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Mumbai Vadodara Trains

Looking for cheap Mumbai Vadodara trains? Take a look at the train schedule and book your travel only on Cleartrip.com. We offer you a wide choice of express trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto etc. for your train booking. There are 274 weekly trains from Mumbai to Vadodara.

There are 274 weekly trains from Mumbai to Vadodara. The different trains that you can find for Mumbai to Vadodara are Dehradun Express, Gujarat Express, Firozpur Cant Janata Express, Paschim Express, Ahmadabad Passenger etc. Dehradun Express with train no 19019 is the first train that departs from Mumbai at 00:05 AM. Where as Gandhidham Express having train no. 19451 is the last train that departs from Mumbai at 23:55 PM.

Mumbai Vadodara Train Schedule

Trains Originating from Mumbai

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
12951Mumbai RajdhaniMumbai Central (16:40)Vadodara Junction (21:07)4h 27m
12247Bandra Terminus H Nizamuddin Yuva EBandra Terminus (16:50)Vadodara Junction (21:32)4h 42m
12909H Nizamuddin Garib RathBandra Terminus (16:50)Vadodara Junction (21:32)4h 42m
12216Delhi S Rohilla GaribrathBandra Terminus (12:55)Vadodara Junction (17:43)4h 48m
09025Jaipur SpecialBandra Terminus (23:55)Vadodara Junction (04:45)4h 50m
12009Shatabdi ExpressMumbai Central (06:25)Vadodara Junction (11:15)4h 50m
22903Bhuj Ac S F ExpressBandra Terminus (23:55)Vadodara Junction (04:45)4h 50m
12953Aug Kr Raj ExpressMumbai Central (17:40)Vadodara Junction (22:35)4h 55m
12931Ahmedabad Junction Double DeckMumbai Central (14:20)Vadodara Junction (19:35)5h 15m
09017Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction Ac SpecialMumbai Central (12:30)Vadodara Junction (17:55)5h 25m
12903Goldentemple MalhourMumbai Central (21:30)Vadodara Junction (02:57)5h 27m
11104Bandra Terminus Jhansi ExpressBandra Terminus (05:10)Vadodara Junction (10:40)5h 30m
09021Jammu Tawi SpecialBandra Terminus (05:10)Vadodara Junction (10:40)5h 30m
09011Bandra Terminus Patna Junction SpecialBandra Terminus (05:10)Vadodara Junction (10:40)5h 30m
19061Ramnagar ExpressBandra Terminus (05:10)Vadodara Junction (10:40)5h 30m
05034Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Junction SpecialBandra Terminus (05:10)Vadodara Junction (10:40)5h 30m
04511Chandigarh Superfast SpecialBandra Terminus (12:05)Vadodara Junction (17:40)5h 35m
09033Bandra Terminus Jaipur SpecialBandra Terminus (05:10)Vadodara Junction (10:45)5h 35m
22451Chandigarh Superfast FastBandra Terminus (12:05)Vadodara Junction (17:43)5h 38m
19027Vivek ExpressBandra Terminus (12:05)Vadodara Junction (17:43)5h 38m
04728Dadar Bikaner Junction Superfast SpecialBandra Terminus (14:35)Vadodara Junction (20:15)5h 40m
12471Swaraj ExpressBandra Terminus (07:55)Vadodara Junction (13:35)5h 40m
12955Mumbai Central Jaipur ExpressMumbai Central (18:50)Vadodara Junction (00:30)5h 40m
19063Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer ExpressBandra Terminus (14:35)Vadodara Junction (20:15)5h 40m
12989Ajmer ExpressDadar (14:35)Vadodara Junction (20:20)5h 45m
02534Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Junction Superfast SpecialBandra Terminus (04:45)Vadodara Junction (10:30)5h 45m
09045Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer SpecialBandra Terminus (14:35)Vadodara Junction (20:20)5h 45m
12490Dadar Bikaner ExpressDadar (14:35)Vadodara Junction (20:20)5h 45m
12933Karnavati ExpressMumbai Central (13:40)Vadodara Junction (19:25)5h 45m
22474Bandra Terminus Bikaner Junction Superfast ExpressBandra Terminus (14:35)Vadodara Junction (20:20)5h 45m
09023Bandra Terminus Bikaner SpecialBandra Terminus (12:25)Vadodara Junction (18:10)5h 45m
12961Avantika ExpressMumbai Central (19:05)Vadodara Junction (00:52)5h 47m
19707Aravali ExpressBandra Terminus (21:00)Vadodara Junction (02:52)5h 52m
12907Bandra Terminus Sampark K ExpressBandra Terminus (16:50)Vadodara Junction (22:45)5h 55m
12971Bhavnagar ExpressBandra Terminus (21:30)Vadodara Junction (03:25)5h 55m
12925Paschim ExpressBandra Terminus (11:35)Vadodara Junction (17:30)5h 55m
09043Jaipur Ac SuperfastBandra Terminus (16:50)Vadodara Junction (22:45)5h 55m
22901Udaipur City Super FastBandra Terminus (23:25)Vadodara Junction (05:22)5h 57m
09047Jaipur SpecialBandra Terminus (12:55)Vadodara Junction (18:52)5h 57m
22915Bandra Terminus Hisar Superfast ExpressBandra Terminus (12:55)Vadodara Junction (18:52)5h 57m
12959Dadar Bhuj ExpressDadar (00:05)Vadodara Junction (06:05)6h 0m
19005Saurashtra MailMumbai Central (20:25)Vadodara Junction (02:30)6h 5m
09005New Delhi Ac Superfast SpecialMumbai Central (19:45)Vadodara Junction (01:50)6h 5m
09003New Delhi Ac Superfast FasMumbai Central (19:45)Vadodara Junction (01:50)6h 5m
22917Haridwar ExpressBandra Terminus (11:50)Vadodara Junction (17:58)6h 8m
01654Bandra Terminus Habibganj SpecialBandra Terminus (11:50)Vadodara Junction (18:00)6h 10m
19451Gandhidham ExpressBandra Terminus (23:55)Vadodara Junction (06:05)6h 10m
04091H Nizamuddin Ac SpecialMumbai Central (00:05)Vadodara Junction (06:20)6h 15m
09013Lucknow SpecialBandra Terminus (12:25)Vadodara Junction (18:40)6h 15m
09061Bandra Terminus Ramnagar ExpressBandra Terminus (11:00)Vadodara Junction (17:16)6h 16m
12901Gujarat MailMumbai Central (22:00)Vadodara Junction (04:17)6h 17m
09007Mumbai Central Bikaner SpecialMumbai Central (11:00)Vadodara Junction (17:20)6h 20m
19065Bandra Terminus Jodhpur ExpressBandra Terminus (23:25)Vadodara Junction (05:45)6h 20m
09642Bandra Terminus Ajmer Junction SpecialBandra Terminus (23:55)Vadodara Junction (06:20)6h 25m
19029Bandra Terminus Delhi S Rohilla ExpressBandra Terminus (12:25)Vadodara Junction (18:52)6h 27m
09301Bandra Terminus Indore SpecialBandra Terminus (12:25)Vadodara Junction (18:52)6h 27m
09029Bandra Terminus Indore SpecialMumbai Central (12:25)Vadodara Junction (18:52)6h 27m
19017Sanand Janata ExpressBandra Terminus (17:35)Vadodara Junction (00:02)6h 27m
19131Kutch ExpressBandra Terminus (17:10)Vadodara Junction (23:40)6h 30m
19019Dehradun ExpressBandra Terminus (00:05)Vadodara Junction (06:40)6h 35m
14708Ranakpur ExpressBandra Terminus (15:05)Vadodara Junction (21:40)6h 35m
12995Bandra Terminus Ajmer Junction Udaipur City ExpressBandra Terminus (15:45)Vadodara Junction (22:20)6h 35m
19143Lok Shakti ExpressBandra Terminus (19:40)Vadodara Junction (02:22)6h 42m
12979Jaipur Superfast FastBandra Terminus (15:45)Vadodara Junction (22:28)6h 43m
19011Gujarat ExpressMumbai Central (05:45)Vadodara Junction (12:40)6h 55m
09063Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer ExpressBandra Terminus (11:10)Vadodara Junction (18:10)7h 0m
09451Gandhidham SpecialBandra Terminus (23:55)Vadodara Junction (06:55)7h 0m
09561Bandra Terminus Okha SpecialBandra Terminus (00:15)Vadodara Junction (07:20)7h 5m
02915Bandra Terminus Hisar Superfast ExpressBandra Terminus (11:30)Vadodara Junction (18:52)7h 22m
09620Bandra Terminus Ajmer Junction Urs SpecialBandra Terminus (23:55)Vadodara Junction (07:30)7h 35m
19023Firozpur Cant Janata ExpressMumbai Central (07:25)Vadodara Junction (15:55)8h 30m
09231Bandra Terminus Bhavnagar Trmus SpecialBandra Terminus (13:15)Vadodara Junction (21:55)8h 40m
59439Ahmadabad PassengerMumbai Central (12:15)Vadodara Junction (00:40)12h 25m
04093Mumbai Central New Delhi Ac SpecialPanvel (05:35)Vadodara Junction (14:10)32h 35m

Trains Passing from Mumbai

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
12449Goa Sampark K ExpressPanvel (23:00)Vadodara Junction (02:00)3h 0m
04095Newdelhi Ac ExpressPanvel (20:15)Vadodara Junction (01:50)5h 35m
16532Garib Nawaz ExpressVasai Road (22:55)Vadodara Junction (04:38)5h 43m
09533Madgaon Hapa SpecialPanvel (20:00)Vadodara Junction (02:10)6h 10m
19567Vivek ExpressKalyan Junction (07:50)Vadodara Junction (14:10)6h 20m
06511Wainganga ExpressKalyan Junction (07:48)Vadodara Junction (14:10)6h 22m
09650Ajmer SpecialBandra Terminus (23:35)Vadodara Junction (06:05)6h 30m
09760Pune Junction Jaipur SpecialKalyan Junction (06:37)Vadodara Junction (13:10)6h 33m
22907Madgaon Hapa Superfast ExpressPanvel (19:20)Vadodara Junction (02:05)6h 45m
02907Madgaon Hapa ExpressPanvel (19:20)Vadodara Junction (02:05)6h 45m
16534Bangalore Cy Junction Jodhpur ExpressKalyan Junction (21:45)Vadodara Junction (04:38)6h 53m
12977Maru Sagar ExpressPanvel (20:45)Vadodara Junction (03:40)6h 55m
22633Nizamuddin ExpressPanvel (20:45)Vadodara Junction (03:40)6h 55m
12483Amritsar ExpressPanvel (11:00)Vadodara Junction (17:58)6h 58m
06551Yesvantpur Junction Jaipur ExpressKalyan Junction (10:20)Vadodara Junction (17:20)7h 0m
06573Yesvantpur Junction Jaipur ExpressKalyan Junction (10:20)Vadodara Junction (17:20)7h 0m
17204Kakinada Town Bhavnagar Trmus ExpressKalyan Junction (04:50)Vadodara Junction (11:55)7h 5m
11101Kanhan Valle ExpressPanvel (02:53)Vadodara Junction (10:10)7h 17m
06529Yesvantpur Junction Jaipur ExpressKalyan Junction (15:25)Vadodara Junction (22:45)7h 20m
12939Pune Junction Jaipur ExpressKalyan Junction (17:45)Vadodara Junction (01:05)7h 20m
09704Yesvantpur Junction Jaipur ExpressKalyan Junction (15:25)Vadodara Junction (22:45)7h 20m
16210Ajmer ExpressKarjat (20:50)Vadodara Junction (04:38)7h 48m
16508Jodhpur ExpressKarjat (20:50)Vadodara Junction (04:38)7h 48m
01109Pune Junction Indore SpecialKarjat (21:30)Vadodara Junction (05:20)7h 50m
19311Pune Junction Indore ExpressKarjat (16:55)Vadodara Junction (01:05)8h 10m
12217Sampark KranthiPanvel (13:40)Vadodara Junction (21:52)8h 12m
12287Dehradun ExpressPanvel (13:40)Vadodara Junction (21:52)8h 12m
11050Ahmedabad ExpressKarjat (21:30)Vadodara Junction (05:45)8h 15m
11090Pune Junction Jodhpur ExpressKarjat (21:30)Vadodara Junction (05:45)8h 15m
11092Pune Junction Bhuj ExpressKarjat (21:30)Vadodara Junction (05:45)8h 15m
11088Pune Junction Veraval ExpressKarjat (21:30)Vadodara Junction (05:45)8h 15m
11096Ahimsa ExpressKarjat (21:30)Vadodara Junction (05:45)8h 15m
09419Ahmedabad ExpressPanvel (14:40)Vadodara Junction (23:10)8h 30m
06320Kcvl H Nizamuddin ExpressPanvel (05:35)Vadodara Junction (14:10)8h 35m
12431Rajdhani ExpressPanvel (20:45)Vadodara Junction (03:33)30h 48m
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run from Mumbai to Vadodara?
    The following trains start from Mumbai - Mumbai Rajdhani, Bandra Terminus H Nizamuddin Yuva E, H Nizamuddin Garib Rath. In addition to this, trains like Goa Sampark K Express, Newdelhi Ac Express, Garib Nawaz Express pass through Mumbai to reach Vadodara.
  2. How many weekly trains are there from Mumbai to Vadodara?
    There are 274 weekly trains from Mumbai to Vadodara. Following are the train names and their respective train number - Dehradun Express (19019), Gujarat Express (19011), Firozpur Cant Janata Express (19023).
  3. When does the first train leave from Mumbai?
    The first train from Mumbai to Vadodara is at 00:05 AM, which is Dehradun Express (19019) followed by Dadar Bhuj Express (12959) which leaves at 00:05 AM.
  4. When does the last train leave from Mumbai?
    The last train from Mumbai to Vadodara is at 23:55 PM, which is Gandhidham Express (19451).
  5. What are the different stations in Mumbai & it's respective code?
    Different station in Mumbai are Bandra Terminus (BDTS), Mumbai Central (BCT), Dadar (DDR), Mumbai Cst (CSTM), Lokmanyatilak Terminus (LTT), Dadar (DR), Andheri (ADH), Borivali (BVI), Vasai Road (BSR), Kalyan Junction (KYN), Palghar (PLG), Panvel (PNVL), Karjat (KJT), Dahanu Road (DRD), Virar (VR).
  6. What are the different stations in Vadodara & it's respective code?
    Vadodara Junction with station code BRC is the only station present in Vadodara.

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