Jaipur to Ajmer Trains

Jaipur to Ajmer is one of the busiest train routes in the country and there are approximately 50 long-distance trains between these two stations. These trains make almost 169 weekly trips to and fro Jaipur.

The distance between Jaipur and Ajmer is about 135 kms. The types of trains from Jaipur to Ajmer include Express, Superfast, Mail, Passenger, Rajdhani, Intercity and Shatabdi.

Popular Trains on this Route

Some of the Jaipur to Ajmer trainsthat you can take are:

  • Aravali Express
  • Jaipur Ajmer Junction Intercity
  • Jaipur Nagpur Express
  • Jaipur Bandra Terminus Special
  • Jaipur Ahmedabad Junction Passenger
  • Ashram Express
  • Ajmer Shatabdi
  • Ziyarat Express
  • Porbandar Express
  • Delhi SaraiRohilla-Bandra Terminus Garib Rath Express
  • Ananya Super Fast Express, and many more.

Average Ticket Prices

Travelers can choose the coach as per their budget and convenience. The pricesfor different coaches are:

  • First AC approximately INR 1,160
  • Second AC around INR 740
  • Third AC roughly INR 540
  • Sleeper Coach about INR 140
  • Executive Chair Car approximately INR 740
  • Chair Car around INR 355
  • Seater Class nearly INR 90

For last-minute travelers, there are tatkal and premium tatkal services. The fares for these services on this route are:

  • First AC approximately INR 1,235
  • Second ACaround INR 1,560
  • Third AC about INR 1,125
  • Sleeper Coachapproximately INR 385
  • Executive Chair Car roughly INR 1,465
  • Chair Car for approximately INR 620
  • Seater Class nearly INR 100

Timing and Duration

SDAH Ajmer Express is the first train that departs from Jaipur station at 00:05 AM and arrives at Ajmer Station at 02:45 AM. KURZ UDZ Express, on the other hand, is the last train that departs from Jaipur station at 23:00 PM and reachesAjmer railway station at 01:15 AM.

If you are looking for the shortest travel time, then you must book a ticket on Swarna Jayanti Rajhani Express, as it takesroughly 2 hours to cover the distance of 135kms. You can also choose the Jaipur-Udaipur Superfast Special or the Ajmer Shatabdi, as both take roughly 2 hours and 05 minutes to cover the same distance.

The important railway stations along this route are:

  • Kanakpura
  • Asalpur Jobner
  • Phulera Junction
  • Hirnoda
  • Dantra
  • Kishangarh
  • Sali
  • Tiloniya
  • Ladpura

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Jaipur Ajmer Train Schedule

Trains Originating from Mumbai

Trains Passing from Jaipur

Train No. Name Departure Stn (Time) Arrival Stn (Time) Trip Time
09725Jaipur Bandra Terminus PremiumJaipur (10:25)Ajmer Junction (12:05)1h 40m
12958Ahmedabad Junction Sj RajdhaniJaipur (00:25)Ajmer Junction (02:25)2h 0m
06512Wainganga ExpressJaipur (15:30)Ajmer Junction (17:30)2h 0m
02696Jaipur Yesvantpur Junction PremiumJaipur (22:15)Ajmer Junction (00:15)2h 0m
12395Ziyarat ExpressJaipur (13:10)Ajmer Junction (15:10)2h 0m
12015Ajmer ShatabdiJaipur (10:40)Ajmer Junction (12:45)2h 5m
12916Ashram ExpressJaipur (20:35)Ajmer Junction (22:40)2h 5m
12215Delhi S Rohilla Bandra Terminus Gondia Junction RathJaipur (14:25)Ajmer Junction (16:30)2h 5m
19604Sultanpur Ajmer Junction ExpressJaipur (12:00)Ajmer Junction (14:05)2h 5m
15715Garib Nawaj ExpressJaipur (19:20)Ajmer Junction (21:30)2h 10m
19566Uttaranchal ExpressJaipur (19:20)Ajmer Junction (21:30)2h 10m
19602New Jalpaiguri Udaipur City ExpressJaipur (19:20)Ajmer Junction (21:30)2h 10m
05237Darbhanga Junction Ajmer Junction SpecialJaipur (19:45)Ajmer Junction (21:55)2h 10m
19106Haridwar Junction Ahmedabad Junction MailJaipur (04:25)Ajmer Junction (06:40)2h 15m
19408Varanasi Junction Ahmedabad Junction ExpressJaipur (11:45)Ajmer Junction (14:00)2h 15m
19404Sultanpur Ahmedabad Junction ExpressJaipur (11:45)Ajmer Junction (14:00)2h 15m
12977Maru Sagar ExpressJaipur (16:20)Ajmer Junction (18:35)2h 15m
12315Annanya ExpressJaipur (17:15)Ajmer Junction (19:35)2h 20m
18631Ranchi Garibnwaz EJaipur (03:00)Ajmer Junction (05:20)2h 20m
12547Agra Fort Ahmedabad Junction Superfast ExpressJaipur (02:20)Ajmer Junction (04:45)2h 25m
12984Chandigarh Ajmer Junction Gondia Junction RathJaipur (07:15)Ajmer Junction (09:40)2h 25m
19264Delhi S Rohilla Porbndr ExpressJaipur (13:25)Ajmer Junction (15:50)2h 25m
19270Porbandar ExpressJaipur (18:50)Ajmer Junction (21:15)2h 25m
19665Khajuraho Udaipur City ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (22:23)Ajmer Junction (01:00)2h 37m
09580Delhi S Rohilla Rajkot Junction SpecialGandhinagar Jpr (19:26)Ajmer Junction (22:05)2h 39m
09612Agra Fort Ajmer Junction SpecialJaipur (00:20)Ajmer Junction (03:00)2h 40m
12414Jammu Ajmer Junction ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (09:35)Ajmer Junction (12:20)2h 45m
12987Sealdah Ajmer ExpressJaipur (00:00)Ajmer Junction (02:45)2h 45m
18207Durg Ajmer Junction ExpressDurgapura (15:25)Ajmer Junction (18:15)2h 50m
19410Gorakhpur Junction Ahmedabad Junction ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (00:36)Ajmer Junction (03:30)2h 54m
15014Ranikhet ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (10:34)Ajmer Junction (13:30)2h 56m
25014Corbet Prk LinkGandhinagar Jpr (10:34)Ajmer Junction (13:30)2h 56m
09408Lucknow Ne Ahmedabad Junction SpecialGandhinagar Jpr (18:12)Ajmer Junction (21:10)2h 58m
12195Agra Fort Ajmer Junction IntercityGetor Jagatpura (08:50)Ajmer Junction (11:50)3h 0m
19580Delhi S Rohilla Rajkot Junction ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (18:12)Ajmer Junction (21:15)3h 3m
12181Dayodaya ExpressDurgapura (11:14)Ajmer Junction (14:20)3h 6m
09639Haridwar Junction Ajmer Junction SpecialGandhinagar Jpr (06:32)Ajmer Junction (09:40)3h 8m
19782Amritsar Junction Jaipur ExpressGetor Jagatpura (06:46)Ajmer Junction (09:55)3h 9m
19610Haridwar Junction Ajmer Junction ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (06:30)Ajmer Junction (09:40)3h 10m
19614Amritsar Junction Ajmer Junction ExpressGetor Jagatpura (06:46)Ajmer Junction (10:00)3h 14m
19612Amritsar Junction Ajmer ExpressGetor Jagatpura (06:46)Ajmer Junction (10:00)3h 14m
14321Bareilly Bhuj ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (17:15)Ajmer Junction (20:30)3h 15m
14311Ala Hazrat ExpressGandhinagar Jpr (17:15)Ajmer Junction (20:30)3h 15m
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run from Jaipur to Ajmer?
    The following trains start from Jaipur - Jaipur Ajmer Junction Intercity, Jaipur Udaipur City Superfast Special, Jaipur Udaipur City Express. In addition to this, trains like Jaipur Bandra Terminus Premium, Ahmedabad Junction Sj Rajdhani, Wainganga Express pass through Jaipur to reach Ajmer.
  2. How many weekly trains are there from Jaipur to Ajmer?
    There are 169 weekly trains from Jaipur to Ajmer. Following are the train names and their respective train number - Jaipur Yesvantpur Junction Special (6574), Jaipur Pune Junction Special (9759), Jaipur Yesvantpur Junction Special (6530).
  3. When does the first train leave from Jaipur?
    The first train from Jaipur to Ajmer is at 00:00 AM, which is Sealdah Ajmer Express (12987) followed by Agra Fort Ajmer Junction Special (09612) which leaves at 00:20 AM.
  4. When does the last train leave from Jaipur?
    The last train from Jaipur to Ajmer is at 22:23 PM, which is Khajuraho Udaipur City Express (19665).
  5. What are the different stations in Jaipur & it's respective code?
    Different station in Jaipur are Jaipur (JP), Durgapura (DPA), Kanakpura (KKU), Gandhinagar Jpr (GADJ), Getor Jagatpura (GTJT), Khatipura (KWP), Sanganer (SNGN).
  6. What are the different stations in Ajmer & it's respective code?
    Ajmer Junction with station code AII is the only station present in Ajmer.

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