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Cleartrip train booking policy

Train booking policy

The train you’ve booked has some rules you should know about:

  • The total price displayed includes all applicable government taxes.
  • You are required to pay the entire amount prior to the confirmation of your booking.
  • Meal and berth preferences are on request–basis only and are subject to Railway’s confirmation.
  • Cleartrip is not responsible for any schedule change by the Railways. It is advisable to reconfirm your train timings 24 hours prior to your train departure. For train departure schedule and other railway enquiries, dial 139 from your landline, mobile and CDMA phones or call IRCTC on these numbers: 011–23340000 / 23344787 / 23344773 / 23345500 / 23345800. You can also send an email to care@irctc.co.in
  • The Railways rules and regulations may change from time to time. Please refer to http://www.indianrail.gov.in/resrules.html for the latest rules and regulations. Cleartrip will try to keep the rules and regulations updated during all times but should not be held responsible for the same.
  • Boarding the train:
    • Passengers with a confirmed e–ticket are permitted to board the train.Their names will appear on the chart.
    • Names of passengers with Partially Waitlisted/Confirmed/RAC PNRs will appear on the chart (including the Waitlisted passengers). Only the passengers with Confirmed/RAC status are allowed to board the train. W/L passengers are NOT allowed to board the train.
    • PNRs with a fully waitlisted status will be dropped and names of the passengers will not appear on the chart. They are not allowed to board the train. If fully waitlisted passengers are found travelling, they’ll be treated as without–ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules.
    • The accommodation booked is not transferable and is valid only against the photo identity card provided at the time of booking
    • On demand by the ticket–checking staff, the passenger should produce the identity proof provided at the time of booking along with the electronic reservation slip (e–ticket) printout. In case the passenger does not carry the e–ticket, a charge Rs.50/– per ticket shall be recovered by the ticket checking staff and an excess fare ticket will be issued in lieu of it.
  • Amendments:
    • Amendments are not supported by Cleartrip
    • Amendments can be made by approaching the nearest railway reservation counter with your e–ticket printout and the photo identity proof mentioned in the e–ticket
    • Only change in boarding station and passenger name (except master passenger) is permitted. Please visit http://irctc.co.in/Eticket_new_cancel.html for more information
    • Amendments are allowed till 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train.
    • Amendment can be made only once per ticket
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Cleartrip service fee and processing fee are non–refundable
    • Every booking made on Cleartrip is subject to cancellation charges levied by the Railways, which may vary depending on the time of cancellation and the booking quota (general/tatkal)
    • The e–tickets can be cancelled by logging into your Cleartrip user account before the chart preparation. The chart is normally prepared 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, from the train–originating station. For trains starting up to 12 noon, the chart is normally prepared on the previous night.
    • Fully waitlisted e–tickets will be cancelled by Railways after chart preparation and the refund shall be automatically credited to Cleartrip account.
    • After chart preparation, refunds for partially waitlisted/confirmed/RAC e–ticket will be processed on a receipt of mail from customer at etickets@irctc.co.in. It would then be processed offline and refund sanctioned by Railways would be credited back to Cleartrip.
    • To claim your refunds for offline cancellations, please contact Cleartrip customer support by writing an email with your PNR and trip details to customersupport@cleartrip.com
  • Refunds:
    • Processing times for cancellation and refund requests vary.
    • For fast processing of refunds, we strongly urge you to cancel online through Cleartrip 12 hours prior to the departure of the train.
    • It may take 3–4 days to process your refund if the ticket is cancelled online through Cleartrip.
    • For cancellations done after the chart preparation (offline cancellations), you need to write an e–mail to etickets@irctc.co.in. It would then be processed offline and refund sanctioned by Railways would be credited back to Cleartrip.
    • IRCTC usually takes around 60 days to process the refunds for offline cancellations