Review – Gelateria Montecatini Terme, Indiranagar

Do posters of Roman Holiday a Rome make? In drowning Indiranagar, even Gregory Peck’s beautiful face doesn’t go the distance in convincing us that Bangalore is anything like an eternal city, let alone La Città Eterna. Luckily, the high-fat milk and lush ingredients of this new gelateria are around to bolster all illusions. A touch of Italian sun? We’ll take it, thank you.

The Gods Must Be Grazie

We are first drawn to notice a Kingfisher-flavoured gelato, which ignores the fact that most Bangaloreans, too, are calling beer “Bira” these days. It is, as you’ve probably already discerned, not the best of GMT’s twenty varieties. Featuring Kingfisher Premium mixed with sugar, it tastes like tepid shandy, and is best avoided. On the other hand, gelato made of Russian vodka with apple is perfect Iron Curtain goodness: a mild hit of booze, tarty fruit, and altogether worth colluding with. (You can check our emails later, too.)

Dark chocolate lovers will be richly rewarded by a classic chocolate variety served in a waffle cone. The mild sweetness of the biscuity cone plays beautifully off the bitter mousse gelato: choose this for all-round decadence.

For round four, we try seasonal jackfruit gelato, which encases all the goodness of the sticky, prickly giant, with none of the scent that announces its presence – very helpful if you, like us, find the fragrance nauseating.

On the other hand, a chili chocolate flavour is too mild, with none of the excitement we’ve come to expect from this combination thanks to copious ingestion of Mason & Co bars. Presenting a contrasting problem, the “Raffeallow” with almond, coconut and white chocolate is too dense and flaky for the palate – not at all like its namesake sweetheart. (Do not place a Hulk order.)

For a break from the gelatos, GMT offers cake and coffee. Undaunted by the sugar rush now flooding our veins, we grab the last slice of tiramisu on the counter. The enthusiasm doesn’t entirely pay off; there’s a nice chocolate after-taste here, but altogether too much density.

Still, our server says it’s the star of the menu, along with a Himalayan caramel gelato we are altogether too full for. If we manage to keep our Audrey Hepburn waistline after this excursion, we’ll be back next when GMT’s seasonal menu changes – they promise weekly changes – and bring a sun hat, too.

Getting there: 286, 6th main, 2nd stage, Indiranagar, call 7619440425. Four gelatos and two coffee costs approximately Rs 750.

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