Agatti Island Airport

Agatti Airport (AGX)

The Agatti Airport lies at the southern end of the island, which is located in the union territory of Lakshadweep, India. This is the only airstrip in the entire archipelago that is situated off the west coast of the country.

The airport was developed in 1987 – 88 for the operations of Dornier 228 kind of aircraft. It was inaugurated in April 1988 and the initial terminal was located within a small temporary structure. The modern terminal construction commenced in 2006 and the project reached completion in November 2010.

Flight Information

Air India Regional provides regular flights between Agatti and Cochin. Other destinations connected with this airport include Mumbai, Chennai, Bhopal, Bhuj, Trivandrum, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, and Vadodara.


The Agatti Airport has a single terminal, with one boarding gate currently handling only domestic scheduled flights. The capacity of this terminal is 25 each for departures as well as arrivals. There is one check-in and one security counter within the terminal that covers an area of 566 square meters.

Traveling Around

Travelers can find auto-rickshaws outside the airport to take them to their desired destinations. In addition, ferry services to Bangaram Island are available from the Agatti Airport.

Services and Facilities

This airport offers 2 X-ray baggage screening facilities for the convenience and security of travelers. In addition, wheelchairs and medical facilities are available within the airport premises at no charge.

Things to Do

The airport terminal has a snack bar and beverage center, so travelers can grab a bite or quench their thirst while awaiting their flights. Travelers are unlikely to experience any boredom because of the idyllic setting. The airport is a marvel in itself with runway almost seeming to stretch out into the wide blue ocean.


The Lakshadweep Islands take their name from the word "Lakshadweepa", which literally translated means a hundred thousand islands, but in reality it comprises a grouping of 36 islands, of which just 10 are inhabited. Owing to the small size of the islands and restrictions on tourist inflow there are very few hotels on these islands and Agatti also hosts limited accommodation facilities. Bed and breakfast stays at affordable prices are available at Kasims Home Stay, which is at a convenient distance from the airport. Other stay options include the Agatti Beach Island Resort and Sea Shells Beach Resort.

Tips for Fliers

Guests are only allowed to enter the island once they obtain confirmed stay reservations. The hotels have to procure entry permits from the Lakshadweep Administration for on behalf of their guests.

Nearby Attractions

Agatti Island is a 5.6 kilometers long island located on a coral atoll about 459 kilometers from Cochin. A road runs through the entire island and tourists can best enjoy their stay by hiring bicycles to explore the entire area. Travelers can also get to the island by sea from Cochin; the entire journey takes between 14 to 20 hours. Tourists can enjoy the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and go scuba diving on this small island. Adventure activities here include snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, water skiing, and glass bottom boat rides. There are many small local shops and markets in Agatti where you can pick up souvenirs and trinkets to take back home.


  1. What are the top airline brands that operate from Agatti Island airport frequently?
    The top airline brands that operate from Agatti Island airport frequently are – Air India, Air India Regional and .
  2. What is the airport code for Agatti Island airport?
    The IATA code for the Agatti Island airport is AGX.
  3. What are the most frequent routes from Agatti Island airport?
    The most popular sectors from Agatti Island airport are Agatti Island to Bangalore with 12 weekly flights respectively.
  4. When does the first flight leave from Agatti Island airport?
    The first flight from Agatti Island to Bangalore is at 11:45 AM, which is Air India airline 9506 followed by Air India Regional 9502 which leaves at 12:00 PM.
  5. When does the last flight leave from Agatti Island airport?
    Air India Regional 9502 to Bangalore is the last flight that departs from airport at 12:00 PM.

Top Domestic Routes from Agatti Island