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Ludhiana New Delhi Trains

Looking for cheap Ludhiana New Delhi trains? Take a look at the train schedule and book your travel only on Cleartrip.com. We offer you a wide choice of express trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto etc. for your train booking. There are 131 weekly trains from Ludhiana to New Delhi.

There are 131 weekly trains from Ludhiana to New Delhi. The different trains that you can find for Ludhiana to New Delhi are Shane Punjab, Amritsar Junction New Delhi Express, Jhelum Express, Shalimar Express, Jammu Tawi Muri Rourkela Express etc. Dhauladhar Express with train no 14036 is the first train that departs from Ludhiana at 00:55 AM. Where as Goldn Temple Malhour having train no. 12904 is the last train that departs from Ludhiana at 23:50 PM.

Ludhiana New Delhi Train Schedule

Trains Passing from Ludhiana

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
02452Jammu Tawi Kanpur Central PremiumLudhiana Junction (22:25)Delhi (03:20)4h 55m
12920Malwa ExpressLudhiana Junction (13:40)Subzi Mandi (18:36)4h 56m
12498Shane PunjabLudhiana Junction (17:18)Subzi Mandi (22:18)5h 0m
22402Udhampur Delhi S Rohilla Ac SuperfastLudhiana Junction (23:15)Delhi S Rohilla (04:20)5h 5m
15708Amritsar Junction Katihar Junction ExpressLudhiana Junction (09:55)Delhi (15:05)5h 10m
12472Swaraj ExpressLudhiana Junction (15:50)Subzi Mandi (21:06)5h 16m
12476Jammu Tawi Hapa ExpressLudhiana Junction (15:50)Subzi Mandi (21:06)5h 16m
12478Jammu Tawi Jamnagr ExpressLudhiana Junction (15:50)Subzi Mandi (21:06)5h 16m
12460Amritsar Junction New Delhi ExpressLudhiana Junction (08:35)Subzi Mandi (13:51)5h 16m
12474Sarvodaya ExpressLudhiana Junction (15:50)Subzi Mandi (21:06)5h 16m
12380Jalianwala B ExpressLudhiana Junction (13:00)Delhi (18:20)5h 20m
12926Paschim ExpressLudhiana Junction (10:25)Subzi Mandi (15:58)5h 33m
14038Pathankot Delhi ExpressLudhiana Junction (11:45)Delhi (17:25)5h 40m
12550Jammu Tawi Durg Superfast ExpressLudhiana Junction (09:40)Delhi Safdarjng (15:20)5h 40m
12484Amritsar Junction Kcvl ExpressLudhiana Junction (08:05)H Nizamuddin (13:58)5h 53m
12414Jammu Ajmer Junction ExpressLudhiana Junction (22:55)Delhi Cantt (04:59)6h 4m
14012Hoshiarpur Delhi ExpressLudhiana Junction (01:05)Delhi (07:10)6h 5m
24034Jammu MailLudhiana Junction (23:35)Delhi (05:45)6h 10m
14034Jammu MailLudhiana Junction (23:35)Delhi (05:45)6h 10m
04036Udhampur Delhi S Rohilla SpecialLudhiana Junction (17:08)Delhi S Rohilla (23:20)6h 12m
18508Hirakund ExpressLudhiana Junction (02:15)H Nizamuddin (08:30)6h 15m
09022Jammu Tawi Bandra Terminus SpecialLudhiana Junction (09:50)Tuglakabad (16:05)6h 15m
09308Jammu Tawi Indore Junction Bg Superfast SpecialLudhiana Junction (04:05)Delhi Safdarjng (10:25)6h 20m
14650Saryuyamuna ExpressLudhiana Junction (14:25)Delhi (20:45)6h 20m
14674Shaheed ExpressLudhiana Junction (14:25)Delhi (20:45)6h 20m
18110Jammu Tawi Muri Rourkela ExpressLudhiana Junction (22:05)Delhi (04:30)6h 25m
11078Jhelum ExpressLudhiana Junction (03:00)Subzi Mandi (09:28)6h 28m
07022Jammu Tawi Hyderabad Decan SpecialLudhiana Junction (09:50)Tuglakabad (16:25)6h 35m
14036Dhauladhar ExpressLudhiana Junction (00:55)Delhi (07:45)6h 50m
09806Udhampur Kota Junction SpecialLudhiana Junction (03:55)Tuglakabad (10:55)7h 0m
04052Udhampur Anand Vihar Trm SpecialLudhiana Junction (22:45)Anand Vihar Trm (05:45)7h 0m
12904Goldn Temple MalhourLudhiana Junction (23:50)H Nizamuddin (07:10)7h 20m
19326Amritsar Junction Indore Junction Bg ExpressLudhiana Junction (01:40)H Nizamuddin (09:50)8h 10m
14646Shalimar ExpressLudhiana Junction (02:30)Delhi (10:55)8h 25m
11450Jammu Tawi Jabalpur ExpressLudhiana Junction (05:00)H Nizamuddin (14:45)9h 45m
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run from Ludhiana to New Delhi?
    Trains like Jammu Tawi Kanpur Central Premium, Malwa Express, Shane Punjab pass through Ludhiana to reach New Delhi.
  2. How many weekly trains are there from Ludhiana to New Delhi?
    There are 131 weekly trains from Ludhiana to New Delhi. Following are the train names and their respective train number - Shane Punjab (12498), Amritsar Junction New Delhi Express (12460), Jhelum Express (11078).
  3. When does the first train leave from Ludhiana?
    The first train from Ludhiana to New Delhi is at 00:55 AM, which is Dhauladhar Express (14036) followed by Hoshiarpur Delhi Express (14012) which leaves at 01:05 AM.
  4. When does the last train leave from Ludhiana?
    The last train from Ludhiana to New Delhi is at 23:50 PM, which is Goldn Temple Malhour (12904).
  5. What are the different stations in Ludhiana & it's respective code?
    Different station in Ludhiana are Ludhiana Junction (LDH), Dhandari Kalan (DDL).
  6. What are the different stations in New Delhi & it's respective code?
    Different stations in New Delhi are H Nizamuddin (NZM), Delhi Shahdara (DSA), Delhi Cantt (DEC), Subzi Mandi (SZM), Narela (NUR), Shakurbasti (SSB), Palam (PM), Tuglakabad (TKD), Okhla (OKA), Tilak Bridge (TKJ), Shivaji Bridge (CSB), Delhi S Rohilla (DEE), Delhi Kishangnj (DKZ), Delhi (DLI), Nangloi (NNO), Delhi Safdarjng (DSJ), Mangolpuri (MGLP), Anand Vihar Trm (ANVT), Anand Vihar (ANVR), Bijwasan (BWSN), Badli (BHD), Viveka Vihar (VVB).

Other Routes From Ludhiana

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