The Evolution of Sunday Brunch In Bangalore

If Sunday is for a late snooze ever wonder why they’ve become all about the booze?

Brunch has always held a special place on Bangalore’s social calendar. And why not? It made drinking in the day socially acceptable (finally!) and provided just the right light for all daytime dates, dresses and drama with friends. It’s no wonder then, that a decade or so ago, we all took to Sunday brunch like moths to a flame.

It’s been a while since the first mimosa appeared in Bangalore, orange as the sun, which means that, like you, brunch has also evolved. A sun-lit beast constantly metamorphosising into all kinds of endearing avatars.

The Ones That Started It All

There was a time in early 2000s when the only way to do brunch, was to hit the five star hotels. We grabbed plates, circled the buffet lines like sharks, at The Leela Palace and Lalit Ashok. The gluttony ended at a counter laid out with a million mini desserts, of which very few were actually good.

Thankfully this changed in 2009, when Cirrus took brunch out of the five stars and to the people. Some year later, when Cirrus’ love affair with Sunday began to wind down, the star of UB City was on the rise and with it came the sushi platter and mini dress brunches at Shiro. While the food was alright, it was the place to be seen at. Cricketer Yuvraj Singh was spotted here on every visit to the city, as was actor Rahul Bose and the entire Indian rugby team.

Of course, that was five years ago. If you’re still there, LEAVE! The party had shifted elsewhere.

It’s More Casual Now

Even as popular pubs and restaurants started cashing in on the newer Sunday laws, the vibe turned more casual. And this is the evolution that we love most. Brunch is less glitzy, more casual. People are in sneakers, and a cotton shift (no heels or white bodycon dresses, please!) and are gung ho about getting burgers and sandwiches at places like Monkey Bar, with fun signature cocktails. As of publishing, the dresses are still cotton, and soles are still flat (for the most part).

The Breakfast Burger and comes perfectly stacked with grilled chicken, slices of avacado, fried egg, gooey cheddar and caramelised onion jam!
The Best New Brunches

The other thing we love about the new and improved brunch is that you no longer have to go where everyone is going. You decide what the current brunch hot spot is, which means you could be eating a Naga meal at Mom’s Kitchen (perfect for fuss-free brunchers who like to explore hole-in-the-wall places) or waiting in the brunch line at Truffles, Koramangala or St. Mark’s Road, where you will meet other glam brunchers like yourself.

Mango, Chocolate, and Ice cream waffles at Hole in the Wall Cafe

Those who fall between gritty and glam, pick something like the sun-drenched terrace at The Fatty Bao for a golden brunch or Hole In the Wall at Koramangala for their all-day breakfast menu.

Deal chasers, you will always gravitate to places like Three Dots and a Dash for their Hawaiian Tiki Brunch, without realizing that this isn’t value for money. If you like to frolic in the water, Zuri in Whitefield allows you order your Cosmo, magazine and drink, by the pool.

The spread at Three Dots and a Dash

The best kind of Bangalore bellies head to beer brunches, flocking to Bangalore Brew Works on Residency Road for the spectacular view and a fully loaded Sunday set menu with unlimited brews for Rs 2,200.

The Druid Garden is where all of North Bangalore heads for music and brunch; and folks in Whitefield swear by Windmills Craftworks – they packs a huge crowd for brunch, especially on days with live performances.

Quality Over Quantity

The more refined brunches reject buffets and all-you-can-eat plates for sophisticated a la carte menus. Yes, that’s less love, but the love is all heart.  You order two or three things and these are done exceptionally well. So less waste and less weight with deals focusing on alcohol, just the way we like it.

Hangover on 12th Main for instance, offers two plus one beer towers until 5 pm, while Farzi Café in UB City has a discount on bottled beers of select brands.

Sober Up With Coffee For Round Deux

Brunch now stretches from the high noon to sundown, and ends just in time for you to hobble home and call it a (school) night. The twilight time in between is usually spent sobering up with filter coffees at Airlines and then a quick jaunt to Skyye Bar in UB City, Tao Terraces in 1 MG or Hype in Shangri-La. This is perhaps the best way to bring in the new week, as the city lights go up and the sun winds downs on your Sunday.

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