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Bangalore Mandya Trains

Looking for cheap Bangalore Mandya trains? Take a look at the train schedule and book your travel only on Cleartrip.com. We offer you a wide choice of express trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto etc. for your train booking. There are 100 weekly trains from Bangalore to Mandya.

There are 100 weekly trains from Bangalore to Mandya. The different trains that you can find for Bangalore to Mandya are Rajyarani Express, Chamundi Express, Karwar Express, Kannur Express, Tippu Express etc. Mysore Express with train no 01036 is the first train that departs from Bangalore at 01:50 AM. Where as Kannur Express having train no. 16517 is the last train that departs from Bangalore at 20:35 PM.

Bangalore Mandya Train Schedule

Trains Originating from Bangalore

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
16558Rajyarani ExpressBangalore Cy Junction (11:15)Mandya (12:50)1h 35m
16216Chamundi ExpressBangalore Cy Junction (18:15)Mandya (19:53)1h 38m
16517Kannur ExpressYesvantpur Junction (20:35)Mandya (22:18)1h 43m
16523Karwar ExpressYesvantpur Junction (20:20)Mandya (22:08)1h 48m

Trains Passing from Bangalore

Train No.NameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Trip Time
12614Tippu ExpressBangalore Cy Junction (15:00)Mandya (16:24)1h 24m
01036Mysore ExpressBangalore Cant (01:50)Mandya (03:30)1h 40m
16536Golgumbaz ExpressYesvantpur Junction (07:55)Mandya (09:43)1h 48m
12976Jaipur Mysore ExpressBangalore Cant (12:25)Mandya (14:28)2h 3m
16209Ajmer Junction Mysore Junction ExpressYesvantpur Junction (03:00)Mandya (05:08)2h 8m
22682Mysore ExpressKrishnarajapurm (04:45)Mandya (07:08)2h 23m
12577Bagmati ExpressBangalore East (20:05)Mandya (22:38)2h 33m
17308Basava ExpressYelhanka Junction (09:32)Mandya (12:14)2h 42m
16218Snsi Mysore Junction ExpressYelhanka Junction (02:15)Mandya (05:08)2h 53m
16021Kaveri ExpressWhitefield (02:30)Mandya (05:24)2h 54m
06202Vasco Da Gama Mysore Junction ExpressYelhanka Junction (02:52)Mandya (05:50)2h 58m
16231Mysore ExpressBangalore East (04:55)Mandya (07:59)3h 4m
16591Hampi ExpressYelhanka Junction (05:00)Mandya (08:08)3h 8m
16235Mysore ExpressBangalore East (05:33)Mandya (08:43)3h 10m
16731Mysore ExpressBangalore East (05:33)Mandya (08:43)3h 10m
56214Tirupati Chamarajanagar PassengerWhitefield (05:15)Mandya (09:14)3h 59m
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which trains run from Bangalore to Mandya?
    The following trains start from Bangalore - Rajyarani Express, Chamundi Express, Kannur Express. In addition to this, trains like Tippu Express, Mysore Express, Golgumbaz Express pass through Bangalore to reach Mandya.
  2. How many weekly trains are there from Bangalore to Mandya?
    There are 100 weekly trains from Bangalore to Mandya. Following are the train names and their respective train number - Rajyarani Express (16558), Chamundi Express (16216), Karwar Express (16523).
  3. When does the first train leave from Bangalore?
    The first train from Bangalore to Mandya is at 01:50 AM, which is Mysore Express (01036) followed by Snsi Mysore Junction Express (16218) which leaves at 02:15 AM.
  4. When does the last train leave from Bangalore?
    The last train from Bangalore to Mandya is at 20:35 PM, which is Kannur Express (16517).
  5. What are the different stations in Bangalore & it's respective code?
    Different station in Bangalore are Yesvantpur Junction (YPR), Krishnarajapurm (KJM), Bangalore Cy Junction (SBC), Bangalore Cant (BNC), Kengeri (KGI), Whitefield (WFD), Yelhanka Junction (YNK), Banaswadi (BAND), Bangalore East (BNCE), Hebbal (HEB), Malleswaram (MWM).
  6. What are the different stations in Mandya & it's respective code?
    Mandya with station code MYA is the only station present in Mandya.

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