New Delhi to Delhi Trains

Both these cities are located at a distance of 9kms. Traveling from one place to the other is easy because of the efficient rail connectivity. There are many trains that run between the two cities. On a daily basis, 35 trains run between New Delhi and Delhi. On a weekly basis, the count shoots up to 25.

First train that leaves New Delhi and takes you to Delhi is 19307 Chandigarh Express. It departs from New Delhi at 00:47 AM and reaches Delhi at 01:15 AM. The last train that leaves New Delhi for Delhi is 12498 Shane Punjab. It leaves at 22:20 PM and reaches the destination at 22:50 PM.

12056 New Delhi Janshatabd is the fastest train that will take you from New Delhi to Delhi. It takes 0h 18m and leaves New Delhi at 10:52. The maximum duration of 1h 22m is taken by U A Toofan Express 13008. It departs from New Delhi at 05:08.

Out of all the trains that operate between New Delhi and Delhi,1 originate from New Delhi while the rest 59 pass from New Delhi.

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New Delhi Delhi Train Schedule

Trains Originating from Mumbai

Trains Passing from New Delhi

Train No. Name Departure Stn (Time) Arrival Stn (Time) Trip Time
12056New Delhi JanshatabdTilak Bridge (10:52)New Delhi (11:10)0h 18m
12471Swaraj ExpressH Nizamuddin (04:10)New Delhi (04:30)0h 20m
22455Snsi Kalka Superfast ExpressH Nizamuddin (07:15)New Delhi (07:35)0h 20m
04911H Nizamuddin Beas SpecialH Nizamuddin (19:50)New Delhi (20:10)0h 20m
12475Hapa Jammu Tawi ExpressH Nizamuddin (04:10)New Delhi (04:30)0h 20m
12477Jam Jammu Tawi ExpressH Nizamuddin (04:10)New Delhi (04:30)0h 20m
12473Sarvodaya ExpressH Nizamuddin (04:10)New Delhi (04:30)0h 20m
12192Jabalpur New Delhi Superfast ExpressH Nizamuddin (11:19)New Delhi (11:40)0h 21m
11057Amritsar ExpressH Nizamuddin (03:49)New Delhi (04:10)0h 21m
12615Grand Trunk ExpressH Nizamuddin (05:59)New Delhi (06:20)0h 21m
12621Tamil Nadu ExpressH Nizamuddin (06:39)New Delhi (07:00)0h 21m
12625Kerala ExpressH Nizamuddin (13:19)New Delhi (13:40)0h 21m
12460Amritsar Junction New Delhi ExpressSubzi Mandi (13:53)New Delhi (14:15)0h 22m
12920Malwa ExpressSubzi Mandi (18:38)New Delhi (19:00)0h 22m
12137Punjab MailH Nizamuddin (20:53)New Delhi (21:15)0h 22m
12472Swaraj ExpressSubzi Mandi (21:08)New Delhi (21:30)0h 22m
12474Sarvodaya ExpressSubzi Mandi (21:08)New Delhi (21:30)0h 22m
12476Jammu Tawi Hapa ExpressSubzi Mandi (21:08)New Delhi (21:30)0h 22m
12478Jammu Tawi Jamnagr ExpressSubzi Mandi (21:08)New Delhi (21:30)0h 22m
12715Sachkhand ExpressH Nizamuddin (11:47)New Delhi (12:10)0h 23m
12483Amritsar ExpressH Nizamuddin (10:42)New Delhi (11:05)0h 23m
14315Intercity ExpressAnand Vihar (09:40)New Delhi (10:05)0h 25m
12926Paschim ExpressSubzi Mandi (16:00)New Delhi (16:25)0h 25m
22926Paschim ExpressSubzi Mandi (16:00)New Delhi (16:25)0h 25m
14034Jammu MailNarela (04:44)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (05:09)0h 25m
24034Jammu MailNarela (04:44)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (05:09)0h 25m
12723Andhra Pradesh ExpH Nizamuddin (08:40)New Delhi (09:05)0h 25m
15279Poorbiya ExpressDelhi (13:50)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (14:15)0h 25m
12449Goa Sampark K ExpressH Nizamuddin (17:25)New Delhi (17:50)0h 25m
02455Guwahati New Delhi Raj SpecialH Nizamuddin (07:15)New Delhi (07:40)0h 25m
11077Jhelum ExpressH Nizamuddin (20:18)New Delhi (20:45)0h 27m
12058New Delhi JanshtbdiSubzi Mandi (11:32)New Delhi (12:00)0h 28m
18507Vishakapatnam Junction Amritsar Junction Hirakud ExpressH Nizamuddin (14:17)New Delhi (14:45)0h 28m
19307Chandigarh ExpressH Nizamuddin (00:47)New Delhi (01:15)0h 28m
12498Shane PunjabSubzi Mandi (22:20)New Delhi (22:50)0h 30m
04912Beas H Nizamuddin SpecialSubzi Mandi (03:20)New Delhi (03:50)0h 30m
12217Sampark KranthiH Nizamuddin (14:00)New Delhi (14:30)0h 30m
12919Malwa ExpressH Nizamuddin (04:37)New Delhi (05:10)0h 33m
12016Ajmer ShatabdiDelhi Cantt (22:05)New Delhi (22:40)0h 35m
12925Paschim ExpressH Nizamuddin (10:05)New Delhi (10:40)0h 35m
12627Karnataka ExpressH Nizamuddin (09:55)New Delhi (10:30)0h 35m
22685Yesvantpur Junction SkrantiexpH Nizamuddin (13:00)New Delhi (13:35)0h 35m
12138Punjab MailShakurbasti (04:13)New Delhi (04:50)0h 37m
16032Andaman ExpressShakurbasti (12:58)New Delhi (13:35)0h 37m
16688Navyug ExpressShakurbasti (12:58)New Delhi (13:35)0h 37m
11450Jammu Tawi Jabalpur ExpressShakurbasti (12:58)New Delhi (13:35)0h 37m
16318Himsagar ExpressShakurbasti (12:58)New Delhi (13:35)0h 37m
12957Swarna J Raj ExpressDelhi Cantt (06:45)New Delhi (07:30)0h 45m
04032Chandigarh Delhi ExpressNarela (19:30)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (20:17)0h 47m
19023Firozpur Cant Janata ExpressTuglakabad (11:57)New Delhi (12:45)0h 48m
13007U Abhatoofan ExpressTuglakabad (18:51)New Delhi (19:40)0h 49m
12556Gorakdam ExpressNangloi (19:20)New Delhi (20:10)0h 50m
19565Uttaranchal ExpressDelhi Cantt (09:50)New Delhi (10:40)0h 50m
14211Intercity ExpressTuglakabad (09:27)New Delhi (10:20)0h 53m
19024Firozpur Cant Mumbai Central JantaNangloi (12:05)New Delhi (13:05)1h 0m
14324Rohtak Junction New Delhi ExpressNangloi (14:59)New Delhi (16:00)1h 1m
11078Jhelum ExpressNarela (08:55)New Delhi (10:00)1h 5m
11058Amritsar Junction Lokmanyatilak Terminus ExpressNarela (19:13)New Delhi (20:20)1h 7m
13008U A Toofan ExpressNangloi (05:08)New Delhi (06:30)1h 22m
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run from New Delhi to Delhi?
    The following trains start from New Delhi - Delhi Chandigarh Express. In addition to this, trains like New Delhi Janshatabd, Swaraj Express, Snsi Kalka Superfast Express pass through New Delhi to reach Delhi.
  2. How many weekly trains are there from New Delhi to Delhi?
    There are 291 weekly trains from New Delhi to Delhi. Following are the train names and their respective train number - Delhi Chandigarh Express (4031), Intercity Express (14211), Intercity Express (14315).
  3. When does the first train leave from New Delhi?
    The first train from New Delhi to Delhi is at 00:47 AM, which is Chandigarh Express (19307) followed by Beas H Nizamuddin Special (04912) which leaves at 03:20 AM.
  4. When does the last train leave from New Delhi?
    The last train from New Delhi to Delhi is at 22:20 PM, which is Shane Punjab (12498).
  5. What are the different stations in New Delhi & it's respective code?
    Different station in New Delhi are H Nizamuddin (NZM), Delhi S Rohilla (DEE), Anand Vihar Trm (ANVT), Delhi (DLI), Subzi Mandi (SZM), Delhi Cantt (DEC), Narela (NUR), Delhi Shahdara (DSA), Shakurbasti (SSB), Palam (PM), Tuglakabad (TKD), Okhla (OKA), Anand Vihar (ANVR), Tilak Bridge (TKJ), Shivaji Bridge (CSB), Delhi Kishangnj (DKZ), Nangloi (NNO), Mangolpuri (MGLP), Delhi Safdarjng (DSJ), Bijwasan (BWSN), Badli (BHD), Viveka Vihar (VVB).
  6. What are the different stations in Delhi & it's respective code?
    Different stations in Delhi are New Delhi (NDLS), Adrsh Ngr Delhi (ANDI).

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