind Pune Expres Indore Junction Bg Pune Junction
09311 Indb Ajmer Spl Indore Junction Bg Ajmer Junction
14319 Indb Barelly Ex Indore Junction Bg Bareilly
11701 Indb Intercity Jabalpur Indore Junction Bg
19801 Indb Intercity Kota Junction Indore Junction Bg
39801 Indb Intercity Kota Junction Indore Junction Bg
19324 Indb Intercity Habibganj Indore Junction Bg
11471 Indb Jbp Exp Indore Junction Bg Jabalpur
09728 Indb Jp Sup Spl Indore Junction Bg Jaipur
12923 Indb Nagpur Exp Indore Junction Bg Nagpur
19313 Indb Patna Exp Indore Junction Bg Patna Junction
09305 Indb Patna P Sf Indore Junction Bg Patna Junction
19321 Indb Rjpb Exp Indore Junction Bg Rjndr Ngr Bihar
09309 Indb Sealdah Sp Indore Junction Bg Sealdah
21125 Indore Bhind Ex Indore Junction Bg Bhind
12227 Indore Duronto Mumbai Central Indore Junction Bg
19314 Indore Express Rjndr Ngr Bihar Indore Junction Bg
19310 Indore Gnc Exp Indore Junction Bg Gandhinagar Cap
22105 Indrayani Exp Mumbai Cst Pune Junction
22106 Indrayani Exp Pune Junction Mumbai Cst
15603 Inter City Exp Kamakhya Ledo
18411 Inter City Exp Bhubaneswar Vishakapatnam
18412 Inter City Exp Vishakapatnam Bhubaneswar
15719 Intercity Katihar Junction Siliguri Junction
15720 Intercity Siliguri Junction Katihar Junction
13401 Intercity Exp Bhagalpur Danapur
12416 Intercity Exp H Nizamuddin Indore Junction Bg
13402 Intercity Exp Danapur Bhagalpur
15604 Intercity Exp Ledo Kamakhya
12383 Intercity Exp Sealdah Asansol Junction
12384 Intercity Exp Asansol Junction Sealdah
19802 Intercity Exp Indore Junction Bg Kota Junction
22609 Intercity Exp Mangalore Cntl Coimbatore Junction
22610 Intercity Exp Coimbatore Junction Mangalore Cntl
15469 Intercity Exp Alipur Duar Junction Lumding Junction
15471 Intercity Exp Alipur Duar Junction Kamakhya
15472 Intercity Exp Kamakhya Alipur Duar Junction
19412 Intercity Exp Ajmer Junction Ahmedabad Junction
15615 Intercity Exp Kamakhya Dekargaon
15616 Intercity Exp Dekargaon Kamakhya
12127 Intercity Exp Mumbai Cst Pune Junction
12128 Intercity Exp Pune Junction Mumbai Cst
12411 Intercity Exp Chandigarh Amritsar Junction
12412 Intercity Exp Amritsar Junction Chandigarh
12466 Intercity Exp Jodhpur Junction Indore Junction Bg
12482 Intercity Exp Shri Ganganagar Delhi
12481 Intercity Exp Delhi Shri Ganganagar
12725 Intercity Exp Bangalore Cy Junction Dharwar
12726 Intercity Exp Dharwar Bangalore Cy Junction
13236 Intercity Exp Danapur Sahibganj Junction
13235 Intercity Exp Sahibganj Junction Danapur
13504 Intercity Exp Asansol Junction Sealdah
13503 Intercity Exp Sealdah Asansol Junction
14211 Intercity Exp Agra Cantt New Delhi
14212 Intercity Exp New Delhi Agra Cantt
14315 Intercity Exp Bareilly New Delhi
14316 Intercity Exp New Delhi Bareilly
15713 Intercity Exp Katihar Junction Patna Junction
15714 Intercity Exp Patna Junction Katihar Junction
19323 Intercity Exp Indore Junction Bg Habibganj
11451 Intercity Exp Jabalpur Rewa
11452 Intercity Exp Rewa Jabalpur
13465 Intercity Exp Howrah Junction Malda Town
13466 Intercity Exp Malda Town Howrah Junction
13226 Intercity Expre Danapur Jaynagar
13225 Intercity Expre Jaynagar Danapur
12530 Intercity Expre Jabalpur Habibganj
12529 Intercity Expre Habibganj Jabalpur
22187 Intercity Expre Habibganj Jabalpur
22188 Intercity Expre Jabalpur Habibganj
18695 Ipr Rjpb Expres Islampur Rjndr Ngr Bihar
13251 Ipr Rjpb Expres Islampur Rjndr Ngr Bihar
12872 Ispat Express Titlagarh Howrah Junction
12871 Ispat Express Howrah Junction Titlagarh
01705 Jabalpur Nyn Sp Jabalpur Naini
12239 Jaipur Duronto Mumbai Central Jaipur
12967 Jaipur Exp Chennai Central Jaipur
12973 Jaipur Express Indore Junction Bg Jaipur
12975 Jaipur Express Mysore Junction Jaipur
19573 Jaipur Express Okha Jaipur
54805 Jaipur Passenger Ahmedabad Junction Jaipur
09043 Jaipur Premium Bandra Terminus Jaipur
09025 Jaipur Special Bandra Terminus Jaipur
12979 Jaipur Sup Fast Bandra Terminus Jaipur
18104 Jalianwala B Ex Amritsar Junction Tatanagar Junction
18103 Jalianwala B Ex Tatanagar Junction Amritsar Junction
12380 Jalianwala B Ex Amritsar Junction Sealdah
12379 Jalianwalab Exp Sealdah Amritsar Junction
12477 Jam Jat Express Jamnagar Jammu Tawi
12414 Jammu Aii Exp Jammu Tawi Ajmer Junction
12207 Jammu Garib Rat Kathgodam Jammu Tawi
15654 Jammu Ghy Expre Jammu Tawi Guwahati
12588 Jammu Gkp Exp Jammu Tawi Gorakhpur Junction
14033 Jammu Mail Delhi Udhampur
14034 Jammu Mail Udhampur Delhi
24033 Jammu Mail Delhi Hoshiarpur
24034 Jammu Mail Hoshiarpur Delhi
12425 Jammu Rajdhani New Delhi Jammu Tawi
12426 Jammu Rajdhani Jammu Tawi New Delhi
13151 Jammu Tawi Exp Kolkata Jammu Tawi
11449 Jammutawi Exp Jabalpur Jammu Tawi
19059 Jamnagar Intcit Surat Jamnagar
12075 Jan Shatabdi Kozhikode Trivandrum Cntl
12078 Jan Shatabdi Vijayawada Junction Chennai Central
12076 Jan Shatabdi Trivandrum Cntl Kozhikode
12077 Jan Shatabdi Chennai Central Vijayawada Junction
12081 Jan Shatabdi Kannur Trivandrum Cntl
12082 Jan Shatabdi Trivandrum Cntl Kannur
12051 Jan Shatabdi Ex Dadar Madgaon
12052 Jan Shatabdi Ex Madgaon Dadar
12067 Jan Shatabdi Ex Guwahati Jorhat Town
12068 Jan Shatabdi Ex Jorhat Town Guwahati
12080 Jan Shatabdi Ex Hubli Junction Bangalore Cy Junction
12083 Jan Shatabdi Ex Mayiladuturai J Coimbatore Junction
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