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Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railways is a 741-kilometre line that connects Mumbai and Mangalore. After conquering many challenges in construction due to the beautiful but undulating and uneven terrain, the first train ran on this track on 26th of January 1998. The Konkan Railways route includes 59 stations and 1998 bridges, which gives an idea of the unevenness and number of rivers crossed along the route.


There are 38 passenger trains running daily on the Konkan Railways section. In 2012-13, three new trains were introduced to meet the increasing number of passengers. These were the Hapa - Madgaon Express, the Bikaner - Coimbatore AC Express and the Yeshwantpur - Karwar Express.

To meet temporary increases in demand, 494 special trains have been run and 208 extra coaches added in the year 2012-13. This makes it easier for passengers to visit the scenic tourist places along the Konkan Railways route such as Goa, Karwar, Udupi and Mangalore to name a few.

Information and Rules

Some of the important rules have been updated recently, and provide important information to the passengers. A few of them are listed here:

Regarding Refunds:

  1. The refund for unreserved tickets could be collected up to 3 hours after the train's departure, but this is now amended and must be done within 3 hours of buying the ticket.
  2. There have also been some changes in refund of reserved tickets such as in cases where the ticket is presented after departure of the train, no refund shall be given

Break in Journey:

  1. A passenger holding a ticket for traveling on a journey is permitted to break the journey for a maximum of 2 days after the first 500 kms have been completed.
  2. If the journey is longer than 1000 kms, 2 breaks are permitted.

Circular journey:

For a continuous journey such as a pilgrimage, it is allowed to book multiple legs of the journey completing by going back to the starting point. This gives the passenger the benefit of telescopic rates as compared to the regular fare.

Passenger Facilities

The Konkan Railways has a firm focus on passenger convenience and amenities like foot over bridges, high level platforms and platform shelters are constantly being added and improved. This zone has a special scheme for senior citizens called the ShravanSeva scheme to help them with their luggage when traveling alone.

With just an SMS intimation, this service can be availed free of cost. Some other passenger centric initiatives include special meal services for diet conscious and diabetic passengers and even an on board shopping service similar to airline passengers.

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