Surat to Vapi Trains

Both these cities are located at a distance of 93kms. Traveling from one place to the other is easy because of the efficient rail connectivity. There are many trains that run between the two cities. On a daily basis, 16 trains run between Surat and Vapi. On a weekly basis, the count shoots up to 72.

First train that leaves Surat and takes you to Vapi is 59076 Bhusaval Junction Surat Mumbai Central Passenger. It departs from Surat at 00:00 AM and reaches Vapi at 00:01 AM. The last train that leaves Surat for Vapi is 19040 Avadh Express. It leaves at 23:30 PM and reaches the destination at 00:59 AM.

12010 Shatabdi Express is the fastest train that will take you from Surat to Vapi. It takes 0h 58m and leaves Surat at 18:02. The maximum duration of 2h 21m is taken by Saurashtra Express 19216. It departs from Surat at 12:35.

Out of all the trains that operate between Surat and Vapi,2 originate from Surat while the rest 86 pass from Surat.

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Surat Vapi Train Schedule

Trains Originating from Mumbai

Trains Passing from Surat

Train No. Name Departure Stn (Time) Arrival Stn (Time) Trip Time
12010Shatabdi ExpressSurat (18:02)Vapi (19:00)0h 58m
12932Mumbai Central DoubledeckeSurat (09:27)Vapi (10:29)1h 2m
12954Ag Kranti RajdhaniSurat (06:15)Vapi (07:18)1h 3m
19406Yesvantpur Junction Ac ExpressSurat (01:13)Vapi (02:16)1h 3m
12978Maru Sagar ExpressSurat (00:06)Vapi (01:10)1h 4m
12472Swaraj ExpressSurat (14:10)Vapi (15:18)1h 8m
22475Bikaner Junction Coimbatore Junction Ac S FSurat (00:01)Vapi (01:10)1h 9m
06512Wainganga ExpressSurat (07:43)Vapi (08:53)1h 10m
09008Bikaner Junction Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (14:10)Vapi (15:20)1h 10m
12934Karnavati ExpressSurat (08:40)Vapi (09:51)1h 11m
19030Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (13:22)Vapi (14:33)1h 11m
11103Jhansi Junction Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (13:22)Vapi (14:33)1h 11m
19578Hapa Tirunelveli ExpressSurat (07:25)Vapi (08:37)1h 12m
12998Hapa Tirunelveli Superfast ExpressSurat (07:25)Vapi (08:37)1h 12m
19064Jaisalmer Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (13:50)Vapi (15:02)1h 12m
04094New Delhi Mumbai Central Ac ExpressSurat (13:22)Vapi (14:35)1h 13m
09418Delhi S Rohilla Ahmedabad Junction PremiumSurat (13:22)Vapi (14:35)1h 13m
22916Hisar Bandra Terminus S F ExpressSurat (13:22)Vapi (14:35)1h 13m
06319H Nizamuddin Kcvl Superfast SpecialSurat (13:22)Vapi (14:35)1h 13m
19708Aravali ExpressSurat (02:22)Vapi (03:37)1h 15m
19452Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (18:35)Vapi (19:50)1h 15m
14806Barmer Yesvantpur Junction Ac ExpressSurat (18:35)Vapi (19:50)1h 15m
09022Jammu Tawi Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (09:40)Vapi (10:55)1h 15m
19028Vivek ExpressSurat (18:35)Vapi (19:50)1h 15m
22908Hapa Madgaon ExpressSurat (13:17)Vapi (14:33)1h 16m
05033Gorakhpur Junction Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (13:45)Vapi (15:02)1h 17m
09034Jaipur Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (18:35)Vapi (19:52)1h 17m
02916Hisar Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (18:35)Vapi (19:52)1h 17m
19062Ramnagar Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (18:35)Vapi (19:52)1h 17m
09232Bhavnagar Trmus Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (03:10)Vapi (04:28)1h 18m
09643Jaipur Bandra Terminus Urs SpecialSurat (16:55)Vapi (18:13)1h 18m
19132Kutch ExpressSurat (07:05)Vapi (08:25)1h 20m
02533Gorakhpur Junction Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (13:08)Vapi (14:28)1h 20m
09056Patna Junction Surat PremiumSurat (20:40)Vapi (22:00)1h 20m
09044Jaipur Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (03:05)Vapi (04:25)1h 20m
09012Patna Junction Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (12:40)Vapi (14:00)1h 20m
06530Jaipur Yesvantpur Junction SpecialSurat (15:15)Vapi (16:35)1h 20m
19116Bhuj Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (10:00)Vapi (11:21)1h 21m
09048Jaipur Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (05:02)Vapi (06:23)1h 21m
09221Secunderabad SpecialSurat (14:30)Vapi (15:51)1h 21m
22996Ajmer Junction Bandra Terminus Superfast ExpressSurat (10:13)Vapi (11:36)1h 23m
12980Jaipur Bandra Terminus Superfast ExpressSurat (10:13)Vapi (11:36)1h 23m
12996Udaipur City Bandra Terminus Superfast ExpressSurat (10:13)Vapi (11:36)1h 23m
01653Habibganj Bandra Terminus Superfast SpecialSurat (03:00)Vapi (04:23)1h 23m
09014Lucknow Ne Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (03:00)Vapi (04:23)1h 23m
09302Indore Junction Bg Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (05:02)Vapi (06:25)1h 23m
12926Paschim ExpressSurat (10:25)Vapi (11:50)1h 25m
22926Paschim ExpressSurat (10:25)Vapi (11:50)1h 25m
09649Ajmer Junction Ahmedabad Junction SpecialSurat (13:10)Vapi (14:35)1h 25m
06574Jaipur Yesvantpur Junction SpecialSurat (15:05)Vapi (16:30)1h 25m
14707Ranakpur ExpressSurat (04:42)Vapi (06:08)1h 26m
11087Veraval Pune Junction ExpressSurat (20:20)Vapi (21:46)1h 26m
11091Bhuj Pune Junction ExpressSurat (20:20)Vapi (21:46)1h 26m
11095Ahimsa ExpressSurat (20:20)Vapi (21:46)1h 26m
11089Bgktpune ExpressSurat (20:20)Vapi (21:46)1h 26m
19018Sanand Janata ExpressSurat (00:55)Vapi (02:22)1h 27m
19038Avadh ExpressSurat (23:30)Vapi (00:57)1h 27m
16311Bikaner Junction Kcvl ExpressSurat (15:45)Vapi (17:12)1h 27m
09420Ahmedabad Junction Mangalore Junction Superfast SpecialSurat (20:20)Vapi (21:48)1h 28m
11049Kolhapur ExpressSurat (00:18)Vapi (01:46)1h 28m
19040Avadh ExpressSurat (23:30)Vapi (00:59)1h 29m
19006Saurashtra MailSurat (02:35)Vapi (04:05)1h 30m
59460Veraval Mumbai Central Passenger ExpressSurat (02:35)Vapi (04:05)1h 30m
11102Kanhan ValleySurat (10:45)Vapi (12:15)1h 30m
06532Yashvantpur SpecialSurat (04:08)Vapi (05:40)1h 32m
19012Gujarat ExpressSurat (11:20)Vapi (12:53)1h 33m
16209Ajmer Junction Mysore Junction ExpressSurat (19:15)Vapi (20:49)1h 34m
16507Bhagat Ki Kothi SbcexpSurat (19:15)Vapi (20:49)1h 34m
16531Bangalore Cy Junction Garib NawajSurat (19:15)Vapi (20:49)1h 34m
12972Bhavnagar Trmus Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (05:55)Vapi (07:32)1h 37m
16333Veraval Tvc ExpressSurat (15:35)Vapi (17:12)1h 37m
16335Nagercoil ExpressSurat (15:35)Vapi (17:12)1h 37m
04096New Delhi Tvc Ac SpecialSurat (16:40)Vapi (18:18)1h 38m
22918Haridwar Junction Bandra Terminus Superfast ExpressSurat (16:40)Vapi (18:18)1h 38m
09562Okha Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (04:00)Vapi (05:40)1h 40m
04092H Nizamuddin Mumbai Central Ac SpecialSurat (16:55)Vapi (18:39)1h 44m
19050Patna Junction Bandra Terminus ExpressUdhna Junction (03:55)Vapi (05:39)1h 44m
19144Lok Shakti ExpressSurat (01:08)Vapi (02:53)1h 45m
17017Rajkot Junction Secunderabad Junction ExpressSurat (14:05)Vapi (15:50)1h 45m
19568Vivek ExpressSurat (14:05)Vapi (15:50)1h 45m
19202Porbandar Secunderabad Junction ExpressSurat (14:05)Vapi (15:50)1h 45m
09759Jaipur Pune Junction SpecialSurat (15:55)Vapi (17:40)1h 45m
09028Jaipur Bandra Terminus SpecialSurat (23:10)Vapi (01:10)2h 0m
19024Firozpur Cant Mumbai Central JantaSurat (13:35)Vapi (15:46)2h 11m
09062Ramnagar Bandra Terminus ExpressSurat (18:50)Vapi (21:02)2h 12m
19216Saurashtra ExpressSurat (12:35)Vapi (14:56)2h 21m
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run from Surat to Vapi?
    The following trains start from Surat - Surat Bandra Terminus Express, Flying Ranee. In addition to this, trains like Shatabdi Express, Mumbai Central Doubledecke, Ag Kranti Rajdhani pass through Surat to reach Vapi.
  2. How many weekly trains are there from Surat to Vapi?
    There are 235 weekly trains from Surat to Vapi. Following are the train names and their respective train number - Surat Bandra Terminus Express (12936), Flying Ranee (12922), Bhusaval Junction Surat Mumbai Central Passenger (59076).
  3. When does the first train leave from Surat?
    The first train from Surat to Vapi is at 00:00 AM, which is Bhusaval Junction Surat Mumbai Central Passenger (59076) followed by Bikaner Junction Coimbatore Junction Ac S F (22475) which leaves at 00:01 AM.
  4. When does the last train leave from Surat?
    The last train from Surat to Vapi is at 23:30 PM, which is Avadh Express (19040).
  5. What are the different stations in Surat & it's respective code?
    Different station in Surat are Surat (ST), Udhna Junction (UDN), Bhestan (BHET), Kosad (KSE).
  6. What are the different stations in Vapi & it's respective code?
    Vapi with station code VAPI is the only station present in Vapi.

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